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09 January 2016 | Isla Palominos
06 January 2016 | Culebrita
04 January 2016 | Culebra
03 January 2016 | Vieques
31 December 2015 | Puerto Patillas, PR
23 December 2015 | Salinas, PR
19 December 2015 | Salinas, PR
17 December 2015 | Puerto Rico
11 December 2015 | Puerto Rico
05 December 2015 | Rincon, DR
04 December 2015 | Las Terrenas, DR
02 December 2015 | Samana, DR
01 December 2015 | North Coast, DR
30 November 2015 | Luperon, DR
28 November 2015 | Luperon, DR
26 November 2015 | Luperon, DR
25 November 2015 | Luperon, DR
22 November 2015 | Luperon, DR
21 November 2015 | Dominican Republic
20 November 2015 | South Caicos, TCI

Palominos Island

09 January 2016 | Isla Palominos
We stopped here for one night since the weather was so settled. We motored from Culebra in flat calm water. It looked like a lake instead of an ocean. They probably only get seas like that a few times each year. We picked up a mooring and spent most of the day swimming. With such great weather everyone was out in their boats. It reminded us of disappearing island at Ponce Inlet only prettier. It was a great day!


06 January 2016 | Culebrita
We are having fantastic weather so we sailed to Culebrita which is a must stop in the Spanish Virgin Islands. A beautiful white sand beach and a great area at the tip of the island called the "Jacuzzi" which is a small pool in the rocks that occasionally gets awash with ocean water but otherwise gets warmed up by the sun. Adjacent to it is what Michelle called the "swimming pool" which is where a cut in the rocks allows the cool ocean water to continuously flow in. We went early before all of the day boaters came in so we had it to ourselves for a while.

Alex took the paddleboard out and tried surfing some of the small swells and ended up falling off in an area of sea urchins. We spent about 30 minutes trying to dig the spines out of his foot. Because the water is so clear we were able to see the bottom of the boat which had disgusting green hair growing on it at the waterline. We got in the water with our scrub pads and cleaned the bottom so it looked a little better. Next week we are hauling the boat out for a bottom job and it is definitely time for it.


04 January 2016 | Culebra
We decided to take advantage of the weather and move to Ensenada Harbor at Culebra. The harbor is huge so there are lots of places to anchor and the town dock is really nice for landing the dinghy. The town is small but has all of the basics for groceries and restaurants. We went to a couple of grocery stores and they had a nice selection for such a small island. Produce is still a challenge but being the Monday after New Year's they probably hadn't received a fresh shipment for several days. Culebra seems like a vacation destination so more tourists than we have seen since we left the Bahamas.

We were able to firm up our plans to haul out the boat. We found a studio rental apartment that allows dogs so we are all set. We have a week to kill before we have to be back in Puerto Rico so we are going to cruise around the Spanish Virgin Islands while the weather is nice.

Hello Spanish Virgin Islands

03 January 2016 | Vieques
After a very windy and rough December, the new year brought some moderate weather and we were able to move to Vieques. We anchored off the west end of the island at Greens Beach. The water is clear and the land is more lush than other parts of Puerto Rico. We took Tigger to the beach and he had a long overdue run and swim. We haven't had a long stretch of beach for him to run in a couple of months so he was in heaven. We are very happy to be in the Spanish Virgin Islands!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

31 December 2015 | Puerto Patillas, PR
We finally left Salinas the Monday after Christmas with a short weather window so we made it to Puerto Patillas. It's a pretty anchorage but nothing here in terms of amenities. We tried leaving Tuesday morning to make the short hop to Vieques. Unfortunately, there has been no moderating of the wind at night so at 5:00am it was already 20 knots. We are used to the higher winds now but there were squalls all around so we had some higher gusts and the seas became confused which made it rough. We were taking some pretty big waves over the bow even while we were still in the relatively shallow water. Knowing that it was only going to get worse as we rounded the island, we decided to turn around and go back to Patillas. It's not a great anchorage but at least it's safe. The weather may moderate on New Year's Day so we will try again and see if we can get over to Vieques.

We took Tigger to the park yesterday afternoon which had a walkway and vendor stands that are open on weekends. There were stray dogs everywhere which were friendly but Tigger is not the most social dog so we didn't stay long. The most exciting thing that has happened in Patillas is Tigger tore a small growth off of his eyelid which bled a lot but no permanent damage. He's a tough dog and we're glad he saved us the vet fees of having it removed (which we had talked to our vet about before we left).

There were fireworks all around the south coast of Puerto Rico that we could see from the anchorage at Patillas so it was a festive New Year's. We really wanted to be in the Virgin Islands but who cares? We are grateful every day that we are living this life so we just go with the flow. Since we really have no long term plan, we are excited to see what 2016 will bring.

Life in Salinas

23 December 2015 | Salinas, PR
The weather hasn’t really cooperated so we’re still anchored in Salinas harbor. We went to the Friday night BBQ at the marina and couldn’t believe the amount of food we got for $10. They also have Medalla beer for $1.25 during happy hour. There is a snack bar nestled in the mangroves at the marina which is a very cool setting (but bring your bug spray). The marina has a free dinghy dock so we tied up and walked around town. The town is full of restaurants and they have a designated gastronomique tour so you could eat yourself silly here.

We decided to do a major provision while we’re here since things get a lot more expensive further down the islands. We rented a car for a couple of days and went to WalMart in Santa Isabel which was overwhelming the week of Christmas. I can’t say we’ve missed the crazy commercialism associated with Christmas in the US. Alex cleaned the bottom of the boat the other day and it’s time for a bottom job. We drove to Palmas Del Mar, Puerto Del Rey marina and Fajardo looking at yards where we can haul out. We are tentatively scheduled to haul out at Puerto Del Rey the week of January 11, 2016. A drive along the east coast confirmed what we already knew. It is blowing 20-25 knots and looks nasty out there. Will stay put in Salinas a few more days…
Vessel Name: Anhinga
Vessel Make/Model: Hylas 46
Hailing Port: St. Augustine
Crew: Alex and Michelle
About: Back in the summer of 1999 we set out on an adventure aboard our previous boat "Wave Dancer" a 1990 Morgan 44. We spent about 18 months sailing the coast of Florida, the Keys, and the Bahamas. We finally ended up in Charleston, SC where we returned to land life. That was round 1!
Extra: This blog is intended to chronicle the transition to and travels of Round 2!
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