Athanor Expedition

Our exploration of land and sea

Sail, explore, projects (rinse, repeat)

Our first days on the water

A lot of ground to cover

Passage from Raiatea to Moorea: "One To Learn From"

Settling in

Island time - a lesson in patience

Will she remember us?

Sweet Home Seattle

Raiatea - Final stop in French Polynesia

Boatyard John

Tahitian Civilization!

Fakarava - Shark Town

Kauehi - the friendliest place on earth

On to the Tuomotos -- Raroia atoll

Marquesas Wrap

Nuku Hiva. A month-long exhale.

Pinch us - Tahuata

Oh so magical

Week III and the Home Stretch

Week II - The thick middle & getting real

Week I Wait, no umbrella drinks?

We will miss you Mexico!

The magic of Mazatlan


Is that a squid on deck?


Enroute to San Diego

The gift of time

...This is F'n Crazy!