The adventures of Forever Young

Sailing the Carribean

Sailing the path less travelled.

Just back from a three day sailing trip to Ranguana, Belize with additional crew members, Simone and Gary. They told me it was the highlight of their visit to the central Caribbean. Simone has posted several pictures of the trip, check them out, they were an enthusiastic and fun crew. It made the trip easier and enjoyable. I spent most of my days bone fishing, and enjoying a cold brew and pina coladas in the Bully Bar. All the crew enjoyed, snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding, exploring the island, and telling tall tales over dinner and wine aboard (thanks to chef Diane lol). It will be great to see them back as crew next season. I am finally getting the hang of this blog thing, sitting in Yolies bar after the sunday bbq, chilling with friends, and catching up on their travels. It does not get much better than this.