Archer Adventures

Onboard "Jet-Lagged"

Shannon disappoints everyone

Well, she has done it.

She took the paddle board yesterday and paddled all round the bay, standing up the whole time, then turned around successfully and came back to Jet-Lagged, just as dry as when she started.

And that is disappointing. I was ready to post another hilarious video of Shannon falling in! But no. Little miss fancy-pants has conquered the SUP. Looks like I will have start videoing her driving the tender. Now that is funny! Let us just say that we are lucky the tender is surrounded by big inflatable tubes.

The first day of August 2023 finds Jet-Lagged anchored in Orhaniye Koyu in Turkey, on a bright sunny day with an expected maximum of 32 degrees. Which is a bit warm but is a great relief from the heatwave temperatures that have plagued the Mediterranean in July. Turkey was spared the worst of the July temperatures but we were still getting close to 40 degrees on a number of days and the nights stayed uncomfortably warm, up around 28 degrees. Thank goodness my lovely wife insisted that Jet-Lagged be fully air-conditioned, over the objections of her foolish husband who thought that was an extravagance.

We have just this morning farewelled Trevor and Chris from Mindarie, who stayed with us for a lovely two week visit. We started in Bodrum and visited some beautiful bays with lovely clear waters. We stopped at the ancient city of Knidos which has magnificent ruins to explore. We took Trevor and Chris to the Bozburun Yacht Club, fast becoming one of our favourite stops, on what turned out to be celebrity night. Famous Turkish TV celebrities had been invited to the launch party of a new liquor company so the BYC had fancy decorations, a band, and lots of excitement. Now I don’t watch a lot of Turkish TV so the celebrities meant nothing to me but they all seemed to enjoy themselves. A bit like watching “I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here” which, on the few times I have accidentally flicked onto that show, left me thinking “celebrity?? really?? never heard of you.” I also confess to a few unkind thoughts about that show like “I really hope a spider eats your head”, but fortunately I had no such thoughts towards the Turks.

We will miss Chris’s charcuterie board lunches and I especially will miss the poached egg Trevor made me for breakfast every day (luxury!). We will also miss the fun competition of the card and dice games that they taught us. On the subject of competition, and for those that know what this means, I want to make it clear that I won 6 games of Momma’s Game yesterday! A new record. And notwithstanding the howls of opposition from the ladies, I thought Trevor’s play was perfect!

We were very pleased to meet up again this last week with our friends John and Karon on Sea Dreamer and Trevor and Amanda on Soultrain. They have just entered Turkey from Greece and we hope to spend more time with them whilst we are here.

Now we have the month of August to get the boat ready for the Atlantic crossing later this year. Turkey has some good marine equipment suppliers so we should be able to get all the things we need to meet the entry requirements of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC).

In September we set sail towards The Canary Islands which is where the ARC starts. That is a pretty good sail from here so it will be a good warm up for the Atlantic.

In the meantime, there are a few beers chilling in the freezer right now, and they are calling to me…