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The last week or so working on Anastasia.

13 March 2009
Dear Readers,

If you have been following along with our new journey, you are probably wondering where we have been! I was just saying to Maxwell the other day. We are SOOOOO busy! Even on the days that it rains! Tuesday of this week marks our 1-Month anniversary with Anastasia! When I think of it that way I feel really great about all of our progress. However, it is really easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed when you are staring at numberous projects all half finished!

We are still working on the mixing elbow for the engine. I am actually quite proud of the two of us! We have created a new apparatus completely! It was one of those "I have absolutely NO idea what I am doing," situations transformed (after a bit of research) into a "Gee, that was not too bad, whats next!" We ordered and received a new fiberglass muffler last week too. Now we just need my Dad to come by and help us to weld a brace for the new elbow so we do not suffer stress cracks from the vibration of the engine. It is funny, I actually sound like I know what I am talking about...I DO! Yay!! Slowly we are becoming cruisers!

We have had a few nice days here recently. It has gotten up into the high 70s! Woo Hoo! Nice weather speeds the work along immensely. We have sanded the entire toe rail and side wood trim in preparation for the new varnish. Check out the photo below. It shows a great before and after of the toe rail.

Here are some more so you can see the areas that we are focusing on now. Our motivation is to get back into the water ASAP so we are just hitting what will be unreachable at that time.

All along we were aware that the bowsprit was in need of some work. As we said in a previous blog entry, there is some delamination on the nose. After removing the windlass and the stainless steel plate that is mounted on the bowsprit, we found that the stem has some rot between the layers. See the photo below.

After careful examination, we found that the teak is in great shape! Thank our lucky stars! I checked on the price of teak and it is $$$$! About $39 a board foot! Only the white oak is rotten, and not completely. We can get all of the white oak we need for repairs for only $50.

Maxwell and I removed the bowsprit completely on Wednesday and are planning on taking it to my Pop's wood shop for repair. Anastasia looks really strange without it!

And I have to mention our neighbor in the yard. His name is Robert and he owns the Egg Harbor below. He is the NICEST man! He brings us food, he lends us tools and supplies, and he will stop whatever he is doing to answer a question or show us a technique. We could not have asked for a better friend to share this corner of the marina with!

Well, that is all that has been going on for Team Anastasia. Check back soon!
Vessel Name: Anastasia
Vessel Make/Model: 1982 Baba Ta Shing 35' (Flying Dutchman Hull #51)
Hailing Port: Gloucester, VA
Crew: Maxwell & Jen
Anastasia's Photos - Main
This is our first sailing weekend on Anastasia out in the Chesapeake Bay
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Created 3 June 2009
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Created 19 February 2009
These are the first photos of Anastasia.
18 Photos
Created 15 February 2009

Team Anastasia

Who: Maxwell & Jen
Port: Gloucester, VA
Sailing Anastasia

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