Cruising Ashika

Two crazy cocker spaniels dragging their two humans around the Pacific looking for dolphin on a 1976 Fuji 45 ketch.

19 July 2014 | Guaymas, Mexico
14 July 2014 | Guaymas, Mexico
10 July 2014 | Topolabambo
30 June 2014 | Mazatlan
27 June 2014 | Mazatlan
20 June 2014 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
31 May 2014 | Barra de Navidad
20 May 2014 | Barra de Navidad
16 May 2014 | Zihuatinejo
15 May 2014 | Alcapulco Mexico
29 April 2014 | Tehuantepec
28 April 2014 | Amapal to Chiapas
14 April 2014 | Nicaragua
11 April 2014 | Corinto, Nicaragua
01 April 2014 | Costa Rica
31 March 2014 | Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica
31 March 2014 | Ballena, Nicoya Penninsula, Costa Rica
18 March 2014 | Quepos, Costa Rica
14 March 2014 | Golfito, Costa Rica

Celebrating Ashika's Arrival

19 July 2014 | Guaymas, Mexico
Guaymas started celebrating almost immediately upon our arrival. I'm convinced that they saw us coming and threw the master switch on the town's celebratory fireworks. Good on them. We deserved a hearty round of applause for making a 4000 mile... read more

Sharks and Sunsets

14 July 2014 | Guaymas, Mexico
We had two glorious days of sailing on our way to Guaymas from Topolabambo. 10 or 15 knots from the south, blue skies, cool breezes, magnificent. I'll bet you think since we are travelling around in a sailboat and that we sail all the time. Wrong. There are sailors who are more persistant about sailing than we are and they will wallow around happy to wait for wind or just not go anywhere until there is wind. They are thrifty and will probably be cruising for a long time. That's because....

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U-turns and Flashlight Wars

10 July 2014 | Topolabambo
Topolabambo, it must be a great place with such a great name. But it would be a quite a journey to Topo from Maz land. Dois's Aunt Katie used to say "it ain't an adventure until you've made a couple of U-turns". Under that definition we have had ourselves a great adventure.

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I have decided to try a new website for our blog (the "read more..." is a link to the new website). I have really enjoyed working on sailblog's blog (or rather my slog), and won't give it up completely, I just want to expand a little and I think the new website might be a good forum for that. Sailblogs has a lot to offer, who knows, maybe I'll be able to handle both sites!

For now, I'll keep posting notices of my blog updates (on the new site) here, especially for my sailblog audiences. Thanks for all your amazing support.
Vessel Name: Ashika
Vessel Make/Model: Fuji 45, designed by John G. Alden and built by Fuji Yacht Works in Japan.
Hailing Port: San Pedro, Calif.
Crew: sv Ashika with Dois, Lauri, Ginger and Daisy
About: Dois is the Captain of our vessel. He came to Ashika with over 40 years of boating experience. Lauri is our Admiral and believes that in time, the Captain will acknowledge her title. In the meantime, she tries to accomplish what the Captain needs to keep the crew and Captain safe.
Ginger and Daisy are the ship's Dogs. Daisy is 17 years old. Deaf and mostly blind, she approaches sailing like she does life; with grace and poise. She used to be our fishing manager and would spend the entire day "watching" the lines. We have had to promote her to "manager of dog treats" because [...]
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Who: sv Ashika with Dois, Lauri, Ginger and Daisy
Port: San Pedro, Calif.