Vessel Name: Amazed
Vessel Make/Model: O'Day 37
Hailing Port: Port Dalhousie
Crew: Doug & Tina Stephenson
About: Him: Currently a Sergeant in the Canadian Airforce & Her: Hospital Emergency Planner The princess, true house ruler & sweetly of the house: Chloe our chocolate lab
16 October 2013 | St Catharines, ON
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16 October 2013 | St Catharines, ON


Hi there,


16 October 2013 | St Catharines, ON
Hi there,
Wow my first blog. Is there spell check on these things? I have friends that are amazing writers (Liz aka Bellymonster) so it is a little intimidating to attempt my own. Be gentle!

I wish I could tell you what to expect but honestly I don't know what to expect myself day to day.

So if you are game for sappy one day & bitter sarcasm the next, hop on board and enjoy the roller coaster.

Doug my amazing husband (sappy) our chocolate lab Chloe and I are cruisers in the making. We bought a little 24 C & C to sail locally & maybe race. Casual Pleasure is a great little boat with great cushions. Okay there are a lot of really great things about the C & C but being a sailing newbie my contribution was "that dirt will come off & I like the cushions".

We then got a case of RAGING twofootititis! We decided we wanted a boat we could live on and after enough internet surfing to give us crossed eyes and a few road trips we found our boat soon to be known as Amazed but at the time (and currently) known as Eleanor Margaret.

Let me take a minute here to speak to those of you out there trying to sell your boats:
- take decent pictures! The more money you are asking the more & better photos there better be! It you mention it in the ad show a photo
- clean your boat before taking the photos or showing it! No one wants to see or even worse smell your mess!

Seriously, help people visualize making your boat their own, don't remind them how much of a pain it will be to keep clean or how little storage there is.

We will be posting ads for Casual Pleasure soon so let's see if I take my own advice

Anyhow, here is my first attempt. If you are still reading this . . . thank you,
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