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04 June 2008 | Herrington Harbor North
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30 May 2008 | Quantico Marine Corp Base Marina
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20 May 2008 | Gangplank Marina Washington D.C.
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Day 4 Solomonís Island to Herrington Harbor North

04 June 2008 | Herrington Harbor North
After waking up totally refreshed and ready to go, but being in no particular hurry to leave since the trip was only 6 to 7 hours and we had been making awesome time. I took a lovely walk around the marina in the early twilight and took in the sites. Jeff was up when I got back to the boat so we started slowly preparing to shove off. After a while John woke up and we left the marina. Set sail at 6:10am and hit 8 to 9 knots leaving the marina and river.

Turing North we hit some serious swells of three to four feet and s strong tidal current and winds up to 22 knots. Slowing our progress as low as 2.5 knots (almost walking speed). Chris and Jeff turned green and the boat was banging around. All the boats out were having issues. We had sea water blasting over the cockpit and Paul said trying to use the head was like trying to take a wizz on a roller coaster!

I was terribly worried since at two knots it would take us about 16 hours to reach port. Not having filled the gas cans (teach me to slack) I only had one five gallon can full. With a full tank (15 gallons) and only one gas can (5 gallons) I only had 12 hours of fuel! So this gave me some concern but John said it should not be an issue and he thought things would calm down by noon. Well at the time it sure did not look like it. I took stock of the situation and we were currently averaging 3.5 knots giving us just over ten hours of travel time. We also had 1.3 gallons left in one five gallon can, a full 1 gallon can for the generator, and half a six gallon reserve tank and about half of a six gallon tank for the dingy. And if worse came to worse we had the bad gas in the starboard tank that we could have figured out what was wrong with it. So all together I had enough gas if we had to scrape it together.

After a morning of pounding and some of the crew becoming a little green, the seas did calm and we made almost seven knots the last couple hours arriving in port at Herrington Harbor North at 2:00pm. I am happy we made it with no major issues.
Vessel Name: Reflection
Vessel Make/Model: Performance Cruising Gemini 3400
Hailing Port: Phoenix Az
Crew: Dave, Mary, Jono, JB, Wog, Ferf
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