The adventures of Forever Young

Sailing the Carribean

Staying Local - Placencia, Belize

This week found us staying local in Placencia Harbor as we monitored a tropical depression forming off Honduras, potentially leading to the first hurricane of the season. This meant looking for a safe hurricane hole in Sapodilla reserve to make sure that we, and the boat were safe. Fortunately it did not manifest, and I was able to spend time doing needed boat maintenance. I was lucky to find a local guy - Freddie, that was able to repair one of my sail drive motors for only $35.00 (cost is three times more in the US). For the non sailors this is the electric motor that helps let out and furl my main sail. Kind of important for when we head out this week for the outer reef and the blue hole at Lighthouse. Of course that is subject to winds and weather, as we experienced the remnants of the tropical depression last night with gusting winds and rolling seas. Another night on anchor watch with fenders out, flashlights and horn at the ready, and radio on just in case we had to alert a fellow sailors to sailboat dragging anchor. A boat dragging anchor seems to bring out the best in balding older men who leap into their dinghy and race to help, including yours truly. Haha. Other things that have kept me busy this week are: repairing a bilge pump after discovering water in the engine room, and fixing the high water alarm which did not go off, grrrr.. Luckily it is not all work, and I got to enjoy spring rolls at the "Excellent Chinese restaurant", a great evening out with friends who were leaving for the Rio Dulce, and one of my favorite past times Texas hold'em. Just another week in paradise.