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The Cruising Adventures of the Thoreson Family

14 July 2009
08 July 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
13 June 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama- still
06 June 2009 | Empire, MI/ SB Marina, Panama
15 May 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
15 April 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
14 April 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
12 April 2009 | Carribean, North of Panama
11 April 2009 | Carribean, North of Panama
10 April 2009 | Shelter Bay Marina, Panama
10 April 2009 | 9.3691,-79.9503
10 April 2009 | 9.3797,-79.9345
09 April 2009 | Lake Gatun, Panama
09 April 2009 | 9.3442,-79.9075
09 April 2009 | 9.2718,-79.9234
08 April 2009 | Panama Canal
08 April 2009 | 9.2176,-79.8913
08 April 2009 | 9.0159,-79.6118
08 April 2009 | 8.905,-79.5307
07 April 2009 | Playita Anchorage Panama City

Leaving Gulf of Fonseca

31 March 2008 | Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua; 12 36.824 N, 87 20.977 W
Had Gervin show us out the estero, we dropped him off and said good bye and he got into Giovanni's dinghy and was off. Giovanni happened to call as we were heading out the gulf. We headed to Puesto del Sol Nicaragua. We had a few dolphins visit us, but only for a minute or two. Jenaya didn't get a chance to see them. Then they did see a whole load of sea creatures in the water, jelly fish, squid- maybe, fish, just below the surface for quite a while as we past a reef area between us and the shore. Did some sailing, but the wind was not in our favor, and we motored some, motor sailed some, got a good boost right at the beginning of leaving the gulf, but it didn't last long. We ended up arriving to our next anchorage in the dark. Had a heck of a time finding the sea bouy, but then came real close! Finally found the marker bouys to the estero entrance so we could anchor just before the entrance. Found the first marker bouy and headed to the North of it. Tried anchoring once, but thought we were too close to shore and so hauled up again and got a better spot. What a day! 12 hours from anchor up to anchor down. We had instant Thai soups mixed with tofu for a quick dinner- Bridget fixed it while we were at the final minutes of anchoring and did a great job. We all crashed early and got right up at it again the next day.
Vessel Name: Sunshine
Vessel Make/Model: 45' Ed Horstman Tristar Trimaran
Hailing Port: Traverse City, MI
Crew: Jim, Amy, Bridget, Micah, & Jenaya
We have been married almost 19 years, Bridget is now 14, Micah is almost 8, Jenaya is 5. We have a strong Christian/Catholic Faith, love spending time together & exploring this beautiful World. [...]
We purchased Sunshine in Feb. '07. She was in Bahia del Sol, El Salvador. We flew down in Nov. '07, spent 4 months getting her ready, building a new, larger dinghy, enjoying El Salvador & the friends we made. We then took the next 2 1/2 months sailing from there to Panama City. Now the next leg [...]
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The Thoreson Crew

Who: Jim, Amy, Bridget, Micah, & Jenaya
Port: Traverse City, MI