Arctic Tern

10 September 2014 | Mars Hill, NC
30 July 2014 | Lantana to Sarasota, FL
28 June 2014 | Mars Hill, NC
09 June 2014 | Lenox,Massachusetts
24 May 2014 | Mars Hill,NC
22 May 2014 | Bradenton, Florida
04 May 2014 | Bradenton, Florida
27 April 2014 | Grand Bahama Bank in 12 feet
25 April 2014 | Nassau, Bahamas
24 April 2014 | Warderick Wells
16 April 2014 | Conception Island
03 April 2014 | Luperon
29 March 2014 | Samana, Dominica Republic
28 March 2014 | Los Haitises national Park
27 March 2014 | Haitises National Park
26 March 2014 | Los Haitises National Park, DR
25 March 2014 | Samana, Dominican Republic
24 March 2014 | Samana, Dominica Republic
06 March 2014 | Bahia Almodovar

Caves and swimming pools

25 March 2014 | Samana, Dominican Republic
The first day of our stay in the area we visited the more touristy cave site and just explored the coast of the bay. Mid morning we motored our dinghies up a mangrove creek and followed it to a cul de sac in the mangroves that had been turned into a small dock for boats to carry tourists from a nearby lodge to the caves and local attractions. The drama of this jungle exploration was enhanced by a group of white-necked crows calling as we approached the dock. I had no idea what bird was making the jungle bird commotion. We tied our dinghies and I consulted with a man tending to some of the boats. We had been told that there was an eco lodge somewhere up the creek, but had no idea what to expect. He told us there were a hotel, restaurant and swimming pools about a kilometer down the road. An image of a cold Presidente (local beer) lodged itself in my mind as we walked down a sunny road boarded by rice and other cultivated fields. We were delighted to see a beautiful lodge with seven fresh water pools. CaƱo Hondo (deep creek) lodge welcomed us into the dining room where Hunter and I had fish soup for lunch, and did I mention the desire for a cold beer? It was perfect. The day was full of surprises. A helicopter landed and a few well-dressed Dominicans walked to the restaurant as they distractedly check their phones and returned texts. We swam in the pools and lounged for several hours before heading back down the road. It was not lost on us that the lodge had wifi.
Vessel Name: Arctic Tern
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 45
Hailing Port: Valdez, Alaska
Crew: Hunter & Devi Sharp
About: Devi's evil twin- skippy
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A mountain village in the Andes
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Migration of the Arctic Tern

Who: Hunter & Devi Sharp
Port: Valdez, Alaska