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Sweet Home Seattle

On Tuesday, 4/26, Rob will make his way to Raiatea to check on Athanor and tend to a few projects. Making travel arrangements, connecting with friends as they make plans to return to their boats following hurricane season, scanning dozens of “boat cards” from fellow cruisers, and reviewing lists upon lists – feels like old times.

As I packed the “bag o’ boat stuff” this morning, I take note that we’ve largely tucked away our life on the boat since we’ve been home. In January, we had a brief but wonderful reconnection over Sunday brunch with Randy and Ruth, from S/V Velic, who had made the crossing parallel to us last year. But it wasn’t until our friends Tom & Sylvia (who also made the crossing at the same time we did last year) embarked on a 2nd passage with friends of theirs aboard S/V Shindig, that we began reminiscing. Every morning I couldn’t wait to get to my computer to see how their previous day’s passage went. In an event most unbelievable to me, I found myself saying, “I want to make that passage again!”

We’ve been back in the states for 6 months now. When we landed in Seattle on October 3, 2016, we were firmly rooted in our plan to return to Athanor, return to our cruising friends, and return to exquisite French Polynesia after 6 months (April, 2017), for another season of sailing. Plans change. Within a couple of months, it became pretty darned clear that we would need to stay here for an additional year. Although we had some grieving to do, we quickly made a list of all the great experiences we could have by being home for longer than expected: spending time with family and friends, exploring new places in the states, etc. And, we made a commitment to each other to make them happen.

After a brief adjustment period, we’ve easily slipped back into our “land life.” Rob’s business required his full attention from the get go, while I had some time to ease back in. For everyone’s sanity, I needed to feel useful again. I am an expert multi-tasker; however, I have zero experience at “not-working.” So when we decided we’d be in Seattle for a year +, I figured that I might as well get at it. Little did I expect that I would receive a call from the Board of Directors at the organization I ran prior to our adventure. For the next 9 months or so, I will be the Interim Executive Director at College Access Now – round deux.

To all of our cruising buddies: we love you, miss you, and wish you amazing adventures this sailing season. Most of all, we can’t wait to reconnect next year.

To our family and friends: we treasure our time at home with you – including making plans for you to join us in the South Pacific next year!


Susan and Rob