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La Cruz, Mexico - The A and B Side

09 March 2016
At some point in the last few weeks, I realized that our blog has been more of a travelogue; that is, focused on describing the places we are visiting. What we haven't written much about is how we spend the rest of our days - "The B Side" as Rob aptly named it (for all those readers who spent most of their lives listening to music on vinyl) - which, as it turns out, is how we spend most of our time...prepping for our passage and the following months in the South Pacific.

As a test, this post will include 2-sides and, as we all experience, there are far more than 2-sides to each and every one of our lives.

The "A" Side:

La Cruz is the first place we visited that I felt sentimental about as we left. This charming "filled with life, back-in-time village" - with cobblestone streets, dogs wandering off leash, and residents dancing to music in the town square to raise money for a local child - felt like home. As with Mazatlan, but for different reasons, we stayed for 2-1/2 weeks instead of our intended "several days." Staying allowed us to get to know José and his family at Sea-Mar Canvas; to find our favorite vendors at the Sunday farmers markets where we bought delicious food and a beautiful cotton blanket; and to visit on the dock with Jeanne Socrates on S/V Nereida (the first woman to sail solo non-stop around the world from North America). We met couples and families who are also sailing to the South Pacific; and, we spent more time with dear new friends Diane and John, Dan and Tammy.

The "B" Side:

When we finally made it out of San Diego, I had naively convinced myself that we would indeed be spending most of our time filling travel blogs. Sure, I knew we still had many projects to complete before "jumping the pond", but, well, I blocked that out. La Cruz was our final staging ground to complete major projects, such as sewing canvas awnings (I have a sewing machine on board), setting up our SSB radio so we can receive weather reports underway, and provisioning. I had NO idea how hard it would be to get things done on a boat. For example, provisioning (the nautical term for grocery shopping). In La Cruz, we completed our major provisioning for our time in the South Pacific. Because goods in the SP are so expensive, we bought non-perishables to last us 4-6 months! This involved taking two buses to get to Puerto Vallarta, spending longer in a Costco than I have in my entire life, hiring a cab (we required a Suburban to hold it all) to take us back to La Cruz; unloading it on the ground, loading it into carts, running back and forth to the dock, then loading it on to the boat and trying to figure out where the hell to store it all! And sewing 12' x 20' canvas awnings on a "hot hot hot" boat made this girl cranky!

So, when Rob proposed that we really needed to stay on another week before heading south to swim, snorkel, sail and play, I spent a solid day pouting. This was not what I had envisioned at all! And, he was right. We both feel much more prepared for our departure - and, it allowed us to spend some quality time with Carah on her recent visit (more on that later).

In our household, we frequently use the saying "staying before leaving"; specifically, digging deeper in a multitude of situations, to explore the value of staying before leaving. Staying in La Cruz allowed us to go a bit deeper with new friends and acquaintances - a gift we would have missed if we'd left sooner.

We'll write soon,

Susan & Rob

P.S. Don't forget to check out the photo gallery!
Vessel Name: Athanor
Vessel Make/Model: Metalu Jade 48
Hailing Port: Seattle
Crew: Robert Bordner & Susan Mitchell
About: One seasoned sailor & one adventurous novice
Athanor is an aluminum ketch, designed by Sylvestre Langevin, built in France in 1978. She is 48 feet LOA, cutter-rigged, with a fin keel, skeg-hung rudder, and round bilge, displacing 33,000 lbs. The name Athanor is derived from the furnace that alchemists are reputed to have used to change [...]
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