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22 June 2008 | Airlie Beach
20 June 2008 | 'Hammo'
19 June 2008 | Hammilton Island
17 June 2008 | Mackay
16 June 2008 | Curlew Island
15 June 2008 | Middle Percy Island
14 June 2008 | Townshend Island
13 June 2008 | Pearl Bay
12 June 2008 | Yeppoon
11 June 2008 | Cape Capricorn
06 June 2008 | Bundaberg
05 June 2008 | Hervey Bay
31 May 2008 | Mooloolabah
27 May 2008 | At Mooloolaba
26 May 2008 | Tangalooma
24 May 2008 | Sanctuary Cove
15 May 2008 | Hope Harbour Marina
12 May 2008 | Ballina
02 May 2008 | Port Macquarie

Curlew Island to Mackay

17 June 2008 | Mackay
Mild, sunny, great wind
A contemplative Lyn with binoculars always at the ready to find rocks and reefs we are about to hit, as we pass by Blunt Island over azure waters.

Another day, another sail going from island to island through turquoise seas, nothing to do but watch the islands pass....... lifes tough, but somebody has to do it.

We spent the night on Curlew Island. We decided to give the fishing a rest now that I've proven I can actually catch one. We were also over the mess that fish cleaning makes - blood/guts all over the place, fish scales everywhere including in your sheets -(how did they get there?).

At Curlew Island the Qld mainland could just be seen on the horizon. My mobile phone showed one bar - which means I could possibly phone people. For the last 3 days and nights we have been out of range. Spoke to Dane and Nikki who wondered where the bloody hell we were. Also spoke to friends Don and Marco who had intended to meet us on the weekend at Mackay , but would have needed to be in Mackay the following day because of our new itinery meant we had to leave Mackay by friday morning at latest getting to Airlie by early next week. Unfortunately we couldn't re-arrange things so we will continue with Howie all the way to Airlie and Don and Marco can defer to November for a more relaxed cruise in warmer weather, when we come back. Sorry about that Don and Marco!

We arrived in Mackay and met Valhalla folks again, who came via a different route. Its great to catch up and swap tales. Mackay have the 'Mackay Show' on today, so we visited and had a great time. Its like a mini-Easter show. The rest of Mackay was like a ghost town as we discovered the day was a local public holiday.

One of the best parts of this trip is that Andamon has not needed any work to be done. We've been expecting a few things to wrong, this being its 'shakedown' cruise, but, apart from a seized winch which shouldn't be a problem to fix once we get to Airlie, and a dodgy toilet because yours truly stupidly expected it to flush away 'Wetone', nothing has gone wrong. The toilet seems to have finally sorted itself out and is now working fine. There are no leaks, the engine uses no oil, the electrics are fine and the rigging just sits there making no noises apart from the occasional 'groan' which translates into the hull via the lee cap shoud and we haven't quite worked out how to eliminate it.

Tomorrow we commence on our final leg of the journey - a short hop to Airlie via Goldsmith, Lindaman and Hamilton Islands. We are now in a hurry, but because we will be coming back here over the next 5 years we will have plenty of time to explore these places in more detail then.
Vessel Name: Andamon
Vessel Make/Model: Seawind 1160
Hailing Port: Cronulla, NSW, Australia
Crew: Jon and Lyn
This is a story about two really nice people who are heading north for the Australian winter. Jon has a background in IT and specialises in talking about sailing stuff to sailing friends. [...]
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Who: Jon and Lyn
Port: Cronulla, NSW, Australia