Archer Adventures

Onboard "Jet-Lagged"

Ode to the barracuda

I have a barracuda under my boat
I want to swim, I want to float
But that fish’s eyes are full of meanness
I fear he might bite off my penis

It’s true that appendage has been of questionable use
But I would...

Caribbean Cruising

I had my best meal of the Caribbean two nights ago. Shannon and I went to a lovely French restaurant in “the Saints”, a group of small islands south of Guadeloupe. The speciality is the “surprise” menu which is whatever seafood the chef decides he...

Across the pond

Jet-Lagged has now covered over 10,000 nautical miles since her launch in 2022. 5,000 of these were covered between September and December 2023, when we left the coast of Turkey to journey all the way to the Caribbean.

What is it like to...

The Crossing

"The Crossing"
By Lorraine Meredith:

Tis a week before 'RACE DAY'
The crew have arrived!
It's off to festivities, sailing in mind!
The yellow shirts abundant as the festivities begin,

All Roads Lead to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

(Sorry for the late post - Paul's fault!)

Well it has been a long time coming but we have finally arrived in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain. Months of planning, excitement, packing for the unknown, have culminated in us setting eyes on...

There be monsters!

We crossed back across the Med! A lot faster this time as we have a schedule to meet! We sailed from Turkey to Gibraltar in 21 days. 7 of those days were spent hiding from bad weather so we had 14 sailing days.

What a relief to see Gibraltar!...