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20 July 2012 | Beaufort, NC
13 April 2012 | 34.72N 76.66W
01 March 2012 | Beaufort NC
03 January 2012 | 1603 Ann St
23 December 2010 | Beaufort NC
25 February 2010 | 34 42.5N
22 January 2010 | Towne Creek Marine
02 November 2009 | 34 43.5'N: 76 39.8'W
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22 February 2009 | beaufort or Blowfort!
22 February 2009 | Town Creek Marina
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29 January 2009 | Cape Fear NC
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28 December 2008 | The Cabin

Departure preparations under way

20 July 2012 | Beaufort, NC
Hot (90) sunny, windy (30+kts)
Well, we're now actively planning for our departure, having decided on dates and a rough idea of our initial route.

Here's the schedule:

Michelle will finis work November 16th, I have my last school Nov 18th, then we'll put Audrey on the hard for final bottom prep/painting, then spend thanksgiving in NJ with family (hopefully all the kids/grandkids will be there!).

After that we'll make a trip to Europe to visit Michelle's parents and my sister.

Then we plan to leave Beaufort 1st or 2nd week in December, weather window dependent, aiming to go direct to the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, about an 11 day trip outside the Gulf Stream. Initial destination will be British or US Virgin Islands or maybe Antigua, depending on winds/weather.

Then we'll slowly make our way towards the Panama Canal via the Windward Islands, with a loose plan to transit the Canal in March or April.

Only 5 months to go and still so much to do - we sat down last night and prioritized and updated our lists of boat projects and other preparations (making copies of documents, updating charts, ordering cruising guides, arranging for vehicles and skiff to be sold/looked after, etc).

Of the boat projects, we've made really good progress on the list, with the main projects left to do before we leave:
- Complete installation of water maker
- Repack liferaft
- install retractable stern ladder
- Inspect all standing rigging, replace running backstays and topping lift with Amsteel
- Order remaining spares for pumps and wind vane

All other projects left on the list can be done when we're underway.

Very excited now - we're definite;y ready!!

Now Living aboard

13 April 2012 | 34.72N 76.66W
60s Sunny
Well, we're now installed onboard s/v Audrey in Taylor's Creek.
Had a VERY stormy night and some chilly weather during the first week or so, but both we and the boat held up well.
Also had some electrical issues with bad batteries and a faulty solar controller, both of which have been fixed/replaced - typical boat maintenance issues, always something to maintain or fix.

Because of the weird geography of the NC coast where we are, the Creek we're inn is parallel to the outer banks coastline, but runs east/west, not north/south as you'd expect, so we've have some stunning sunrises/sunsets on the creek (sunrise towards the Cape Lookout end of the creek, sunset towards Beaufort Town end of the Creek).
Michelle has been doing great getting to and from the boat using the skiff, even in the dark, while I've been away. We're both enjoying being on the boat, peaceful, sleep well - just looking for the warmer weather, which is on the way - supposed to be in the mid to hi 70s over the next week, with the lows in the mid to hi 60s - perfect live aboard weather!

We also saw some remarkable dolphin activity in the creek the other day - you can find that at YouTube using this link:


One month 'till we move aboard

01 March 2012 | Beaufort NC
Photo is of the sunset here yesterday evening, Feb 29, 2012.

Well, its now a month 'till we move aboard and we're slowly getting things organized.
Have a storage unti and have moved most of our non-essential stuff there, and have moved all the boat stuff back onboard after the haul out.
Only a few projects left to do before we move onboard:
- Stow everything (about 90% done)
- Install the water tank accumulator (stops the water pressure cycling)
- Install the final two LED reading lights - this will mean that ALL lights on board are LEDs with the exception of the anchor light at the top of the mast - will do that once we're on board.

See the photo gallery "View from Home to see what our view will look like.

We'll be going sailing this weekend - just to make sure everything is OL before Ian and Jessica get here for the wedding, then we can take them out.

All for now.


03 January 2012 | 1603 Ann St
Jon - cold
Coiuntdown to our cruise has began - now less than a year away from shoving off on the voyage of a lifetime!

Stay tuned

Catching up

23 December 2010 | Beaufort NC
Jon - Cold (49)
Well, its been a while. Since our last post, a lot has happened:
- We moved to Beaufort to a cute little 2 bedroom cottage
- Hauled the boat during hurricane season and did a lot of work, finally getting to some cosmetic work
- Put down a permanent anchor in Taylor's creek to keep the boat safe
- Bought a 17ft skiff to explore the shallow waters around the islands of Beaufort Inlet and also to get to/from Audrey
- Michelle started and is almost finished with her bachelors (straight As at the moment)
- I've been busy all year with the boat and superbike school

We've posted a new gallery which shows the boat on its new mooring. We're now all set to go sailing - will post some more once the weather gets back into the 50s and we go somewhere.

Good news is - boat is now - finally - in really good shape, has independent electric power courtesy of an Air-X marine wind generator, and a number of other upgrades and fixes. Still have a long list - but now the list is mostly small things (is there a boat owner out there without a long work list?)
All for now

We survived the wind, snow and cold!

25 February 2010 | 34 42.5N
Jon - windy & cold
Well, we survived the worst of the weather this winter, did a lot of work on the boat, and even managed to go sailing!
Our new Webasto warm air diesel heater has MORE than paid for itself - its awesome, and we've remained toasty warm all winter - just going outside has been - well, challenging!

See the Feb, 2010 Gallery for a contrast in weather:
- a video of us sailing in the Atlantic last week, cruising along at about 6.5 knots with about 12 knots of wind and dead calm seas. Temperature only in the 50s, but a beautiful day.
- Then see the photo, also from last week - waking up to 4-6 inches of snow

Still - better weather coming, so more sailing next week.
Vessel Name: Audrey
Vessel Make/Model: Pearson 367 Cutter
Hailing Port: Beaufort NC
Crew: Jon & Michelle Groom
About: Jon & Michelle have been sailing since 2007, starting in Monterey Bay in California with a Pearson 30, then upgrading to a Hunter 44DS which we lived aboard for a year, before moving back to the east cost and to their newest boat, Audrey, a 1981 Pearson 367 Cutter.
Extra: Having lived aboard during 2007 in California, Jon & Michelle moved to a cabin in the Catskills in NY, and spent two winters in Beaufort, NC, where we moved permanently in April 2010, so now we have a cottage and our boat in Beaufort.
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Photos of some of the work done while Audrey was on the hard from August 2011 to end of January 2012.
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Audrey on her new and permanent home on a mooring in Taylor's Creek, a few blocks from our new home.
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Stuck in Beaufort for the winter - doing jobs - staying cozy in the cabin
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Locals tell us "we've not had snow or cold like this inb 30 years"!
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These are the photos from the original listing of Audrey (then L'Etoile) when we were looking for a new boat.
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Here is our first boat - a 1978 Pearson 30 that we purchased in January 2007, took lessons in and did our first coastal, overnight passage to San Francisco. A great boat.
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From May 2007 to November 2007 we lived aboard our Hunter 44DS in Breakwater cove, next to Cannery Row in Monterey, CA
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Photos of the haul-out, sand blasting, repair, paint, dynaplate install and holding tank install. The boat was out of the water until early November so that the hull oould dry properly before applying the barrier and paint coats.
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About the crew

Who: Jon & Michelle Groom
Port: Beaufort NC