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Family and Friends Sailing with us

25 April 2012 | Anywhere in the world you would like to be
Annie and Cam
Check list for family and friends visiting us on

Welcome aboard Annecam and thanks for coming. Our yacht will be your home for the length of your stay so make yourself comfortable. We are sure that this information will answer most of your questions.


Please bring only soft-sided, collapsible luggage. A yacht does have limited storage space: hard luggage will not stow well. Think of the living space in a large motor home or caravan and add sails plus spare sails, a dinghy, an outboard motor, two life raft's, and enough food, water and wine for several months. It is probably better to bring smaller bags rather than one large bag as they are easier to store. We recommend that you start packing a week before you come. Each night of that week take out half of what you have packed and then re-pack. When you are down to just a tooth brush add a bathing suit, and we will supply the toothpaste! JUST KIDDING, but please pack lightly. We have found that everyone, including ourselves, packs more than double than what you actually need or will use. Please keep that in mind when you pack and make sure it is something that you will use, not just something you think you may use. Trust me on this.

You are not going to need a lot of clothing for the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Central America, the South Pacific or the East coast of Australia. We will not be going anywhere that requires coat and tie or evening dress. One casual outfit in case we go to dinner at a nice restaurant or one of the many pubs should be all the nice clothes you will need. You will probably spend most of your day in a bathing suit or just wearing a smile with sunblock, shorts and a tee shirt will be the most worn while on board.

Do not forget a hat and sunglasses, your favorite sunscreen (the higher the SPF, the better), and any personal items you can not be without. Please do not bring a hair dryer. If you need one we have small ones on board that are sized to work with our electrical system.

On deck, we allow only bare feet or footwear that will not mark the fiberglass and teak. Please do not wear black soled shoes on the deck. Any deck shoe or boating sandal with white soles is appropriate. In fact this type of shoe and sandals are great because you can wear them when reef walking or on the beach.

Please bring a mask and snorkel. Most of our destinations have fantastic snorkelling which you should not miss. We may have a spare set of snorkelling equipment, and we usually carry spare fins, but it is always nice to have your own, particularly a well fitting mask.

Please bring any prescription medications you may require in the original prescription bottle. Please check the government web site of the countries you will be in. Most of the countries we visit have very strict drug laws. Moreover, most countries sometimes conduct random searches of boats as a matter of course. Do not even consider bringing any type of illegal contraband or drugs. Not only could you wind up in jail, we would probably wind up there with you and would lose our yacht. Make sure everyone travelling with you is aware of how serious this issue is. If you are bringing a teenager, please find an opportunity to search his/her luggage before you leave and blame it on us if you get caught in the act! Please be careful about carrying packages for someone not travelling with you.

Last but not least, do not forget your passport and visa (if required). Please make this the last item you check before walking out the door and then check everyone travelling with you.

We will require a pdf copy of the photo page of your passport emailed to us for our official crew list for the countries that we are sailing in, this is not an issue in Australia

Scuba Diving

If you plan on scuba diving during your visit please be sure to bring your diving certification card. If you have your own equipment you might consider bringing your own regulator along with mask, fins, and snorkel. We will most likely be diving with local dive companies who will rent you equipment.


Please be aware of your personal safety at all times: One hand for the boat, and one hand for yourself. That is, when moving around the yacht, always have a good handhold. Also, watch your feet as there are plenty of deck thingies designed to mangle or break your toes.

If you do not swim well we have several different types of personal flotation devices you can wear or hold on to. Just ask.

Never stand in the path of the boom or a line under tension.

If someone falls overboard, do not lose sight of the person in the water! Yell "man overboard" and DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE PERSON IN THE WATER, even for a moment. Do not jump into the water unless the person has lost consciousness or cannot swim. Otherwise, you will only add to the problem. While we are on passage we will supply you with a harness and you will clip on to the jack lines with a tether when it gets rough, on solo watch or if you go up on deck outside of the cockpit.

Wear sun block outside. Tropical UV radiation can burn quickly.

Do not push any buttons, throw any switches or touch the screens on the navigation equipment. If you are unsure of anything, please ask.

If you have any health issues or allergies, please let us know; and please remember to bring your medication and/or epi-pens, etc. This is most important to us on Annecam, we hate surprises.

If you take the dinghy any great distance, be sure to take a portable radio, plenty of fuel and a life jacket for each person on board.

Do not start the dinghy outboard with anyone in the water near the prop.

If you feel even slightly seasick, let us know immediately. Seasickness is much easier to treat early and we have several tired and true remedies that should dismiss the queasy feeling.

Always be aware of where you place things. With a yacht, it is easy to misplace things. When you leave, we will be the proud new owners of lost objects that we will have no use for!

Don't worry, we will go over all the safety issues once you are onboard, have unpacked and have one of Annies mixed drinks in your hand. There will be no consumption of alcohol while we are under way, if we find ourselves in a nasty situation, alcohol will only make it worse.

Below decks

Please make yourself at home. Soft drinks are in either the salon or cockpit fridge and snacks are in the fridge, lazarette (pantry) or in the under table storage. Please do not leave the refrigerator or freezer doors open. We make our own energy and conservation is the name of the game.

Please shower at the aft steps shower before coming below if you are dirty or salty. Sand is a nasty, gritty, insidious thing that is impossible to get out of the boat; and sunscreen can stain any fabric or the teak. Please take your shoes off and rinse your feet at the aft steps before coming into the cockpit.

Please try to keep most of your personal items stowed in your cabin. That way things do not get lost and shared areas stay uncluttered. Hang wet items in your bathroom (called "heads on a boat) or outside on the life lines.

We carry a limited amount of water so do not waste it. For example, do not leave the water running while brushing your teeth. Take "sailor showers" by getting wet, then soaping up with the water off, and then a quick rinse.

Remember to pump out your shower after use.

Marine Toilets

I know, I know. This is not something anybody wants to talk about, but we can not call a plumber at sea so . . .

Marine toilets flush with sea water from outside the boat then macerate the toilet contents and pump the contents overboard or into a holding tank. Remember the toilet is below the waterline so if you discover leaking water on the bathroom floor let us know immediately. Nothing goes into the toilet except what you have eaten and toilet paper, and not much toilet paper at that. If you must use more than a small amount of toilet paper, no problem don't flush it just bag it. You can add water if there is not enough water in the bowl by pumping with the knob to the left.

We have electric macerating flush toilets. Turn the knob to the right to fill with fresh sea water, turn the knob to the left until empty, then pump some clean water in with the knob turned to the right, this will keep the head smelling fresh.

Yes, the wastes do go right out into the ocean if we are not in areas that require holding tank usage. It is amazing how quickly the ocean takes care of wastes and keeps the water crystal clear. Before you go, please check to see if people are swimming around the boat. If so, please be considerate by letting them know what you to are about to do.

If you have any questions about the toilet please ask us before using it! If you block the toilet, you get to work on it until it is unblocked.

Please don't be surprised if we ask you to bring one thing or another for us from home. Since we only get back home once or twice a year, you may have to be our courier, bringing some valuable thingy that we just can't find out here in paradise and yet can't seem to live without, like vegemite.

Finally, AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - because we sail, we are at the mercy of the weather. We just don't go sailing when the weather and sea conditions are too extreme. Thus, when you plan your trip, we recommend that you also reserve accommodation at the place we are planning to pick you up. Then, a few days before you leave, we will email or call you to let you know if we arrived at the planned location or if weather is delaying us. If we are at the correct location, then go ahead and cancel your accommodation reservations, without penalty. If we are delayed, you will at least have a nice place to stay and enjoy yourselves while we wait for the weather to clear and sail to where you are staying.

We would love to see you and share with you a part of the dream that we are living.

This information is for invited guests only
Vessel Name: Annecam
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 46
Hailing Port: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Crew: Campbell & Annette Hair
About: Cam has had a long love for the ocean, over 40 years on and off various boats. Annie would love smooth seas and to never to see another winter.
Extra: Rig heavy, reef early, and pray often; for God does not promise us an easy passage, but He does promise a safe anchorage.
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