arrow heads south

16 October 2016 | Whitehall Bay, Annapolis, MD
11 October 2016 | Jackson Creek, Piankatank River, VA
09 October 2016 | Portsmouth, VA
05 October 2016 | Portsmouth, VA
02 October 2016 | Portsmouth, VA
29 September 2016 | Manteo, Roanoke Island, NC
28 September 2016 | Roanoke Island, NC
27 September 2016 | Little Alligator River, NC
23 September 2016 | Portsmouth, VA
22 September 2016 | Old Point Comfort, VA
21 September 2016 | Deltaville, VA
19 September 2016 | Deltaville, VA
18 September 2016 | Dymer Creek, VA
17 September 2016 | Reedville, VA
16 September 2016 | Solomons Island, MD
10 September 2016 | Baltimore, MD USA
13 May 2012 | Home port, Middle River, MD
08 May 2012 | Dymer Creek, VA
05 May 2012 | South Mills, NC
29 April 2012 | Carolina Beach, NC

Beaufort redux

30 October 2011 | Beaufort, NC
Frost warnings here in NC, but it is better than the snow storm to the north. We decided to stay another day here at the Beaufort Docks. Tomorrow morning will be cold too, but the schedule for catching the tidal current going south is more suitable (i.e. after sunrise), and we have the heat on in the boat (first time use) and are feeling lazy.

A couple of things have surprised us so far on this trip, in addition to this cold snap. First, there are very few boats smaller than ours making the trip south. (We measure 35 feet overall length.) This means we are a little slower, and are frequently passed, but we have passed only one or two boats. Second, it seems like the majority of boats are Canadian! Probably not so, but there are a lot of Canadians making the migration. (Eh?)

Final surprise: at a breakfast cafe this morning a local couple stopped at our table to chat, as is apparently the way down here. When Annapolis was mentioned, I asked the guy if he sold Ranger boats years ago in Annapolis, and when he said yes, I asked if he was John Wright. Yes. This is the guy we bought our second arrow (Ranger 26) from in 1972! We sailed that boat for 32 years.

So... you can run, but you cannot hide...
Vessel Name: arrow
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 343
Hailing Port: Baltimore, MD
Crew: Jack and Terry
Extra: Me and my arrow. Straighter than narrow. Wherever we go, every one knows. It's me and my arrow. Me and my arrow. Taking the high road. Wherever we go, everyone knows. It's me and my arrow. (Harry Nilsson)
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Who: Jack and Terry
Port: Baltimore, MD