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My bathroom Smells like Onions

03 April 2014 | Luperon
Yesterday we went to a mega supermercado in Puerto Plato to provision for a few weeks in the Bahamas. We hired a driver and a van for the six of us and we managed to return packed in our food. Fresh food is expensive and hard to find in the remote islands in the Bahamas and in some places there is only fresh food on the days the mail boat arrives.

From years of experience I know that will keep and how to store the fresh fruits and vegetables. The longevity of many foods (tomatoes and cucumbers, for example) is greater when they have not been refrigerated. Lettuce, cucumbers, soft squash, peppers have a relatively short life in the fridge and I will have too keep a sharp eye on these vegetables. I bought some unripe bananas and separated them and wrapped each banana in newspaper and put them in a little hammock suspended in the cabin. I bought a bag of the wonderful red onions grown in the Dominican Republic. The onions are a cross between a shallot and a yellow onion.
I sorted through the onions and cooked them up with kale and froze that for future use in soups. They are in a bin in our bathroom. The cabbage and squash (Caribbean pumpkin) are wrapped newspaper. I made a batch of pickles with the some of the cucumbers. I have a bag of about 10 pounds of green mangoes waiting to be turned into mango chutney. The mangoes are hanging in the shower over the laundry basket. I will have to keep a really close eye on that situation. I have a green papaya in the tub in the guest berth not far from the pumpkin. We do have dried and canned beans, some meat in the freezer and kippered herring (the quick answer to lunch). We are not going to starve.

We are sorry to leave Luperon. I am enjoying speaking Spanish and soaking up the local culture. We have a good weather window to the Bahamas and the next one might be a week or two away.
Vessel Name: Arctic Tern
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 45
Hailing Port: Valdez, Alaska
Crew: Hunter & Devi Sharp
About: Devi's evil twin- skippy
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Who: Hunter & Devi Sharp
Port: Valdez, Alaska