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Further Adjustments to a Land-Based Lifestyle

29 May 2009 | Little Creek Marina, Norfolk, VA, USA
CURRENT LOCATION: Docked at Little Creek Marina, Norfolk, VA, USA
36 55.373' N, 076 11.155' W

It has only been a little over a week since we returned to the USA, and we have been so busy our heads are spinning. The FOR SALE website has been a huge success, and much of our cruising equipment has already found its way into the hands of those who will be able to put it to greater use than us going forward. Much of our time has been spent keeping up with purchase requests, shipping and updating the website.

We have also been working further on boat cleaning chores. All of the stainless steel (stanchions, stern pulpit, bow pulpit, bimini, dodger, and solar panel supports) have been cleaned and waxed. Soon Sheryl will be mixing up her special teak cleaning solution and sealing the wood with Semco. The list of chores is narrowing and our focus is beginning to turn inland. Our journey up the Chesapeake Bay is still several weeks away and there is much to do before then.

We have been working on a potential business deal which would find Sheryl and me working together on a new project and (hopefully) earning a living in the process. I hesitate to say much about it until the ink on the deal is dry, save to say that it will keep us close to the shoreline and the nautical community.

In order to facilitate our entry into the business world, several steps have been taken, some more dramatic than others. First, I got a haircut for the first time in over six months. Before leaving Culebra, Sheryl indicated that she had never seen my hair long, and suggested that I should let it grow out some. I, personally, think that she was skeptical about my claim that my hair was as naturally curly as hers (at least what is left of my hair). Well, the proof is shown below...


This week, Sheryl finally cried uncle by stating, "Perhaps you should get a haircut sometime soon." After a $20 haircut (yikes, did I really spend 20 bucks for a haircut?), I believe that I look a little more presentable as a potential emerging business owner...


Second, with the need to find a land-based home looming in the next month (a location which may also serve as a home office), and our desire to search for that home/office in North or South Carolina, the dreaded decision to buy a car finally took hold of us. Fortunately, we knew exactly what we wanted in a used car, and our online search turned up an ideal candidate in just a few hours. By day's end, we had wheels, a 2007 Toyota Matrix. Sheryl is the designated driver for now, because her husband let his license expire while island hopping (I guess we'll have to fix that problem soon) ...


This heroic feat of car purchasing was made markedly easier with the help of some new friends. This morning we had a visit from Maxwell & Jen. They currently keep their 35-foot Baba, s/v Anastasia, in Deltaville, VA. After driving down to pick up a few cruising goodies from our virtual yard sale, they offered to treat us to lunch and drop us off at the dealership (saving us an expensive cab ride). It was an incredibly kind offer from two very nice people.

Most importantly, though, these fine folks distracted us from the trauma of the pending automobile purchase. Jen & Maxwell are gearing up for their own cruising adventure, so we had much to talk about. Before parting ways, we agreed to get together again before we move south for good. I made them promise to keep their blog postings regular, even if it is just a few words and a photo each week. Help me put the pressure on them by checking out their blog:


And, it you haven't checked it out yet, there is still some good stuff on our FOR SALE website. If time allows, I may even post some new items to the list (I have found a few more worthwhile things while going through the dark corners of the boat). I will announce any updates with new things for sale here on the blog, so stay tuned.

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