SY Angel of London

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Crew thoughts...

Who: Barbara and Tom
Port: New York, NY
02 April 2012 | Marsh Harbor, Abacos.
12 January 2012 | Charleston
29 December 2011 | Windham Vermont
15 December 2011 | Charleston, SC
21 November 2011 | Charleston
20 October 2011 | Braunschweig, Germany
16 October 2011 | Köln, Germany
03 October 2011 | Porthsmouth VA
29 August 2011 | Westbrook, CT
14 August 2011 | Westbrook, CT
10 June 2011 | South Coast of Connecticut
18 February 2011 | George Town, Exumas
04 February 2011 | George Town, Exumas
01 February 2011 | Mayaguana
23 January 2011 | Puerto Plata
15 January 2011 | Guaiana, Puerto Rico
03 December 2010
24 November 2010 | USVI
20 November 2010
11 November 2010 | St Martin

On the way North

02 April 2012 | Marsh Harbor, Abacos.
We have been far South for the Winter and have done no blogging. All is well.
Will spend the Summer in New England waters.

Watiing for the front to pass

12 January 2012 | Charleston
We are possessed with the weather at the moment. The big cold that is passing (and rocking the boat at this moment) will soon give us an opportunity to run south with the wind off our beam. Hope to depart on Saturday. Looking forward to a fast run. We hope to make it far down the Florida coast and then cross over the Gulf Stream when conditions allow.

Angel is stocked and in good trim.

All is well.

Layimg around in the snow

29 December 2011 | Windham Vermont
Angel is always on the mind.

Christmas is coming

15 December 2011 | Charleston, SC
Tom / Sunny today mid seventies
Barbara and I looking forward to sharing Christmas and New Years with family and friends in New England.

Above of my brother and me caught contemplating his new toy.

Will be off to Bahamas just after New Years.

All is well.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving

21 November 2011 | Charleston
Lovely, warm and sunny
We arrived on Sunday....tired... but in good shape after sailing from Beaufort, NC.

Angel will be berthed at Charleston City Marina for a few weeks. It is nice to be out of the cold at a first class marina. We will have plenty of time to get to know the scene here and catch up on various projects.

Vessel Name: Angel of London
Vessel Make/Model: Oyster 47
Hailing Port: New York, NY
Crew: Barbara and Tom
We just love living in the marine environment which enables us to "sea" our lives from a different perspective. We continue to seek to free ourselves from misguided concepts of success such as "status" and "net worth". [...]
When I heard the learn'd astronomer; When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in columns before me; When I was shown the charts and the diagrams, to add, divide, and measure them; When I, sitting, heard the astronomer, where he lectured with much applause in the lecture-room, How soon, [...]
Home Page:
Angel of London's Photos - Chesapeake Bay to Norfolk, Virginia
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Entry to Baltimore Harbor
Can you pick out the most beautiful vessel?
Nice work
They are flying South too
At Annapolis we were not alone on the water
Plenty of action
The Naval Academy was truly impressive!
This is what could happen to Long Island Sound (in NY waters near the mouth of the Connecticut River) if the Broadwater gangsters ever get their terminal.
A museum piece today.
This guy really did get around. What an inspiration when you contemplate the time in which he was living.
Very comfortable with the fact that they don
On a bold mission... to go where no one has ever relaxed before....
Just another sunset....we are not taking them for granted.
A small military installation along the way....
Thundering jet observing us while we were observing him
Sometimes there is a lot of wind and some soup was being prepared at this moment.
Moving right along in calmer waters
Very lovely from the dinghy
Those three islands again
He is screaming Happy Halloween
We liked these islands
A real waterman
God has clearly always been a friend of those on the water.
for medicinal purposes only and off watch
a mess maker at work
oh yeah
oh boy what a mess
and beautiful long light
Fresh local produce
More oysters
Steamed on the grill
The ducks didn
This sailor was having a bad day...his anchor broke in the 30 knot gusts and his motor failed him. He landed on the dock near us
A real sea dog on watch aboard the schooner Mystic in Norfolk from Connecticut
Old lighthouse lens on a Sunday afternoon
BAE is the third largest defense contractor in the world and a British company building ships for the U.S. Navy.
This tiny cruise ship needed some help to get into the wind.
"Depth of field" in this shot allows the viewer to simultaneously perceive the past and the future
This little schooner is normally parked in St Katerhine

Crew thoughts...

Who: Barbara and Tom
Port: New York, NY