The adventures of the Rusten family and our converted US Navy Motor Whaleboat on the Columbia River.

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M/V Tin-Man - The Fishing Boat

22 July 2008 | Scappoose, Oregon
Decided to pickup a boat for fishing and to eventually use as a Coast Guard Auxiliary facility. I found this great little '69 Starcraft Islander 22 footer with a nice little 4-cyl Chevrolet inboard motor. She is a nice sized cuddy cabin that has 2 bunks big enough for even me to sleep on. Got it for a great price from a gentlemen in Keizer, Oregon off Craigslist. Its is in good shape for her age and an aluminum hull to boot. Nice and light. Several "Coastie" friends recommended her as "indestructable" so I have a good start on a project. She will be nice for evening cruises on the river and teaching Becky and Karyn how to handle a boat. Not to mention if we ever need to move, here's how we do it.
Vessel Name: Titan
Vessel Make/Model: '68 USN Ret MK10 Whaleboat
Hailing Port: Scappoose, Oregon
Crew: Andy & Becky Rusten
About: our dogs Shiloh and Opal bark at passers by, wag their tales and generally sleep the whole trip.
Extra: Titan is a 1968 retired USN MK10 Whaleboat built by Uniflite in Seattle and converted to a commercial fishing boat after its retirement and now joining our family as a pleasure cruiser here on the Columbia River

MV Titan Blog

Who: Andy & Becky Rusten
Port: Scappoose, Oregon