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The perfect day

27 April 2012 | Bahia San Gabriel
After a short sail we found our self in our favorite anchorage, Puerto Balandra (Mushroom Rock). We anchored just off the El Hongo which is the Spanish name for mushroom rock. Normally we anchor on the opposite side of El Hongo but the SW winds were blowing at 15 knots so we needed more protection from the wind. The next morning we pulled anchor and headed for Playa Bananza. It was a short sail to the anchorage. When we arrived there were already 2 sailboats in the anchorage. By later that afternoon more sailboats arrived and settled in for the night. The next morning we went ashore and explored the beach. There were lots of cool shells to fill out our shell collection. After spending all morning on the beach it was time for a swim in the cool welcoming waters. The snorkeling was fantastic. But after a long morning and then a 2 hour swim it was time for some siesta. So we thought, at least that was the plan.

S/V Papillon was calling us on the radio to meet up with us. We pulled up the anchor and headed for Bahia San Gabriel which was on the other side of the island. Lew put out the sails to take advantage of the nice SW winds. I decided to try my luck fishing. Remember I am not the fisherman, so far I have only hooked puffer fishes and a ell. Well no sooner my hook hit the water the line went out like a rocket. I yelled at Lew to drop the sails and help me with this monster fish. He turned the boat to dump the wind out of the sails and then came to my rescue. I gave him my poll and then took the helm. The girls brought in the sails in no time, they are getting very good handling the boat. Rose ran and grabbed the gaff hook to assist with the fish. It was a 20lb Jewfish grouper. I have never caught such a big fish before so I was excited to say the least. I was having a adrenaline rush with all the excitement I no longer was tired. We called Dan on Papillon so he could advise us how to bleed and clean the monster fish.

As soon as we set the anchor Dan came right over to check out the prize.
He cleaned the fish with ease and no sooner the fish was cleaned we all headed over to Papillon to cook up our catch. Dan made a nice jalapeño sauce to go with the fish and rice, which Dan had also prepared. He is quite the chef. The fish was one of the best fish I have ever tasted. After a great dinner and good company it was time to head back to Puddle Pirate and enjoy the night sky and cool breeze. I couldn’t have planned a more perfect day.
Vessel Name: Puddle Pirate
Vessel Make/Model: 44 ft. Gulfstar ketch
Hailing Port: Hidden Harbor, WA
Crew: Lew, Tamberlyn andAubryanna Rose
About: Lew and Tamberlyn lived in Tulalip, WA with their 3 youngest kids. Lew retired from Boeing in June 2011, then we cut the dock lines for good and went cruising full time. Their oldest daughter Crystal and son Fernando will keep to the land and visit in the winters.
Extra: Warm sunshine is what we seek! Oh Lew is always on a hunt for good pizza.
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/directory_name/mistress2
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