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22 June 2008 | Airlie Beach
20 June 2008 | 'Hammo'
19 June 2008 | Hammilton Island
17 June 2008 | Mackay
16 June 2008 | Curlew Island
15 June 2008 | Middle Percy Island
14 June 2008 | Townshend Island
13 June 2008 | Pearl Bay
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22 June 2008 | Airlie Beach
Those yacht masts above the seawall are our final destination - Airlie Beach Marina.

We'd like to say we've battled the elements, been terrorised by the fury of mother nature herself, surmounted unsurmountable hardships, and survived ! , but we can't. In fact sailing up the east coast of Australia has been a walk in the park, as they say.

The last leg from Hamilton Island to Airlie beach took just 3 hours in strong trade winds, so we had a single reef in the mainsail. We were met by our 'managing partners', Charter Yachts Australia, who take over the on-going management of Andamon, and then started the BIG clean-up. Its amazing just how much clutter a boat collects in a few weeks. Saddest of all was having to get rid of un-opened food - what a waste.

It was a bit sad that this has come to an end. Best parts of the trip up were the wonderful anchorages we visited along the way, and particularly in the out-of-the way places in Queensland. We only ended up visiting a fraction of what is there, so we look forward to future passages out of Airlie where we can explore the rest. We also enjoyed meeting people on the way - and of course the Valhalla crew, Peter and Paula who we much of Queensland crusing with. It was great to have spent most of the time with different friends on board, and though living in close quarters no one ever complained, in fact everyone on board was pretty impressed with 'passage making'. After a while at sea, you enter a different state of mind, days melt together, you spend hours and hours watching scenery go by at an incredibly slow speed, but for some reason you never get bored. In general the weather was good with the only strong winds over the final 3 days at sea. We never had to sail to windward as the wind was always behind, or very occasionally on our beam. We had a few grey, rainy days, but generally we had enough time to sit out the worst weather in ports. Andamon performed well, did everything asked of her and is the ideal boat for this type of trip.

To all those who have been following this blog, thanks for your comments, SMSs, emails and support. This is Lyn and Jon signing out.
Vessel Name: Andamon
Vessel Make/Model: Seawind 1160
Hailing Port: Cronulla, NSW, Australia
Crew: Jon and Lyn
This is a story about two really nice people who are heading north for the Australian winter. Jon has a background in IT and specialises in talking about sailing stuff to sailing friends. [...]
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Who: Jon and Lyn
Port: Cronulla, NSW, Australia