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Vessel Name: Anna Rose
Hailing Port: Hobart
01 September 2013 | Honiara
01 August 2013 | En route to Luganville
16 July 2013 | Ranvetlam bay
12 July 2013 | Ranon Bay Ambrym
10 July 2013 | Lamen bay
03 July 2013 | Port Vila - Nambawan cafe
25 June 2013 | Port Vila
06 June 2013 | Port Vila
17 May 2013 | Bay of Islands
15 May 2013 | Tutukaka
10 May 2013 | Whangarei
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01 September 2013 | Honiara

Journey's end

Well, we are as far north as we are going! Arrived here a couple of days ago and are now in the midst of handing the boat over to Oceanswatch...who have a crew of 8 taking her back to Fenualoa! They will be working there for a couple of months, then taking her all the way south again to NZ to get [...]

29 August 2013

The Banks islands and beyond

Written on 17th August at Graciosa Bay, Santa Cruz, Solomon Isles.

01 August 2013 | En route to Luganville

Blue holes

25 July 2013

White sand, sunshine and dancing

Goodness I find myself hardly knowing where to begin. We have had such a busy and fascinating and lovely few days! We have just arrived at Luganville, which is a proper town and an almost unbelievable contrast to some of the places we have been. We set off from a small island called Ambae at 4.00 [...]

16 July 2013 | Ranvetlam bay

Village life

We have moved literally about 1/2 mile since my last post! We have had some really strong winds in the past few days and where we were seemed to have its own private microsystem of particularly vicious gusts funnelling through a gap in the hills! So we and 4 other yachts are now sheltering in the [...]

12 July 2013 | Ranon Bay Ambrym

Black sand, volcanos and magic

We are now 30 or so miles north of Epi, anchored off a busy little village at the northern end of Ambrym, an island with black sand, two live volcanos and a reputation for magic and mystery. There is a big festival happening here in a few days which we thought we'd hang around for, so we have a couple [...]

Hello and goodbye Opua

17 May 2013 | Bay of Islands
Well we really do seem to be leaving.. Have checked out with customs, refuelled, stowed everything, taken our very small reserves of courage in our hands and we are on our way. Forecast isn't that great and this is a small window of opportunity to go before the next front brings with it some strong winds and rough seas. We are not expecting the first couple of days of be easy.. Quite a lot of wind, mostly on our nose, and a guess it will take a while to get our sea legs too.

If you want to see what weather we are going to get (you will probably know better than us as we will have to rely on HF forecasts when we can get them! ) metvuw.com is a great website.. We reckon we will be travelling just a tad west of north if the wind allows us to, (but we might have to go further east) hopefully about 150 miles a day...well that may be a bit optimistic ... Poss more like 120.. Send us a text if you see anything nasty coming! Vanuatu is the rather small line of islands just to the east of the long narrow one (which is New Caledonia!) Lots and lots of love to all of you xxxx
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