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10 September 2014 | Mars Hill, NC
30 July 2014 | Lantana to Sarasota, FL
28 June 2014 | Mars Hill, NC
09 June 2014 | Lenox,Massachusetts
24 May 2014 | Mars Hill,NC
22 May 2014 | Bradenton, Florida
04 May 2014 | Bradenton, Florida
27 April 2014 | Grand Bahama Bank in 12 feet
25 April 2014 | Nassau, Bahamas
24 April 2014 | Warderick Wells
16 April 2014 | Conception Island
03 April 2014 | Luperon
29 March 2014 | Samana, Dominica Republic
28 March 2014 | Los Haitises national Park
27 March 2014 | Haitises National Park
26 March 2014 | Los Haitises National Park, DR
25 March 2014 | Samana, Dominican Republic
24 March 2014 | Samana, Dominica Republic
06 March 2014 | Bahia Almodovar

Anchored in the middle of no where

27 April 2014 | Grand Bahama Bank in 12 feet
We spent last night anchored in 12 feet of water on Great Bahama Banks with no land in sight.

The day was flat calm and I waxed portions of the cockpit, polished stainless steel, read, made lunch, snacks and popcorn. I felt like a stewardess walking the aisles with snacks and picking up trash. I napped and so did Hunter.

It was a long day with several notable events to break up the day. While we were in the Tongue of the Ocean (a cul de sac of the ocean that is surrounded by shallow banks), a pod of pilot whales swam beside us. They are not huge, but clearly not dolphins. They do not breach and show their tails like humpbacks, but do show their distinctive dorsal fins. A warbler joined us for a while, but I guess his GPS alarm went off when it became apparent we were not going north and east was not on his route.

It was odd to just drop our main sail and walk forward and drop our anchor. We were a few miles from the traditional routes of travel and had the boat well lit. The anchor was well set. It was a very pleasant change from Nassau.
Vessel Name: Arctic Tern
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 45
Hailing Port: Valdez, Alaska
Crew: Hunter & Devi Sharp
About: Devi's evil twin- skippy
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Migration of the Arctic Tern

Who: Hunter & Devi Sharp
Port: Valdez, Alaska