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22 June 2008 | Airlie Beach
20 June 2008 | 'Hammo'
19 June 2008 | Hammilton Island
17 June 2008 | Mackay
16 June 2008 | Curlew Island
15 June 2008 | Middle Percy Island
14 June 2008 | Townshend Island
13 June 2008 | Pearl Bay
12 June 2008 | Yeppoon
11 June 2008 | Cape Capricorn
06 June 2008 | Bundaberg
05 June 2008 | Hervey Bay
31 May 2008 | Mooloolabah
27 May 2008 | At Mooloolaba
26 May 2008 | Tangalooma
24 May 2008 | Sanctuary Cove
15 May 2008 | Hope Harbour Marina
12 May 2008 | Ballina
02 May 2008 | Port Macquarie

Pearl Bay to Cape Townshend

14 June 2008 | Townshend Island
Still cool
Lyn and Andamon enjoy the late afternoon stillness at one of the most picturesque anchorages at Pearl Bay.

Pearl Bay, north of Yeppoon is a wonderfully scenic stopover, with high hills covered by pines, and pretty islands scattered just off the coast also covered by pines. We shared this anchorage with about 6 other yachts. The bay itself is tucked around a corner away from the trade winds so has been a calm and still (i.e. not rocking)stopover.

It is quite amazing how cool it is here. We are further north from Brisbane than Brisbane is from Sydney, but we are still wearing fleeces and long pants throughout the day. I do not know whether the trade winds, which are always South-East this time of the year, are particularly cold for us or they are always this cold. One thing is for sure is that we had envisiged tropical balmy weather and we are not getting it, in fact the warmest we've had was around the goldcoast when we were always in t-shirts.

We left the following morning for Cape Townshend on the northermost part of Townshend Island. Valhalla left before us and headed towards other islands, so we will catch them again in Mackay.

Trolled for most of the day, caught some seaweed which at least had the real rachet screaming , making things exciting until we realised it was'nt a fish.
Vessel Name: Andamon
Vessel Make/Model: Seawind 1160
Hailing Port: Cronulla, NSW, Australia
Crew: Jon and Lyn
This is a story about two really nice people who are heading north for the Australian winter. Jon has a background in IT and specialises in talking about sailing stuff to sailing friends. [...]
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Who: Jon and Lyn
Port: Cronulla, NSW, Australia