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Gilligan's Island

29 April 2013 | Island Coranodo's
This update was a surprise for us. We left the harbor and headed north to the islands along with our friends Veda Rica. S/V Veda Rica left the anchorage 30 minutes before us and was headed for an anchorage 25 miles north. We pulled anchor after eating breakfast and started our engine. There were light winds out of the North so Sailing wasn't going to happen. About 30 minutes into the motor north our engine overheated due to seaweed in the strainers. We turned off the engine and put the sails up. I decided to explain the story a song so bear with me. It was an adventure. If you remember the song from Gilligan's Island you can sing along.

It was a 3 hour tour: The weather started getting rough and Puddle Pirate was tossed, but not to worry the fearless crew put up the sails, they put up the sails. A gust of wind at 15 knots came up fast then blew out the head sail, oh well were screwed. Puddle Pirate was screwed, oh but not to worry she rolled her sail in and tacked back and forth it was sailing as she goes, sailing as she goes. The wind died down to 5 knots and Puddle Pirate was going nowhere slow, she was drifting back to land, drifting back to land. Then the fearless crew had an idea, they set the spinnaker out and sailed for a bit. Puddle Pirate sailed for a bit. She was back on track and going slow, she was back on track. The weather kicked up to 15 knots and the fearless crew tried to take down the sail, but it was too late the sail ripped in two, the sail ripped in two. Now two sails down and drifting back making no head way, the fearless crew decided to turn back and go south. They decided to turn back. Puddle Pirate was headed back but the winds were not in favor she had no engine because the strainer was clogged, the strainer was clogged. Puddle Pirate was going south but at a slow pace, she would not arrive at her spot until the next day, until the next day. Oh not to worry the captain had an idea, to launch the dingy with a 15 horse power and tie it to Puddle Pirate's hip, she tied it to the hip. Now Puddle Pirate was moving and 4 knots as she goes, she was headed back to her little cove and all was well. We arrived on the tiny island and settled in for the night, the captain and its crew were tiered and said goodnight, they were tired and said good night.

In the moring we swam all day and dove the boat, cleaned the strainers and then off we go, off we go.
Vessel Name: Puddle Pirate
Vessel Make/Model: 44 ft. Gulfstar ketch
Hailing Port: Hidden Harbor, WA
Crew: Lew, Tamberlyn andAubryanna Rose
About: Lew and Tamberlyn lived in Tulalip, WA with their 3 youngest kids. Lew retired from Boeing in June 2011, then we cut the dock lines for good and went cruising full time. Their oldest daughter Crystal and son Fernando will keep to the land and visit in the winters.
Extra: Warm sunshine is what we seek! Oh Lew is always on a hunt for good pizza.
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/directory_name/mistress2
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