April Alice

In preparation for 6-8 month Pacific Voyage

08 May 2011 | French Creek
02 May 2010 | Lantzville

5 Weeks and counting

08 May 2011 | French Creek
Final preparations are almost made with self steering sheet replacements etc. Just starting to provision now.

Initial plans are to Start from French Creek and sail to the Mel Zajac International Swim Meet in Vancouver and then to take April Alice (AA) to Victoria and leave her there for 2 weeks until VIR Champs. From there I'll sail up the Strait of Juan De Fuca to Bamfield to sort out any last details then leave from there to Hawaii. I hope this will be a 4-5 week sail but we'll see.

Now Less Than 1 Year

02 May 2010 | Lantzville
John C.
With only one year to go, I am now focusing on final preparations for April Alice and myself. I still have to get the Special Legs for the MOnitor Self-Steering and have that put on. I am looking for an SSB Radio.

The voyage will take me down the west coast of NA then out to the Marquesas. From that point I'll make a decision as to whether I continue or come back through Hawaii and Vancouver Island.
Vessel Name: April Alice
Vessel Make/Model: Vancouver 27
Hailing Port: Nanaimo
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6 Months Now!!

Port: Nanaimo