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09 July 2011 | Scotland
15 May 2011 | Mazatlan

Summer Rest

09 July 2011 | Scotland
While at home Aros Mear is being well looked after in Mazatlan and today heard that 3" of rain fell in 2 hours. What is strange about that as the same happened two days ago here! Well it is strange there as that is the first rain of the season and it found a few leaks in portholes and deck lights. In the meantime some upgrading is happening with extra support brackets for the dinghy in the davits and when on deck supports have been added there. The problem of stowing the fenders has also be addressed so that they can be carried in brackets attached to the guard rails aft.
I was not happy about there being only one anchor at the stem head and now this has been altered to take both spade and CQR. Below the locker has been divided to accommodate the cable for both.
Upgrading of the electronics is under way but that will not happen over night as there remains the issue of getting the parts into Mexico. In the meantime we cut the grass and Gitte spends her time on the golf course.


15 May 2011 | Mazatlan
After two months of hard work attending to a few small problems and battling with the slow systems of delivery in Mexico we finally sailed away into The Sea, as it is called in these parts. It is a two day sail atleast to the Baja even fair winds. We had our share of all conditions ending in the seeking of refuge in the Bay of the Dead, Ensenada de Los Muertos. This is an exposed anchorage but safe in NW winds. A great place and unexpected when looking at the chart.
We found our Norseman a great sailer and a real pleasure to handle. Performance close hauled is phenomenal being close to 30 degrees to the wind. More later
Vessel Name: Aros Mear
Vessel Make/Model: Norseman 447
Hailing Port: Dundee
Crew: David and Gitte Bushby
About: Senior sailors, one more senior than the other looking for fun and adventure before having to settle to golf and gardening!
Extra: Aros Mear alias Aquarius is lying in Mexico and has been boarded by the crew and has even sailed across the Sea of Cortes to the Baja and back to Mazatlan. Great ship with a stunning performance.
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Who: David and Gitte Bushby
Port: Dundee