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08 April 2018 | Escudo de Veraguas
06 April 2018 | Narranja Abajo
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21 March 2018 | Rio Chagres
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18 March 2018 | Punta Limon
17 March 2018 | Euero, on the Mosquito coast of Panama
16 March 2018 | Escuda de Veraguas
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12 March 2018 | Zapatilla Cays
08 March 2018 | Discovery Bay
05 March 2018 | Narranja Abajo

Water Games

31 January 2013 | Isla Debora, Tierra Oscura, Panama
Yesterday we enjoyed just about every kind of water there was to enjoy. The day started out cloudy with intermittent rain - good for our water tanks. Deb had been wanting me to paint (Watercolor) with her for some time so we decided that today was a good choice. At first we each worked on our own paintings and then I helped her with techniques she had not been shown in the watercolor workshops she had been attending at the Calypso Canteena. By then it was noon and after a quick lunch, we dinghied over to Cynde's hose. Deb was going to play Majong, a regular Wednesday affair that she had missed for some time, but first we went to see George & Juanita's building and potting shed. They bought the land right next to Cynde and are planning on building there. At this point, George has built a shed with a covered area for him to have protection from both sun and rain while working and a potting shed with just shade cloth for a roof to let filtered light in on the new plants. It also has benches for working on and even a built in screen for screening soil. Very nice. After the tour, Deb played Majong and I returned to Always. Dinghy is running fine and I always love planing across a totally flat bay leaving a wake that stretches from shore to shore. By now the sun was out and it was a beautiful afternoon. I traded the dinghy for the kayak and headed back out on the water. I paddled over to my brother's island, went ashore and took several pictures for him. (Dave, I'll send them when I have REAL internet.) Several palms that we planted are growing really well and helping build more dry land. The lime tree is really big and healthy, but no limes - not in season. As I was paddling back towards our island, a spotted eagle ray jumped out of the water ahead of me, flipped, and splashed back down. From the perspective of sitting in the kayak, I could clearly see that he had jumped much higher than my head was at the time! Next a dolphin surfaced just in front of me. I stopped paddling and drifted, but although the water was very clear, I never saw him again. e must have been fishing deeper down and just came up for a quick breath. By the time I got back to the dock, I was hot and sweaty, so I went for a swim. The water was very clear and there were millions of tiny bait fish all around that separated as I approached and then closed in again behind me. After cooling off a bit, I got my sun glasses, hat, a beer, and the floatie and lounged floating behind the boat with my ankle tied off to prevent floating away. I had just taken a shower to wash off the salt when Deb called on the radio to say, "Come get me." Drinks in the cockpit and then baked stuffed lobster (also eaten in the cockpit) were followed by a really nice rain shower. It held off until we were done eating and then was just heavy enough to be pleasant to stand in and cool off and rinse off. It stopped in time to open the hatch in our berth for sleeping. Today we leave our island for a bit. We will motor/sail (and see how the new props do!!) over to Dolphin Bay and visit friends George & Sue and also Allen. It has been great being on the island. We both love our house at Discovery Bay, but being here the last few days has reminded me of how much I love the water and how we don't really get that at DB. I think maybe we will stick with our original plan and build down here some day, but until then it sure is nice to be able to bring the boat down and have an instant house on our island!
Vessel Name: Always & All Ways
Vessel Make/Model: Fountaine-Pajot Belize 43
Hailing Port: Hancock, NH, USA
Crew: Mark & Deb Parker
About: Mark, an ER doc, retired 10/08 to become a sea gypsy. Deb, an educator, has been retired since 5/07 and was equally anxious to leave the cold of New England far behind
Extra: We now have a hurricane season home in Bocas del Toro, Panama. We still plan on spending many months cruising every year.
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In the Spring of 2016, we sailed from Bocas del Toro, Panama, to Cuba and back with stops at the Albuquerque Cays, Providencia, and the Cayman Islands. We cruised the South coast of Cuba some and then left the boat for some inland excursions.
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Created 8 March 2018
Cruise of Albuquerque Cays and Providencia, Columbia
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Pictures from our 2012 cruise from Bocas del Toro, Panama, to the Bay Islands of Honduras and back. Posted each time we have internet
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Pictures of our home at Discovery Bay, Isla Solarte, Bocas del Toro, Panama. More (older) can be found in Discovery Bay album.
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Pictures of our recent trip to the San Blas Islands of Panama with friends Ron & Cynde
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Pics from the month we spent at some of the out of the way places in the Bahamas, May 2009.
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Birds, animals, etc. that we have seen along the way
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