Anthem Adrift

15 June 2018 | Tipperary Waters Marina, Darwin
13 June 2018 | Tipperary Waters Marina, Darwin
10 June 2018 | Tipperary Waters Marina, Darwin
03 June 2018 | Singapore
02 June 2018 | Phnom Penh, Cambodia
01 June 2018 | Phnom Penh, Cambodia
30 May 2018 | Siem Reap, Cambodia
29 May 2018 | Hanoi, Vietnam
29 May 2018 | Hanoi, Vietnam
27 May 2018 | Hanoi, Vietnam
26 May 2018 | Hue, Vietnam
24 May 2018 | Hoi An, vietnam
24 May 2018 | Hoi An, Vietnam
23 May 2018 | Hoi An, Vietnam
22 May 2018 | Hoi An, Vietnam
20 May 2018 | Saigon, Vietnam
16 May 2018 | Changi Airport, Singapore
16 May 2018 | Tipperary Waters Marina, Darwin
05 May 2018 | Fannie Bay, Darwin
10 April 2018 | Tipperary Waters Marina, Darwin

Which Winch Wench

27 June 2017 | Tipperary Waters Marina
Tuesday 27 June 2017

Finally broke down and called Monday afternoon around 3PM to check on winch stems that had been cleared by customs on the 14th to see if UPS was still in the package delivery business. They passed along phone number of the courier service whither they had been given. Toll Priority woman seemed more concerned about how their number got divulged than my package, which they had, but she wouldn't reveal location for pickup. Right. Literally while on hold awaiting her search, received email notification that delivery had been attempted six days earlier. Driver recorded that no card was left, yet no email and no call. Right. Reconnected, she indicated they would send an SMS sometime before closing, 8PM, with instructions. Right. Straightaway found the place with Google Maps and retrieved parts.

Unable today to procrastinate further, cleaned, greased and remounted winches. Much to the amazement of all concerned they tested properly just before discovery of plastic insulating washers that would require de-wiring and dismounting motors for installation. Joy was barely contained recalling that one barely accessible screw required 1 1/2 hours to tighten when putting the things up. Regrettably it was happy hour, so work was perforce terminated. Any vexation that might have prevailed was alleviated with adult beverage rather than more annoyingly expositive adult vocabulary.


Found misplaced tool that facilitated somewhat less arduous overhead removal and re-installation of 50 kilo motors (slight hyperbole) following which operation was again, amazingly, as desired. Reflecting that problem cropped up on 25 March of last year, have determined that this will never, ever, ever have to be repeated - ever.

Vessel Name: Anthem
Vessel Make/Model: 1997 Hylas 46
Hailing Port: Weeki Wachee, FL
Crew: Jack Warren, Janice Holmes
Jack: Formerly productive member of the community as a Northwest Airlines Captain who retired to become a drain on, and embarrassment to, polite society. [...]
While I will be delighted if anyone else enjoys these excursions into semi-intelligible foolishness, the primary purpose is personal amusement. This is not travelogue, cruising guide or philosophical exploration of anything in particular, merely random musing of a slightly twisted mind. Despite [...]
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Who: Jack Warren, Janice Holmes
Port: Weeki Wachee, FL
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