Archer Adventures

Onboard "Jet-Lagged"

The Crossing

"The Crossing"
By Lorraine Meredith:

Tis a week before 'RACE DAY'
The crew have arrived!
It's off to festivities, sailing in mind!
The yellow shirts abundant as the festivities begin,
Music and Dancing to welcome them in.

The big RACE is looming, it's the talk of the town
What's that Paul? you're not in a Race!

Just doing a crossing! cough! cough!"
Oh some may just frown...

Festivities all over, Yellow shirts to crosscheck
The priority is safety... Stamp! Stamp! and a Tick
Relief of the skipper, now quite apparent,
"No money you'll get" he beams to the chandler

With a Stamp of approval, Jet-lagged raring to go!
154 is her number, starboard side just for show,
A new flag is flying "ARC Rally 2023" no less!
"Bloody Amazing" shouts Paul! "We're looking the Best !!"

The girls have gone shopping
Supplies are in need
The boys have no doubt
(Shopping! Shopping! Shopping!)
The ladies will succeed.

The galley over flowing, freezer full to the brim,
It's time for the harnesses!
"Come along chaps! They'll make us look trim".

Moving along

As the tension is building
The boats all afloat
People back home
Check the blog for a note

Captain Paul at the helm
(First mate) Shannon at his side
"Oh Pauly, Pauly" her heart filled with pride.

With no further ado

"Take your Marks" & "Get Set"

Yes he is talking to you!!!!!! (Paul)
Oh hold on! Sorry Paul it isn't a Race
(But wanting Place )😉

GET SET and off you all go...
For a Crossing of a life time
In December Ho! Ho! Ho!

If Captain Peg Leg was alive and with us today
He'd say!
"Swab the Deck" AND "let's make Hay"
But we've got.... Oh Cap-E-Tain ARCHER !!!!
Oh good god ! & bloody Heck
We polished the stainless
As he breathed down our neck

He's a Meercat watching over his brood
Then all of a sudden he's in a right mood
"Hoist up the spinnaka" he bleats from the helm
There coming along side, they nearing my Realm

No! No! No!

That's not how it WENT
Let's start that all over
Shannon's sweet Pauly's a GENT


Captain Paul 'Meercat'
Watches over his crew
Their friends from Mindarie
The lucky chosen few!!

There's Frankie & Murray
Wayne, O There too
And the fabulous Shannon
whos also Paul's Boo!

"I'll show you all, how things round here work
So you all get it right"
"Racings not(!) what we're doing"
"There'll be No sleeping at night"

"Arrrggh me Hearties"!

He's been out here to long,
He has started to twitch
The salts in his veins and
& says his names Mitch !!!

(Mitch! like w.t.f )

Rest is required, with that we agree!
but who will be Captain

(Wanyne,o )

"pick me !!"

Shannon steps forward,

"The helm I will Take"
"while my sweet little Pauly takes a small break".

The team work together to get the job done
(While Mitch) I mean Paul stays out of the sun.

So back to 'The Crossing' which isn't a Race !
The adventures unfolding upon 'Jet-lagged' in all of her Grace
They push through the water like a skater on ice

Murray's arms around Frankie
"love, this is real nice"

Smiles all round, Oh! What a great day!
And Wayne'O is fishing
So dinner's on its way!!

Where do I go from here?
Because Oh ! and Alas!
I wasn't on the journey
"The Crossing"

But boy! It would have been such a blast!

The truth of the matter I simply wasn't there !
So I can only imagine the adventures they'll share !

I'm Sure
The Waves Will Be Much Bigger,
'Now There In Thought'
The Fish Somewhat Larger Than The Fish That Were Caught !

Either or Ither, "The Crossing" would've
Been Great!!!
Maybe we should hear
From The First Mate!!