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Anchored for over a thousand days

22 November 2018 | Burnett River, Burnett Heads, Queensland, Australia.
Cam "H"
It was the events of yesterday that prompted me to write this blog entry, it was a squall line from a run of the mill surface trough, much the same as the many we have had before and I’m sure we will see them in the future. It is always a lottery when you see the storm coming, the clouds rolling towards our position, the constant flash of the lightning, the thunder rumbling, growing louder the closer it gets, the driving rain when it arrives and as most boats stay put swinging on their anchors there will be one or two that always seem to drag much to the dismay of the boats in their path.

Not always but we find the odd boat to be repeat offenders and when you see what they are trying to anchor with you will understand why they create the same issue time and time again.

The most common cause we see is the anchor is way too small for the boat they are on and the amount of chain or rode they use is way too short to even give them a chance to stay set and the other cause is the anchor they have is almost always a plough, a plough will only hold bottom if the sea floor allows, if there is no weed, coral, gravel or silt and even then they will move if your boat puts enough force on it and heaven forbid if there is a wind change the plough will sometimes never re-set.

We had a very heavy CQR on Annecam when we first purchased her in Croatia, we had many a broken night’s sleep as we would almost always drag across any and every bay we anchored in. It was embarrassing each time we tried to set that anchor. Just to give you an idea we would quite often drop that CQR in about 5 metres of water, feed out around 60 to 70 metres of 10mm chain and back down to try to get a set and 99% of the time it never held, we were very lucky that we never dragged back into anyone or anything else.

Our second year on Annecam we managed to change our CQR to a Mantus 65. The first time we used it we were amazed at how fast it set and we had a play to see how much or I should say how short our chain could be to still get a set, we were even getting a set with 1.5 to 1 but we still would put out at least 4 to 1 and if there is enough swing room we still put out at least 6 to 1. We have been anchored on this anchor for well over a thousand days in countless bays and anchorages in 52 different countries between Croatia and Australia.

We have had two separate times when our trusty Mantus moved, the first was in the Greek Islands when we fouled it in a discarded foul weather jacket and the second time was in Simpson Bay Lagoon, St Marten in the Caribbean when we dropped it right in the middle of a bunch of clear plastic that most likely came off someone’s dodger from a hurricane the season before.

I was told by an old seafarer a long time ago that chain will not hold you while it’s still in the locker, so if you have the swing room always put out more than what you think you will need.

“Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.”

The photo is our Mantus 65 anchor

On this day.

04 November 2018 | Burnett River, Burnett Heads, Queensland, Australia.
Cam "H"
We have not had a look back at what we were doing on this day for quite some time.

On this day 2012; We had left Annecam tied up in the Marina Dalmatia, Sukosan, Croatia as the previous owner Michael had payed for a marina berth for the year and the sailing season had definitely come to an end in that part of the Mediterranean, we had not been long back in Australia, my long service leave had come to an end, I was back working my job as a wildfire Instructor with the Country Fire Authority in Victoria and Annie was back working at her old job for Clarke Rubber.

On this day 2013; We had Annecam tied up in our winter berth in the Marina de Cala del Sole, Licata, Sicily. We had our dear friend Fiona with us for the second time in two years on Annecam, we had walked across the town and up to the old fort to see the sites, we played the Finish game of molkki with a bunch of other yachties at the cruisers bbq, they were fun times, some of those yachties are still in touch today.

On this day 2014; We had just completed our last blog from Gibraltar, Annecam is all secured in La Linea, Spain and ready for our Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean. We were about to hop onto a plane from Gibraltar to London, spending one night in a hotel near Heathrow Airport and then the next day we started the long haul back to Melbourne via Dubai. This was to be the last time that I would see my father as he left us just after I started the passage to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

On this day 2015; We had Annecam in the Clarkes Court Boat Yard, Grenada. We were doing the hard yards, sanding all of the old ablative antifoul off Annecam's bottom and replacing it with a hard racing antifoul, we replaced the rigging as the original rigging was 10 years old and we replaced our genoa and main sails with a brand-new set from Doyle Sails. Our boat speed wasn't too shabby before but this new set along with the hard antifoul would take us to speeds we never thought possible.

On this day 2016; This would be our last full day at sea, we were on passage from New Caledonia, heading to Bundaberg, Australia. We had hooked and released a huge black marlin, sailed 177 nautical miles for the day and we only had 86 miles to go to make landfall in Bundaberg. I look back at our ships log and we had very mixed feelings, we were excited to know that tomorrow we would be in our home land and sad at the same time as our planned journey was coming to an end. I was good to be back in our own waters.

On this day 2017; We had just tied Annecam up in a berth in the Bundaberg Port Marina, we had just sailed the 130 nautical miles from Great Keppel Island, it was time for us to purchase a car and time for us to start looking for our land base, it was not long and we found our home where we can keep an eye on Annecam.

Today we walked to the port to watch a ship berthing, it was then time to water and weed our garden of veggies and flowers, tomorrow we might go for a sail on our Annecam.

"In life. Do not go where the path leads, go instead where there are no paths and lay a trail for others to follow"

The photo is Annie with our dear friend Fiona in Lacata, Sicily.
The video is our passage from New Caledonia to Bundaberg.

Fraser Island

25 October 2018 | Burnett River, Burnett Heads, Queensland, Australia.
Cam "H"
I took my son Tom and his partner Lauren out for a sail to Fraser Island, the weather was warm, the seas were flat, it was totally glassed out as there was absolutely no wind on day two. We managed to see Whale, Dolphin and a Turtle.

We did not go out to the reef as Tom and Lauren did not have the time to spare. We still had a good time exploring different parts of the Island and it’s always good to be out on the water.

“Three things you cannot recover in life: the WORD after it’s said, the MOMENT after it’s missed and the TIME after it’s gone. Be Careful!”

The photo is my son Tom and Lauren on the beach at Fraser Island.

Here is the full video after I cut the raw footage from 42 down to 25 minutes.

We are still here.

20 October 2018 | Burnett River, Burnett Heads, Queensland, Australia.
Cam "H"
It has been about two months since our last blog up-date as we have been a little busy living life as “clods” (Cruisers Living On Land Sometimes) but at least one of us is about to start cruising again and that someone would be me.

As I write this blog one of my twin boys, Tom and his partner Lauren are on the road heading up to where we live and as soon as they get here we plan to head out to the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island on Annecam to see if there are any whales still about. We will stay out as long as the weather is good.

I have been out for a solo sail, to check out the new folding propeller and to make sure that all the running gear is still working, it was. I have installed new macerator head pumps and located and fixed a fresh water leak, there is always something that has to be done on any boat to keep them in fine fettle.
So, watch this space for more on our planned cruise and who knows we might even capture some of it on the video camera.


18 August 2018 | Burnett River, Burnett Heads, Queensland, Australia.
Cam "H"
Traveling on the oceans or over land, sailing, cruising, passage making, driving and flying to get to a new destination. It does not matter how you do it, traveling is traveling, best of all I love to sail.

At least once a year we make the effort to go somewhere that we have never been to before. By doing so traveling empowers us to learn, it increases our curiosity in history and humanity. Being able to explore somewhere new, the sights, the sounds, the smells and the tastes all must be experienced firsthand, not just read about in books to really appreciate what we find.

I have found that children who sail long term with their parents to different countries are more open and more mature than those who don’t travel, they have an energy that must be seen to be believed.
Being outdoors or somewhere completely new, refreshers our senses in a way that no workplace, sitting in front of a computer ever could. People who look at a photo of nature for as little as 40 seconds, improved their focus and performance on their next task, even better if you can sit on the beach to watch and listen to the waves breaking or sit in a forest and listen to the wind rustling leaves. Just sitting and listening to water cascading down a waterfall or the sound we hear, the water, the wind in our rigging as our yacht is under sail on a good beam reach is by far the best way to refresh our senses.

Traveling the world increased our faith in humanity, the more countries that I travelled to the more the more my general sense of trust increased. By seeing all the good that exists in the world, made it easy to trust that most people for the most part are just trying to do the right thing.

I have found that people who work overseas are more imaginative and inspired than those who stay and work in the same place day in and day out in their home country. People who integrate a new culture into their identities are more creative in the long run. Doing as the locals do for an extended length of time opens your mind forcing you to think in different ways and bounce around between different ideas, it’s a concept called cognitiveflexability. The more cognitively flexible you are, the more creative you will be. Just to learn the basic courtesy words in a different language gave us a sense of achievement, just to be able to say “hello, good morning, please and thank you” to the locals in their native language was a real bonus for us.

Traveling gives you a wider perspective, travel gives you a bird’s eye view, travel lets us look at our own lives from a distance both physically and metaphorically and when you do that you’re able to see things a lot more clearly.

Traveling make us happier, anticipating an experience before it even happened makes you happier than waiting for something tangible like a new computer or smart phone.

Traveling makes you more patient, dealing with delays and mishaps and different cultures while traveling makes you a more patient person overall, we got used to the afternoon sister in some countries and then there is a saying used all around the world, “it will happen in Island time”.

At first travel leaves you speechless and at the same time it turns you into a story teller.

The photo is the countries and places we stopped at on Annecam.

“In life, our goal is to die with memories not dreams”.

New Propeller for Annecam

04 July 2018 | Burnett River, Burnett Heads, Queensland, Australia.
Annie and Cam "H"
Time flies when you are having fun and we sure wish that it was all fun but sad to say it has not been. It has been six weeks since our last blog up-date.

We mentioned in our last blog that we either hit something or something hit us causing possible damage to our sail-drive as it hit hard enough to stall the motor while setting our anchor and that we had a definite vibration coming from what felt like our propeller. The only way to find out for sure was to be hauled out and to check for damage. Close inspection showed a piece of one of the propeller blades was missing and we had some electrolysis on all of the blades, so the decision was made to change from a three-blade fixed to a three-blade folding propeller and while in the boatyard we gave her another couple of coats of antifoul and new zinc anodes, she almost looks loved again, all we have to do is clean all of the boatyard grime off the decks and she will be looking good again.

Our visitor list keeps growing with Frank and Vivian staying for a night, we first met them in Sardinia as they were sailing on their beautiful catamaran “Dominos” way back in 2014.

Our next visitor was a surprise for Annie’s “Not Yet Sixty” birthday, Annie’s son David and I had planned a surprise visit by him for just over a month beforehand and we managed to pull it off, much to Annie’s delight.

Eva and Brian off their yacht Zofia sailed in and we managed to spend quite a bit of time with them, we first met Eva and Brian on the pile moorings in the middle of Brisbane 2016

Kellie and he friend Warren stayed with us on their way to catch a flight from Bundaberg back to Melbourne, Kellie has been a long-time friend on facebook and we have finally met in person and I’m sure we will see each other again out on the water somewhere.

We caught up with and had Sue and John off their yacht Marilyn over for dinner and to the Lighthouse Hotel for another dinner with them the following night, we first met Sue and John in Tonga 2016

We love catching up and staying in touch with most of the cruisers we have met in our travels.

The photo is our old and new propellers.

”In life always be thankful for friendships old and new, be prepared to help even if it’s not obvious at the time, life will repay you ten times over in the most subtle ways”
Vessel Name: Annecam
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 46
Hailing Port: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Crew: Campbell & Annette Hair
About: Cam has had a long love for the ocean, over 40 years on and off various boats. Annie would love smooth seas and to never to see another winter.
Extra: Rig heavy, reef early, and pray often; for God does not promise us an easy passage, but He does promise a safe anchorage.
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