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Weak Week

16 July 2017 | Tipperary Waters Marina
Saturday 15 July 2017

Third time not the charm as Jan had a week that was poopy (highly technical medical term). Fourth and last treatment 25 July then done with worst bit. New schedule for second half uses kinder, gentler, but less entertaining poison called Paclitaxel (they've apparently used up all the good names) administered every week for 12 instead of every third week 4 times. It's a good news, bad news kind of deal where side effects are reduced, but we won't have much time to go anywhere while enjoying feeling better. That's OK. We're learning to love Darwin. You believe me don't you?


This biking thing has almost become a fetish. Not only have a ride nearly every day (Jan goes when she's not feeling punk), but have now begun buying bike crap. Jan, a biking aficionado, initially shamed me into getting gloves and padded shorts - you know, those Spandex jobbers that make bikers look a bit fay. Have bike computer to tell how fast and how far, wrist computer to show heart rate, record calories burned and transfer GPS track to an iPhone, vacuum water bottle, air pump (with built-in pressure gauge), repair kit and trick lock that folds into a ball and mounts on the steering post. Now I've ordered two jerseys (besides looking way cooler than T-shirts they have sweat proof pockets), a second pair of shorts to swap out for laundry (one pair gets disgustingly fetid after a week or so), helmet mirror, rack bag and two spare tires. If you have it, you can flaunt it.

- Evening

Saw Sophia, chemo doctor, on Thursday who scolded Jan for not having gone to emergency room with a temp of 38 C (37 is normal and Doc gets twitchy about infections in her compromised immune system), so 38.5 sent us there tonight. Nurses hooked her up to cool electronics, extracted bodily fluids, did a bunch of nurse stuff then pumped her full of antibiotics. Royal Darwin Emergency Center is lovely and she gets to stay over. More fun than Attenborough's, "Meerkats: Secrets Of An Animal Superstar" at 8PM, but we'll try to catch Dave assaulting their privacy in rerun.

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