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The Cruising Adventures of the Thoreson Family

14 July 2009
08 July 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
13 June 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama- still
06 June 2009 | Empire, MI/ SB Marina, Panama
15 May 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
15 April 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
14 April 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
12 April 2009 | Carribean, North of Panama
11 April 2009 | Carribean, North of Panama
10 April 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
10 April 2009 | 9.3691,-79.9503
10 April 2009 | 9.3797,-79.9345
09 April 2009 | Lake Gatun, Panama
09 April 2009 | 9.3442,-79.9075
09 April 2009 | 9.2718,-79.9234
08 April 2009 | Panama Canal
08 April 2009 | 9.2176,-79.8913
08 April 2009 | 9.0159,-79.6118
08 April 2009 | 8.905,-79.5307
07 April 2009 | Playita Anchorage Panama City

Will the chaos be over soon?

03 May 2007
Whew! What a day! Our second in command, Mark, is on his way to El Salvador! His flight leaves early tomorrow morning and by this time tomorrow, he will be on our Sunshine, getting reaquainted w/ my Dad, giving Sunshine a good "looksey", and meeting Santos, our third crew member. First thing this a.m., our real estate agents assistant came by to take pictures of our house both inside and out and also virtual tour photos for the internet. Then I had to run a few errands before picking up Micah from school and getting home to get him & Jen some lunch. Plus, try relentlessly and finally tracking down a package from UPS that Mark needed to take with him, meet w/ Mark and Kelly about 30 minutes from our home, before they head to Grand Rapids to get him the package and other last minute items he needed for the delivery, then back home. Been on the go all day from about 7 a.m. until 4:30.
Repairs and maintenance on Sunshine are coming along. Dad and Santos have made 3 trips to San Salvador, over an hour from Sunshines location in Bahia del Sol, for parts, equipment, provisions, etc. The bottom has been sanded and patched, repainting will be beginning soon. The plan right now is for them to get on the way some time next week. Jim and I are both, sooooo ready to get this part behind us and get Sunshine on her way here. It has been physically, emotionally and mentally draining for both of us to make sure that the crew is well suited, prepared, provisioned, and equipped for the journey home. It's hard trying to make sure they are going to be as well taken care of as if we were physically there ourselves, but yet we aren't.
Now, back here at home we still have a lot to do on the house, minor things, but yet A LOT of minor things, trim work around the windows put back up, sorting trash from treasure and stuff to give to Goodwill or other donations, cleaning and transferring that that is what we absolutely want to keep to storage, finishing the front and back porch that had to be put off last fall due to a very early cold Autumn. It will be so nice once this is all said and done, and Sunshine is here and get her cleaned up, (more work-*sigh), and then, maybe relax???
Vessel Name: Sunshine
Vessel Make/Model: 45' Ed Horstman Tristar Trimaran
Hailing Port: Traverse City, MI
Crew: Jim, Amy, Bridget, Micah, & Jenaya
We have been married almost 19 years, Bridget is now 14, Micah is almost 8, Jenaya is 5. We have a strong Christian/Catholic Faith, love spending time together & exploring this beautiful World. [...]
We purchased Sunshine in Feb. '07. She was in Bahia del Sol, El Salvador. We flew down in Nov. '07, spent 4 months getting her ready, building a new, larger dinghy, enjoying El Salvador & the friends we made. We then took the next 2 1/2 months sailing from there to Panama City. Now the next leg [...]
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The Thoreson Crew

Who: Jim, Amy, Bridget, Micah, & Jenaya
Port: Traverse City, MI