The adventures of the Rusten family and our converted US Navy Motor Whaleboat on the Columbia River.

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We Moved Next Door

30 August 2008 | Scappoose Oregon
We found out that after living in the other place for almost a year, that its put together with bailing wire, duct take and twine.. and prayers... so we found a place to buy in the next moorage up river (Paradise Moorage) and made an offer which was accepted and we moved using my Starcraft Islander 21 M/V. We basically did all the moving ourselves in the evening after work and only had help on one weekend to move the big stuff using a barge. This place felt like home the first night we slept here and has an even better view and is built solid. We almost froze the first winter in the rental. More info later on...
Vessel Name: Titan
Vessel Make/Model: '68 USN Ret MK10 Whaleboat
Hailing Port: Scappoose, Oregon
Crew: Andy & Becky Rusten
About: our dogs Shiloh and Opal bark at passers by, wag their tales and generally sleep the whole trip.
Extra: Titan is a 1968 retired USN MK10 Whaleboat built by Uniflite in Seattle and converted to a commercial fishing boat after its retirement and now joining our family as a pleasure cruiser here on the Columbia River

MV Titan Blog

Who: Andy & Becky Rusten
Port: Scappoose, Oregon