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Cruising to Far-Away Places -- Mostly Warm!

Join Us (Vicariously or for real) on our adventures on Altair!

Vessel Name: Altair
Vessel Make/Model: Saga 48 - Hull No. 1
Hailing Port: Cushing, Maine
21 September 2013
29 May 2013 | Eastport MD
27 May 2013 | Rhode River, Galesville MD
26 May 2013 | Solomon's Island
22 May 2013 | Reedville VA
21 May 2013 | Hampton VA
18 May 2013 | Hampton VA
15 May 2013 | 35 34.8'N:76 17.9'W, Alligator River, ICW, North Carolina
12 May 2013 | Beaufort NC
11 May 2013 | Wrightsville Beach NC
10 May 2013 | Wrightsville NC USA
09 May 2013 | 31 39.3'N:78 54.1'W, Opposite Hilton Head in the Gulf Stream
08 May 2013 | 28 16.7'N:79 36.7'W, Midway Up Florida in the Gulf Stream
07 May 2013 | 25 51.4'N:77 47.0'W, Passing Berry Islands, Bahamas
05 May 2013 | 24 44.9'N:76 50.3'W, Allen Cay, Exumas, Bahamas
03 May 2013 | 24 23.6'N:76 38.1'W, Warderick Wells, Exumas, Bahamas
30 April 2013 | 24 11.1'N:76 27.6'W, Big Majors, Exumas, Bahamas
29 April 2013 | 24 06.1'N:76 24.2'W, Black Point, Exumas, Bahamas
27 April 2013 | 23 30.9'N:75 45.4'W, Georgetwon, Exumas, Bahamas
25 April 2013 | 23 50.9'N:75 07.24'W, West Bay, Conception Island
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21 September 2013

New Blog Address!

We have started out on another cruise to the Caribbean and back. Be sure to follow us at our new blog address. Www.sailblogs.com/member/rjpalm

29 May 2013 | Eastport MD

Owen and Eli

Altair is snuggled into Bert Jabins Boat Yard near Annapolis until June 14. We had a quick visit with grandsons Owen and Eli (their parents too) last night in Towson MD. Owen is finishing third grade as well as his lacrosse season. He will come up to Maine again for a week in July by himself and take [...]

27 May 2013 | Rhode River, Galesville MD

999 Miles!

We've put 999 miles on the boat since leaving Puerto Rico on April 14. What a wonderful way to return from the Caribbean. In years past, we've had to hustle on the way home...it's been nice to take our time.

Dolphins and Butterflies...No Fish

29 March 2013 | Saint-Martin...Sint Maarten
Julie...same 'ol,same'ol weather!
When you sail from the BVI to St. Martin, the wind is always on the nose. But this time we lucked out and had very little wind...under 10 knots... So we motored most of the way. Very slowly. We left Virgin Gorda about 3:30pm on Wednesday under sail...a dolphin swam up to give us a send-off. We sailed about two hours before the wind totally died and we began to motor. There were actually lobster pots...on toggles, no less... On the bank off Virgin Gorda, so we were glad to be into deeper water before nightfall. Tried fishing...no luck.

My watch from midnight to 5am was exquisite...full moon...absolutely flat seas. Too bad we weren't sailing. I'm listening to an Anna Quinlan book on my IPod. We slowed to less than 5 knots to try to time our entry into the Marina Fort Louis at daybreak. The marina is on the French side of the island.

Tom and Sue Maynes from Booth Bay have been staying at a condo on the Dutch side for a week and will join us on the boat for a week starting tomorrow. They took us on a circumnavigation of the island today. The highlight was a visit to a Butterfly Farm. Never been to one of those before. The owners were British cruisers who ended up boat-less on St Martin and set up a Butterfly Farm. It is a small operation, somewhat like a screened-in aviary in a zoo. Lots of butterflies and moths feasting on their favorite plants, n ll stages of development. Fascinating.

The eastern side of the island with its wide white beaches, marine reserves, and coral-lined anchorages is much less developed than the lagoon and western areas (where we had only been before). We have never thought of the island as a place to return to, but some of those anchorages on the other side looked intriguing.

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Long Island is an island of 4000 people, 80 miles long and four miles wide. Known for its bone fishing. People are very friendly.
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Created 21 April 2013
The lions are painted by prominent Puerto Rican artists. They are really cool standing guard in the parks of Ponce.
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Created 13 April 2013
Cabo Rojo is the cape at the southwestern corner of Puerto Rico. The beach is miles long, but the beach towns are noisily honky-tonk. The lighthouse and its cliffs and iguanas are most impressive
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Created 13 April 2013
The northwestern corner of Puerto Rico is blanketed with caves, jungle, dramatic limestone outcroppings, and Taino Indian ruins. Fascinating!
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Created 11 April 2013
Tom and Sue had been on St Martin for a week before we arrived and were excellent tour guides for us. The island is far more than just The Lagoon!
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Created 11 April 2013
Tom & Sue Maynes were on board with us in Anguilla. Our first visit to the island and we loved it. Festival, boat racing, and generally enjoying the beaches.
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Created 11 April 2013
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Created 17 March 2013
A great time with Dutch and Elaine on board Altair in the BVIs!
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Created 15 March 2013
Our new hyrdrogenerator!
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Created 15 March 2013
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Created 26 November 2012
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Created 25 November 2012
Sept.-Oct. 2012
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Created 21 September 2012

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