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18 July 2019 | Jacare Yacht Village
Waybill with Notice

Thursday 18 July 2019

Once Chalmer Stauffer at Lund & Pullara (in case you want to use him for airfreighting something out of PBI) got around to it after 9 days, he submitted info that airfreight would cost $128 more than shrouds and take awhile to arrive. So, will be sent tomorrow by DHL for $230 less. May have to pay 100-120% duty, which is not Brazilian law for yacht-in-transit parts, but have decided that shipping forwarder is not particularly interested in our business, making us less interested in his and we will, if necessary, take the now smaller hit plus we'd like to get the things in the near future. If courier will send package to Joao Pessoa Presidente Castro Pinto International (that's a mouthful for such a wee thing) Airport before trying to clear customs, as notices on documents request, rather than at first landing in-country, as is normal, we can avoid duty. Expect to begin the assault on DHL to do it right once tracking and waybill in hand.

Plan to go biking today, at least a 44 Km ride, so Jan can get a special bread flour unavailable closer. The fresh bread thing is wonderful, local stuff from market is marginal and some of us can use the exercise, but crikey! this is an awful lot like work. May have to stop at new favorite-"acai truck by the beach"-in-all-the-world for extra energy to make it back home.

Wires on the way, hooray. Scheduled for Tuesday, day of doctor appointment. Probably rent car Monday for two weeks and once sorted take off for Olinda, Recife and the park. The end is near... ummmmm, OK, not that end, the other one.. the good one. Confidence they will fit knows no bounds.

Jack & Jan

Carried Away

17 July 2019 | Jacare Yacht Village
"Engine" boat

Monday 15 July 2019

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more" we queried shipment of replacement shroud and yet no word. "Day after day, day after day, we stuck, nor breath nor motion; As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean." Although "Home is the hunter, home from the hill", the sailors remain pinned to Jacare. Sorry, had a moment. Poetic waxing should now be waning.


If skull didn't vibrate, wouldn't be able to hear myself talk. With both ears now purely decorative, went to a specialty ear clinic for better drugs. Real doctor, who spoke no English, took a look, turned her thumb down and made that droning sound (assumed) when you stick your tongue between your lips and blow. This was suggestive. So was prescription for three different, relatively expensive medications and appointment for recheck in a week. With occasional pleasant exception of ignoring people without being rude, hearing is not over-rated.


We continue drifting along, eating to a rotundity, drinking to a tipsity and getting little done awaiting next week's appointment and update on rigging, now a week gone since last. Two of we four "maintenance" boats are cured and have left, engine problem went pear-shaped and one more query about wires was sent.

Continue to be surprised at how unilingual is Brazil. It's worse than America without our advantage that huge numbers of people worldwide speak the language. We may get away with it due being an international economic 226.796185 kilo gorilla, where Brazil seems to discourage that sort of activity. Just guessing that no tariff wars will be instigated with Brazil on the American people by our government, but then don't know which rent-seekers are in the warm-up circle (a little baseball lingo).

Sorry about that. Too much time on hands. Can't help wandering off into indignance (like tipsity, not real words), but better than indigence, which we avoid at all costs. Could do some work, but that would require abrogating responsibility to participate in one of three favored deadly sins. You know the one.

Jack & Jan

Honoring Success

14 July 2019 | Jacare Yacht Village
Water Pumps and Accumulator

Sunday 14 July 2019

Made it through last night's gauntlet of devil's brew unscathed, so a celebration is called for. Is it appropriate to do that with massive amounts of alcohol? May give it some thought tonight over a cocktail.

Although off to an inauspicious start, have ambitious plans today for working on one or more projects. If the enthusiasm carries over from strategy to actual performance, a celebration with massive amounts of alcohol could be called for... haven't we plumbed the shallows of this idea and come up with a concept? May have to go back and check, see what it is.

Meantime with discernment unfettered by anything more than normal idiocy will endeavor to persevere.

- Later

And indeed it happened. Removed for disposal deceased water pump (which was purchased not long ago in Richard's Bay), re-wired and re-installed old pump that still works, turfed another old pump that doesn't and re-plumbed (different meaning - don't you love English?) fresh water system to add an accumulator (which has been floating around bilge for some considerable time since purchase due apprehension that it might be beneficial) to smooth flow as backup pump is not designed for measured output and those that are don't do an especially impressive job. This stunning display of enterprise will have to be celebrated with massive.. amounts... hey, haven't we been over this territory already? Don't know, but it's happy hour so expect to attain clarity in short order.

Jack & Jan

Eager Egress

13 July 2019 | Jacare Yacht Village
Saturday 13 July 2019

Most of the soon departed plus the entire complement of Anthem rode train to Cabedelo for the big Saturday fresh market. Some of us, however, blew off veggies, bought phone data and patronized our new favorite-cafe-in-all-the-world for egg, ham and cheese sandwich with strong, sweet coffee. Returned through fisherman's village near marina to great little lunch cafe where we indulged in cerveja to cool down after our arduous activity - everyone agreed this was the reason.

No sign of movement on the shroud front. Decided to lay off continued harassment until Monday as it will only be a week since parts were ready and air freight guy contacted. Perhaps he's dealing with mental issues and forgot, preoccupied with preparing for the Christmas rush or got caught in a 36 car pileup on US1 while returning from a rave in South Beach. One should probably not hurry these things. It's over seventeen months until end of decade.

Meantime, using the marina barbie, we prepare for another potluck tonight as a send-off for above mentioned crews. We'll take chook, snags and salad (a little more Aussie lingo). Entirety of ship entered into pinky-swear pact to observe moderate ingestion of adult beverages. Whether it's observed in others or in ourselves was not specified so there is some wiggle room and basis for plausible deniability. TBD.

Jack & Jan

A Rigged Game

12 July 2019 | Jacare Yacht Village
Friday 12 July 2019

Lucky Friday the thirteenth came a day early in June and a day late this month. Think we have it bracketed now, but it may be September until achieving a direct hit. Meantime, with that in mind and the ides approaching, new rigging parts, ready for shipment since Monday, are languishing as air freight agent, whose job entails doing just this, tries to suss out how to get them here. Maybe he's new or perhaps Brazil is just awfully difficult. With a delay even out of Florida, once they're in-country we may be waiting until that next lucky day.

Perhaps you've noticed increasing attacks on free speech and an open internet. Apparently many people, particularly politicians, regulators and big company internet types who visualize a competitive advantage, don't want to allow all those shocking, disgraceful, scandalous, atrocious, appalling, monstrous, heinous, evil, wicked, abominable, terrible, horrendous, dreadful, foul, nauseating, sickening, vile, nasty, odious, loathsome, unspeakable, beastly people, who for the first time since approval of the first amendment to the US constitution pose an existential threat to the country, to say anything that anybody might find offensive, dangerous, naughty or subversive. We must applaud their altruistic desire to protect us. What a relief to have all our inputs filtered through a government censoring agent or, under threat, a private one to stop all those unapproved comments before we have to think, which as some of you know is a very bewildering and alarming activity. Please support this effort and do not worry. Your thoughts and expressions are righteous and will always be protected.

Three other boat crews now have their engine, gearbox and rudder sorted and will be leaving early next week for the Caribbean. We're delighted for them, all of whom have been here longer than us. We will not be leaving then as we do not have, after working at it for three weeks, any idea when the rigging issue will be resolved. We're constrained from planned travel in order to be here for rescue on the modest chance parts show up. Enthusiasm for being in Brazil is in an accelerating state of ebb.

Jack & Jan

Creeping Along

09 July 2019 | Jacare Yacht Village
Monday 8 July 2019

Another day, another 3.82030 reais at current exchange rate. Hoping today for good news on wires and to top up mobile data from Portuguese instructions. Confidence climbs into the ionosphere. Speaking of soaring, did you know that as Icarus flew higher the temperature would have gotten colder and not melted the wax on his wings? Obviously an attempt by nefarious agents at media manipulation. Fake news!


Today we invoke Uber to patronize Carrefore, the giant supermarket in Joao Pessoa and explore Manaira Shopping. As Jan hates malls, not sure why that is happening, but it's a pretty decent excuse to procrastinate onboard projects. Some out there in what-the-heck-am-I-doing-reading-this-crap-when-I-could-be-doing-something-productive land may have noticed the incessant reference to boat work. There are two reasons for this: 1) under best of circumstances something is often broken and 2) since maintenance section are a bunch of ne'er-do-well, derelict, malingerers, it often remains so. Although annoyance and guilt are sufficient to plan and publish ameliorative intent, incentive seldom reaches the level of actual effort. Since 'work' is such a negative term, perhaps better results would be achieved by renaming it boat 'whoopee' as culpable crew are a bit dim and easily duped.

- Later

Remarkably, Max & Tanya returned from Recife with new rudder without paying duty (it was shipped there as too big for aircraft that fly into Joao Pessoa), where required first hand inspection of a yacht receiving imported parts could not be accomplished. Several nice people, one of whom could speak English, helped them navigate the Byzantine bureaucracy and essentially ignore a requirement that isn't exercised even when possible. Hope for our parts arriving locally, which were assembled and packaged Monday awaiting freight forwarder, is given a boost.

Now on to entertainment section of blog. Having dinner aboard unusually often has occasioned watching more recorded movies. Last three were, "Maid in Manhattan", "Monster-in-Law" and "Notes on a Scandal". For your edification however unwelcome, the first two, with Jennifer Lopez, were better than expected and quite entertaining (Jane Fonda was really very good as the M-in-L) but the last, despite featuring a normally wonderful Dame Judi Dench, was just creepy. Don't go there.

Jack & Jan

Getting Better

07 July 2019 | Jacare Yacht Village

Sunday 7 July 2019

Received notification that shrouds would be done Monday and shipped soon using airfreight company in nearby West Palm Beach. Boat is certain to be sorted by end of week! We've bought into the tooth fairy thing too, but don't smirk, occasionally one finds a quarter under the pillow.

Two days without rain and forecast continues through Tuesday. Could happen, but think that strains the bounds of credibility. May not matter since we're going bike riding on the street. Might not make it past this afternoon.

- Later

They're baaaaack! Brazilians play two man beach volleyball without using hands, like soccer. Very interesting and they're quite good, but please count me out of any sport that requires using one's head to strike solid objects. A possible exception is skiing that Dave Barry said "combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face". We prefer to avoid, almost exclusively, that aspect.

Acai is huge here. It's sort of a brownish purple slushy substance that's OK, but is mainly useful, besides the thrill of a brain freeze, as a filler for all the yummy other stuff they put in the bowl, almost to overflowing. It's worth the death defying ride to our favorite kiosk by the beach where we can sit in hammocks under shading palm trees, listen to the waves, watch boarders take 5 second rides in minimal surf and get sand in all our bodily orifices. It doesn't get any better.. OK, it does, but this is pretty good.

Primary downside of biking here (we consider the adrenalin rush from close encounters with large, semi-controlled vehicles a plus) is the heat generated prior to climbing back in a boat that has been closed up and is much hotter than outside air. Since we usually return as vicious, biting insects are becoming active and opening hatches is contraindicated, it takes awhile to cool down. Fortunately this is also the start of happy hour, so discomfort is only noticed for a short time. It does get better.

Jack & Jan


06 July 2019 | Jacare Yacht Village
Waiting For The Train

Friday 5 July 2019

As you few, poor, benighted souls who have actually read this twaddle recently may suspect, there is sometimes little to do here close to the marina, particularly with all the rain, so more time than usual has been spent thinking intemperate thoughts, which are then committed (they'll have to catch me first) to live into eternity on the world wide web. Hey, it keeps some of us off the streets and out of significant trouble, so no matter how dreadfully it befouls your mind, it's not a bad thing.

Early get-up for train to public market in Cabedelo, which cost about 17 cents up from 12 in 2007 as reported on Noonsite. Due age could have ridden for free, but figured better to endure resulting hit on standard of living than try translating birthday into Portuguese. The odd niggardly individual might even, by asking, suffer some level of ignominy. No Cal, that is not a bad word.

Better fruit and veggie market on Saturday, but found everything we wanted. While subsequently looking for a cafe ran into a lovely English woman who had sailed in on a yacht several years previously. She walked two blocks from her language school to show us a bakery and coffee shop then helped us order as Google maps was completely out to lunch - probably at that place it didn't allow us find.

After several days trying to rid ear of infection with alcohol/vinegar solution and 10 year out-of-date drops, found public hospital near the fruit. A nurse, who spoke no English, took my word for condition as, after fiddling for awhile, couldn't induce her otoscope to work. She ordered a shot in the butt and a prescription, no charge. Cortisone/antibiotic drops were less than 5 USD at nearby farmacia. Problem is in better ear, so it's been much quieter last several days - not necessarily a bad thing.


Potluck last night using marina barbie. Seven of us from four boats in temporary residence for maintenance issues (rigging, rudder, engine, gearbox), plus a few locals. Great time as usual at one of these things where some of us killed off many weaker members of his brain cell herd making it, of course, far more viable. Today may be expected to provide, if possible, greater than average indolence. Previous notion to take train into Joao Pessoa for local fiesta at Praça Barão do Rio Branco (Baron of Rio Branco Square) is unlikely to achieve fruition.

Jack & Jan

Independence Day

04 July 2019 | Jacare Yacht Village
Old Glory

The Fourth of July, 2019

Happy birthday America. Thanks Mr. Jefferson for getting us started on the right foot with a declaration for the ages. If you haven't seen it in awhile, might be instructive to read at least the bit encompassing, "We hold these truths.." to "..consent of the governed,..". Send it to your legislator if he can read, has at least the attention span of a gerbil and is not committed to the notion that strangers can regulate your life better than you can.

Too sobering? Then let's talk about caipirinha. It's the Brazilian national cocktail made with sugar, lime and cachaca. Although the liquor is distilled from sugarcane juice, it's not rum, which is made from refinery byproducts such as molasses. The drink tastes much like a mojito without mint. The word is derived from caipira who are considered unsophisticated rural persons, local version of Appalachian, moonshine making hillbillies. Jan likes them both - the drinks. Virtually the entire rest of crew are not particularly fond of either, but when in Rome... Caribbean... America... Brazil..., you know. Some of us will even drink ouzo, grappa and retsina, but draw the line at Jagermeister, MD 20/20 (AKA Mad Dog 20/20) and the next step up, Sterno.

So with that in mind, grab a bucket-sized tumbler of your favorite blindness- inducing inebriant and a handful of dynamite-sized fireworks and go celebrate your freedom - whatever you think you're free from.

Jack & Jan

Oscillation Vacillation

04 July 2019 | Jacare Yacht Village
Wednesday 3 July 2019

One more soggy day in paradise. Our erstwhile rigger is welding a couple of stainless items and will examine close-up photos of rig whenever maintenance crew climbs mast (postponed for rain) to additionally enshrine spreader condition in pixels and finds thumb drives that were consolidated into a baggy, then lost. This last is typical behavior and a major reason why attempts by a preternaturally disorganized individual to systematize boat gear is often counterproductive, at least in the short term until memory cells come back online from normal inertia, and is usually procrastinated. A propensity for laziness is also involved. LOB (lost onboard) items are sometimes eventually found and if not, repurchased or done without. "Don't worry, be happy".

Spraying sleeping cabin yesterday afternoon with toxic chemicals served to decrease prevalence of bitey mites overnight although at some risk one presumes of causing irreparable damage to inhabitant's health. At least we'll sign out reasonably well rested. Even better would be using air conditioning to allow boat to remain closed up, not to mention cooler and drier, but voltage of 95 combined with 50 Hz induces a reluctance in reverse cycle units to actually work. Neither blandishments nor threats have had a salutary effect.

Sun finally broke through clouds around 1600 leaving too little time before the sacrosanct happy hour for performing high-wire activities on the mast as previously envisioned. One must keep his priorities in order.


Rained early, but then cleared so planned to check spreaders this morning. Shook the mast again and crikey!, it didn't look so bad. Made video and sent to Hylas. Also figured that local guy, since he's not going up the mast to look firsthand, is of less use than a real expert to look at photos, so sent them as well. Above proclivities and insights have enabled another day of procrastination. Love it when a plan gets better.

Jack & Jan
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