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Stars, sun and still looking for back eddy.

27 October 2009 | 32 56N 77 28W
Motoring along still bucking the Gulf Stream which is very painful for the captain. Heading closer to shore to find back eddies. Stars are out and a bit cooler which means the cold front has finally passed over them and should bring clear skies and sunshine for the day, great change. The winds look like they are going to clock around, which might allow some sailing. At the moment, motoring into 10 knot of head winds and relatively calm seas.

Does anybody knows where the back eddy current is in the Gulfstream?
Vessel Name: Sete Mares
Vessel Make/Model: Yapluka 60' - Catamaran
Hailing Port: British Virgin Island
Crew: John and Marie-Andrée
About: John hold a 200 tons Yacht Master and Marie-Andrée retired as a Senior Marine Safety Inspector option Naval Architecture. We both are experience avid racers and sailor _/) ~~~~~~~
Tide and Time wait for no man... The essense of responsability Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm But in stormy waters it takes strength, commitment and responsability to stay the course. We cannot adjust the winds, but we can always adjust our sails when it comes our turn to hold the [...]
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About the crew...

Who: John and Marie-Andrée
Port: British Virgin Island