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180 NM out of Guadalupe

09 January 2015
Our current position as of 0800 our time, and 0500 Austin time (Friday) is: 16.25N 58.21W We are 180 NM out of Guadalupe and should be in visual site of the Island by this time tomorrow. So excited to see land after so many days and nights at sea. We are basking in sun on Aolele with calm seas (relatively) and light winds. All is well on board. Tomorrow will have us at Bas du Fort Marina in Point de Pitre ,Guadalupe.

16.58 N and 53.47 W

07 January 2015
Our location is: 16.58 N and 53.47 W Getting close now! Feels good to not have several thousand miles of ocean to cross any more. It was a little strange when we were 1000 miles from land in any direction and we were all alone on the ocean. 430 miles seems like right next door.

550 miles to go

06 January 2015
I just heard through my weather router that a major cold front is coming into the states with freezing weather all the way to Florida. Its warm and humid on Aolele but not uncomfortable. Full moon last night was wonderful allowing us to see the full horizon at night. We are having rain squalls coming and going bringing some high winds. No problem however as we just shorten canvas and wait it out.
We are seeing some patches of sargaso weed now as we approach the distant islands. 550 miles out now and expect to arrive Saturday morning. Weather is stable through our land fall so we shouldnt have any drama in wrapping up the passage. Cant wait for a stable nights sleep! Sleeping in a small yacht on an ocean passage is like trying to sleep inside a washing machine thats spinning while someone is beating on the outside of it with a rubber mallet. Especially in 15 foot swells.


05 January 2015
All is well on Aolele. We are currently at: 17.11N 49.01W
700 miles from destination. Have a beautiful Monday!


03 January 2015
Our position now is: 17.25N 44W We think that we arrive next Saturday morning in Guadalupe. 950 nautical miles in front of us.

8 days from arrival at Guadelupe Island

02 January 2015
All continues to be good on Aolele. We are at 17.29 N 41.27 W as of 0430 Central time this morning. We are 8 days from arrival at Guadelupe Island if all continues as is. We have sailed 1900 miles since leaving the Canaries and have 1130 to go.
Vessel Name: AOLELE
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 560 S2
Hailing Port: St John, USVI
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