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14 January 2021 | Key West
10 January 2021 | En Route Key West
08 January 2021 | En Route Marathon
07 January 2021 | En Route Taverier Key
06 January 2021 | Key Biscayne
02 January 2021 | West Palm Municipal Dock
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Evaluating Strategies

14 January 2021 | Key West
Monday 11 January 2021

Realizing we'd be in Key West for awhile at least half of crew decided that chilling aboard last night was the proper strategy following a surprisingly energetic sail. However, today we walked the entirety of Old Town from Mallory Square to Southernmost Point, which by the way is around the shore from the real place because that's in a navy base, via Duval and back up Whitehead Streets, then along Caroline to West Marine (didn't think we could avoid that did you?) and back to the Bight. Returned home where sloth ensued.

Half an hour before sunset proceeded ashore to discover that no buskers were busking at Mallory - a sad repercussion from covid, no doubt. No worries, we ambled to White Tarpon restaurant on the Bight for fine dinner and alcoholic beverages that they graciously provided for half price. After that, which included interesting discourse with neighbor diners, we proceeded to the Schooner Wharf Bar for excellent live music and a few more adult beverages before returning home. Overall a delightful day. Tomorrow we wash laundry and prepare boat for our visitor. The preposterous pile of excess crap will relocate from forward bunk. Jammin' Jannie to have her proficiency tested.


After migrating gear from guest suite into location that will make starting engine and steering boat extremely difficult should such be necessary, walk to M&M Laundromat with a hundred kilos (slight exaggeration) of stinky skivvies (no exaggeration) on old, corroded, folding hand truck (slight understatement) felt longer on feet than it looked on map. However, cafe adjoining provided breakfast including Cuban coffee that dramatically improved outlook. In addition, we maintained our lithe, supple physiques, purchased a few necessary items at nearby grocery and, with help from an extravagance of quarters, defunked five washer-loads of clothing. Returned home where sloth ensued.


With guest having rested following late arrival yesterday morning due aircraft de-icing in Atlanta, proceeded ashore for cocktails and dinner. Rain came earlier than forecast so we whiled away our time waiting for it to ease by ingesting more beverage than previously anticipated or strictly prudent, significantly more. Concluding by this time that cognitive abilities and motor skills are enhanced by loss of inhibition, departure from bar seemed a fine idea just as precipitation and wind increased. Crew became partially soaked by cold rain. Guest, positing an insufficiency, decided a complete immersion in salt water was appreciably better. iPhones disagree.

Returned home where sloth ensued and persisted through the night and morning. A visit to T-Mobile may be in the offing.

Jack & Jan

Conch Me

10 January 2021 | En Route Key West
Sunday 10 January 2021

Another beautiful day in paradise except for being darn nippy for Key West - forecast high seventeen degrees C (sixty three F). Average low in January for the Conch Republic is nineteen. Temps for next week remain below normal. This summer when it gets too hot we can begin wishing for next ice age as forecast some time ago before heating became fashionable, but right now we need some global warming. If you own cows please encourage their flatulence.

Another magnificent sail. Turns out two other boats are behind us moving same direction. It's a race because, as previously explained, we're winning. It became a race when we unrolled the staysail and began pulling away. Tentative plan to fly spinnaker, first time since purchase when we might have had favorable conditions, came a cropper when wind moved ahead of beam. No worries, expect to make anchorage with plenty of light.

Although breakfast yesterday at Castaway was excellent, crab benedict and French toast, and we found some cool toys at West Marine, Jan's opinion of Marathon is "meh". Boot Key Harbor is saturated with boats on moorings, boats anchored in every open area and many wrecks. Most are locals and, according to Ti Amo, who left as we headed in for coffee and victuals, there is no dockage or moorings available for transients. Vaca Key is littered with house trailers and the whole town looks a bit neglected. The restaurant let us stay on their wall, but otherwise the only dinghy dock, run by the municipality, is overcrowded and around twenty five dollars a day. Reports are that Key West Bight Marina charges much less. May find out tonight as at least half of crew, after an absence of many years, wants to check out Mallory Square buskers, a Sunset Pier sunset and Duval St.

Jack & Jan

Going Out

08 January 2021 | En Route Marathon
Friday 8 January 2021

After dislocating left hip for second time while performing morning exercises (may suspend that particular move) was able to hang over side of settee, relax and have it drop back in place. Bad news, good news, bad news: popped out in the middle of nowhere, able to get it back in, ability to do so indicates it's too loose and unstable. Crap! Have to visit ortho on return to St. Pete for that and possible knee replacement. Like an old, hard-used boat, the carcass needs some refit.

Anyway left Tavernier Key early just behind line of weather and due excellent wind expect arrival Marathon by middle afternoon. Hawk Channel, as seems to happen more often than not, is providing a beautiful sail. Assume this due typical SE or NW reaching wind cross channel and limited fetch from keys and outer reef.

Reference yesterday's subject line, around George Town, Exuma, there are a Peace and Plenty Resort, Peace and Plenty Island Cottages and Peace and Plenty Beach Club. Good name. The resort has dining. Food is good, but skip the chicken souse. More famous is the Chat 'N' Chill, Bar & Grill across Elizabeth Harbour on Stocking Island. We spent an inordinate amount of time there sampling their offerings, looking out at our boat anchored just off and chatting with other intemperate cruiser trash. There are worse ways to squander your time.

Jack & Jan

P.S. If your investment gains are making you feel guilty, please give a thought to helping cruising mates who pulled into Honiara, Solomon Islands, with an emergency and were thrown in jail. After quite a bit of sturm und drang they're finally out, but incurred 4000 pounds (they're British) in costs and fees. See their harrowing story on Go Fund Me at with more detail on Facebook (search Thom D'Arcy). Thanks.

Peace And Plenty

07 January 2021 | En Route Taverier Key
Thursday 7 January 2021

Currently en route to Tavernier Key for the night, then early on to Vaca Key
tomorrow. May dally a couple of days to enjoy the delights of the big city.
Always liked Marathon and now read that Eric Stone, usual entertainment at major
boatshows for Bob Bitchin's Latitudes & Attitudes cruiser's parties, has a bar
near the east end of Boot Key Harbor, so may be even better. Might have stayed
longer, but another in a long line of recurrent uncommon circumstances (not
quite an oxymoron) caused delay. Motor-sailed early, but then lovely sailing
all afternoon through the protected Hawk Channel, which extends on the Atlantic
side from Miami to Key West.

A great thing about the Keys are the creature features. Bird life is fantastic
with cormorants, pelicans (our favorite), ospreys, egrets, herons, spoonbills
and a raft of others. We often see dolphins and the fishing is excellent, which
is probably why we see dolphins. Manatees were around the boat this morning and
yesterday, as we dinghied in a narrow passage between islands, nearly ran over a
swimming iguana. He was going one way in the morning and the other way that
afternoon. The obvious explanation is that he's in training for the summer
Olympics, but Jan figures he was just commuting back and forth to work.

Since yesterday was sure to be a slow news day, didn't check. Oh wait, did hear
something. Seems there was a peaceful demonstration in the capital. Must have
been peaceful since no cars were burned and only one person was killed by
police. Second thought, based on recent history burning cars would still
qualify as peaceful. As usual the media overplayed their spin and underplayed
potentially important stuff, but we'll probably all have to assimilate, maybe
for a coupe of years, before understanding the more interesting consequences.
Oddly, except for that guy who was hiding under a desk, congressmen and senators
acted in a bearably responsible and adult manner. Who could have known?

Jack & Jan

Skipping Along

06 January 2021 | Key Biscayne
Monday 4 January 2021

Yesterday again ran ashore for coffee, internet and the last half gallon of Eggnog at Publix, then motored up to Lake Worth Inlet to get a jump on earlyish departure this morning. Original idea was for daylighting to Fort Lauderdale with a short run Tuesday to Miami. Decided rather to continue on to Key Biscayne, south of Miami, for a night arrival then go into Coconut Grove tomorrow for reasons that will probably bore anybody who might have stumbled onto this site or, saints preserve us, searched it out. Having no shame, will now proceed to do just that. Advise skipping to next paragraph and hope it's better. (1) We already met fellow who advised us on keeping mast upright after intermediate shrouds broke crossing the Atlantic, who we wanted to thank and present with a bottle of champagne, but is still living and working in Palm Beach although his work is moving to Lauderdale at David Walter's Yachts who are now the Hylas dealer, rigger and repair center. (2) Broker and subsequent friends from David Walter's Yachts, who sold us this boat, were visited in Annapolis and are not near any anchorages where nearby marinas cost six to ten dollars a foot per day (276 to 460 USD). (3) We like Coconut Grove and can spare a day or two especially if we save one by arriving a day early. (4) Yanmar engine is showing lower than comfortable oil pressure and parts, including OEM oil filters that may help, are available nearby. Now aren't you sorry you disregarded the warning?


Spent last night at No Name Harbor on Key Biscayne and came over to Dinner Key midday. No moorings at either Sailing Club or Marina so anchored in the open at deepest location where 2.1 meter boat will say hello to 1.9 meter bottom for about five hours this evening. Biscayne Bay is really shallow.

After strolling Coconut Grove for a few hours will have dinner tonight then leave tomorrow morning early before low tide hugs us to bottom again (unlikely) or after it lets us go in the afternoon for return to Key Biscayne, staging for either Rodrigues Key or Tavernier off Key Largo.


As postulated it's going to be that afternoon option. Came in for walk to really great, every day, indoor, fresh market then up to Crook & Crook, marine store. Three mile hike was way more fun with bikes when here almost seven years ago. After fitting out new boat from that February's Miami Boat Show and shipment from old boat in Brisbane left in May for Bahamas. From Georgetown traveled to Singapore for Jan's new knee before returning and continuing on to Caribbean. And the rest is history.. of course, everything before that was history too, but we'll just ignore it.

Perhaps a warning should have been offered at very beginning and you could have skipped this entire entry.

Jack & Jan

A Game Of Numbers

02 January 2021 | West Palm Municipal Dock
Saturday 2 January 2021

After running ashore to dump trash and, of course, get coffee and internet, came back to continue restoration of disaster called boat. Electrical organization was completed, some useless crap was set aside for disposal and other useless crap was re-stored along with some good stuff. Additional winnowing is advisable.

Twenty one. This century has reached legal adulthood and should know better. Apparently centuries, like people, really haven't got their stuff together after this many years. Last time at this age do-gooder induced alcohol prohibition was just kicking in and was such an unmitigated disaster that the US Constitution was amended thirteen years later when the century was a slightly more mature thirty three. We should all remember what the road to hell is paved with. If some people are doing good by forcing everyone to do what they want, what you want or, more likely, what they think everyone ought to want, watch out, bad things are going to happen. Keep in mind that the world is a supremely complicated place and the guys who want to control it, even the smart ones, are very simple people. If you want a savior for after you're dead, go to church. If you think anybody can fill that role in the real world consider that you might be deluded.

Sorry about that. Should have issued a rant warning, but at least one of us now feels better.

Jack & Jan

It Don't Get No Better (Contemplate That For A Sec)

01 January 2021 | West Palm Municipal Dock
Friday 1 January 2021

Oh good, a new year at last. It's all different now. Peek left, peek right. Hmmmmm. Well apparently if your world sucked last year that "one" instead of a "zero" at the end of its designation won't help much at least for awhile. If however you found a way to have fun, you still can. Like most of life, your experience is often what you make of it and almost never completely dictated by external events or people. Hope all you guys we know and love are making your life the best possible.

As is typical for us on New Year's Eve went to bed at 0900 and set alarm for 2350 to catch the changeover. Except for a few honking horns and minimal sparkles from fireworks around Riviera Beach, several miles north, there wasn't much. Went back to sleep and squandered the first eight hours of 2021 oblivious to any new developments. Hope we didn't miss any good stuff. Our New Year's resolution, as usual, is to keep doing what we've been doing, which includes committing lots of curious and atypical acts like, you know, living and traveling around on a boat. We have a wonderfully high success rate.

And speaking of enchanting new experiences, today's celebration included cleaning out and rearranging lockers, throwing away crap that hasn't been used since we bought the boat nearly seven years ago and rewiring house battery. As you can tell from this and paragraph two, the merrymaking is a never-ending delirious and unbridled shivoo.

Most of you will be happy to never hear about 2020 again... forever. However, those with a masochistic streak who have yet maintained a sense of humor may want to read the 2020 Year End Review by Dave Barry - best columnist in the US. Google it and enjoy.

Jack & Jan

Go, No Go

29 December 2020 | West Palm Municipal Dock
Tuesday 29 December 2020

Work on steering began with hard part and went well. Then we got to the easy bit. Well? Threading spiral conduit into fitting and fitting into sheave box on starboard side aft which is underneath sheave frame where there is no room to maneuver proved completely impossible as extremely stiff conduit bends under water tank then makes a final upward curve just below box. Eventually got it after Matt left for the night by screwing in fitting, using vise grips to bend and position conduit, then, one flat at a time with monkey wrench, partially unscrewing fitting which after several attempts eventually caught conduit threads and screwed it halfway onto fitting. This morning expect to turn the whole shebang from both ends to tighten up. Then again comes the hard part. We can only hope.

Although this system was originally assembled when boat was built with everything accessible, it was engineered badly as fittings are designed to go through frames with a backing nut holding them in place (which would have made this project exponentially easier), but insufficient room was left to do this so frames were tapped and fittings screwed into them. Of course they screw clockwise at both ends so screwing in one end unscrews the other. Once this is done and all conduit assembled (which because of foregoing requires vise grips and hammers at one end), running wire, attaching chain and fastening aft end to quadrant should be a piece of cake. This is said, as one should expect, with stratospherically high expectation.

- Later

It's not even noon and last pieces are coming together. Still time for all to go pear-shaped, but confidence is now ionospheric. Surprisingly both shipments are at post office, we're topped with groceries & adult beverage and Jupiter & Saturn are aligned so ready to blow this popsicle stand. But (there's always a big butt, err but) strong southish wind will likely keep us here until Sunday or Monday. Sanguinary hades!

Jack & Jan

End In Sight Or In Situ?

28 December 2020 | West Palm Municipal Dock
Sunday 27 December 2020

After princess/galley slave defrosted freezer and spoke with her best mate, rode bikes over bridge to posh side of ICW. This could be construed as exercise, but was actually to visit Starbucks on Worth Ave., the Rodeo Drive of Palm Beach. The local denizens can get all their Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Saks Fifth Avenue and Gucci dreams fulfilled without straying far from home. Didn't get down quite as far as Mar-a-Lago to rub egos with lame duck president who is in residence, but he can probably contain his disappointment.


Had planned biking this morning to general delivery post office for retrieval of propane regulator, but received notice that steering parts are here and system reconstruction is imminent. With an hour forty five to spare before Matt arrives proceeded to Starbucks for critical infusion of caffeine. Since postal service found ship's bell clock, ETA tomorrow, and butane bottles for camp stove have been replenished reckon we can do without oven for another day or two and make one excursion to fetch both.

While Jan takes Uber to do laundry, buy groceries and stand by for someone to remember what we need from nearby West Marine, maintenance crew tries not to get too badly underfoot as Matt twists and jams steering parts into a workable unit. Oddly it seems to have proceeded better so far than one might have expected. Whether job is completed today or tomorrow is rather irrelevant, except for labor costs, as we wait for shipments. Unfortunately starting Wednesday and continuing until at least Sunday weather is ill-disposed to allow our movement south. We can either remain in place awaiting favorable wind or suffer the ditch. Moss growing on the bottom of itchy feet cries out for going, but this tar pit harbor remains a good spot to get pinned and New Year's Eve celebrations should be excellent. No real rush so long as we make Cayo Hueso by friend arrival on thirteenth. Should only take three or four day-sails leaving adequate time to pillage and plunder Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the upper Keys.

Jack & Jan

Winter Wonder

26 December 2020 | West Palm Municipal Dock
Saturday 26 December 2020

Following passage of a cold front that froze the southern US and brought stormy weather to the east coast, south Florida shuddered this morning into the lower digits C (thirties F) before a forecast slow warm-up next week back to more normal temps. Holy guacamole Senor Batman this ain't right. We don't do cold. Got to get fixed and do more southing.

Revelers, no doubt warmed by camaraderie and a snoot full of holiday spirits, came around at 0530 to loudly manifest their joy of the season for the dock's several inhabitants. Jan, intimating her delight at being awakened from a blissful rest, suggested they check their watches and enhance the lives of more, different sleeping people (this may be a slight reframing of events). Their surprise that anyone might not have remained up all night was followed by a civil acquiescence and we returned to our dreams until 0800.

Captain, a prince among men, displaying splendid benevolence, risked severe hypothermia this morning to tunnel from under doona and start generator to power aft reverse cycle air conditioner and water heater so Princess (AKA Admiral) could stay warm and shower. What a magnificent human being he must be. And adorable. Foregoing was an announcement in the public interest, completely objective and in no way self-serving. Just thought everyone should know.

Sidney to Hobart race, run continuously on Boxing Day for past seventy five years, was called off due covid. Cancellation, having nothing to do with sailboat racing, was because participants would be quarantined for several days in Tasmania and couldn't party. Aussies maintain their priorities.

Celebrated Christmas night at the terribly named Hullabaloo restaurant that had two specials for dinner: prime rib for the resident carnivore and scallop & prawn fettucine for me - two of the best meals we've had in awhile. So pleased were we with the food decided, against better judgment, to share an excellent banana bread pudding for dessert. Subsequently waddled home and listened to Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas album while drinking rum laced eggnog and reflecting on how good life can be perceived even in the midst of adversity. Hope everyone had as agreeable a Christmas as us and experiences a reality that matches the rising expectations of the coming several months.

Jack & Jan
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