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09 September 2018 | Raiatea, French Polynesia
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03 April 2016 | Crossing the ITCZ to The Marquesas Islands
28 March 2016 | Manzanillo, Mexico to The Marquesas Islands

We will miss you Mexico!

16 March 2016 | Manzanillo, Mexico
As I write, we are in the final throws before we cut the lines (as they say). In the last few days, we have spent nearly 8 hours attempting to check Athanor out of Mexico. Bureaucracy at it’s finest. Both Rob and I went on Monday, only to return back empty handed. Today, he went on his own while I stayed on the boat washing, drying and stowing mounds of fruits and vegetables. Because I know Rob well, I admit I felt a bit nervous leaving him alone in a government office. I asked him to text me periodically just to make sure he hadn’t lost his temper and been hauled off to jail. I digress. ☺

We had the great pleasure of Carah joining us for a week as we sailed from La Cruz to Barra de Navidad. She is a trooper! We had a couple of long days of sailing and she was right there with us – even when we dumped the dinghy attempting a beach landing. We had a great time exploring, snorkeling, watching crocodiles feed, and, oh yes, hanging by the pool in Barra de Navidad.

Imagine sailing down the largely un-inhabited coast and then, out of the blue, the hillside is lit up with dozens of brightly painted homes – many of them with spectacular architecture. Our experience of Careyes was surreal. From our water vantage point, we literally saw no visitors, only what appeared to be staff. We had hoped to anchor here for the night; however, sadly sometimes money can even buy the anchorage area – no room for Athanor.

Speaking of Barra de Navidad – hands down our favorite stop to date. The town of Barra is small, and thriving. Wonderful family owned restaurants, small hotels on the beach, small markets with fresh fruit and veggies, and freshly baked cinnamon rolls everyday at 4p.m. The Barra de Navidad marina is connected to the Gran Isle Navidad resort and marina guests have full use of their facilities. We totally scored! Beautiful pools (with slides), immaculate grounds, yoga, ping-pong, swim up bar…ok, I’ll stop. If you’re planning to visit Mexico soon, check it out. If you’re not planning a trip, rethink that decision!

Back to present. Tomorrow we will head out of the Las Hadas Marina – next port Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia – approximately 3,000 miles from Manzanillo, Mexico. We will be blogging along the way, but Internet out in the Pacific Ocean is slow, so pictures will have to wait until we make land – roughly 28 days out.

Wishing you all well in the coming days.

Susan and Rob
Vessel Name: Athanor
Vessel Make/Model: Metalu Jade 48
Hailing Port: Seattle
Crew: Robert Bordner & Susan Mitchell
About: One seasoned sailor & one adventurous novice
Athanor is an aluminum ketch, designed by Sylvestre Langevin, built in France in 1978. She is 48 feet LOA, cutter-rigged, with a fin keel, skeg-hung rudder, and round bilge, displacing 33,000 lbs. The name Athanor is derived from the furnace that alchemists are reputed to have used to change [...]
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A few images of our life as we prepared Athanor to set sail again!
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A month-long exhale.
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