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Cap Chat (Uphill)

17 July 2017
Today started at the usual 400am. Once we got the anchors up and coffee made we were on our way. We had 42 miles to do with only 3 hours of favourable tide. The wind was light on the stern. We flew the jib only and it appeared to give us an extra knot motor sailing. We run at 1900 RPM as the boat seems to like that and the thermostat keeps the engine at 180F all day. We were maintaining about 5.5 knots all morning and kept expecting to lose speed when the tide changed against us. A very weird thing happened. The SOG increased to over boat speed and we were moving along in the low 6 knot range. Neither of us could explain it however we rolled into Cap Chat at lunch time still over 6 SOG against the tide. Wind continued to be very light. Who knows what happened, we prey it will happen again tomorrow where we have between 40-70 miles to do depending on the port we select. Saw more whales, right beside the boat and as usual seals keep popping up in the weirdest places. It was a truly sunny day and not as cold as the day before so chilly weather gear was taken off at docking and the shorts and tee shirt look prevailed. We lounged around for the afternoon, went for a walk around the village and generally tried to catch up on sleep. Dinner of home made spaghetti on the boat tonight. Another 400am start tomorrow.
Vessel Name: Ardbeg
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 375
Hailing Port: Kingston, Ontario
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