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15 April 2019 | Titchmarsh Marina
06 April 2019 | Titchmarsh Marina, Walton on the Naze


15 April 2019 | Titchmarsh Marina
Ian & Linda Hudspeth
Plans to leave on Easter Monday have been scuppered by the ship's dog who has had a lump removed from her foot, unfortunately losing one of her toes in the process. Prognosis is good but we can't leave until the stitches are out and she's been cleared by the vet. The weather is still looking unsettled, so maybe it's not a bad thing anyway. In the meantime, Jodie is reluctantly accepting trolley rides to and from the shore for toilet breaks.


06 April 2019 | Titchmarsh Marina, Walton on the Naze
Ian & Linda Hudspeth
We're making the final preparations for our long awaited trip. Headsail is on, although not yet put to use this season. Top sides are polished, although wet weather and a dog on board conspire to make it look like we haven't bothered! The prop is now sorted, having been replaced over the winter and reassembled incorrectly, so we had no drive for a while. The new chart plotter didn't live up to expectations so we've gone back to our old one with updated charts and an additional AIS B transponder unit. We're agonising over what to leave behind but trying to be ruthless - if we didn't need it last year, we probably won't need it this year. Famous last words....

Now we just need to decide on our first stop, balancing our desire to move on to new places with journey times suitable for Jodie, the ship's dog. Bradwell and Brightlingsea are both short hops but don't actually save any time for the longer trip down to Ramsgate. We're currently mulling over the benefits of a stop in the River Roach, so watch this space.

We're really just waiting now for the weather to warm up a bit, alongside a favourable tide to see us on our way. We do hope you enjoy our story and we can't emphasise this enough - COME AND SEE US IF YOU'RE LOCAL.

Vessel Name: Astral Loot
Vessel Make/Model: Moody 376
Hailing Port: Titchmarsh Marina
Crew: Ian & Linda Hudspeth
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Who: Ian & Linda Hudspeth
Port: Titchmarsh Marina