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17 May 2019 | Bull Creek - OFF Waccamaw River
16 May 2019 | Wynyah Bay SC (near Georgetown)
15 May 2019 | charleston Harbor (SC)
12 May 2019 | North River (near Doboy sound)
08 May 2019 | Pine Island -- North of St. Aug
06 May 2019 | titusville FL
05 May 2019 | Indian river -
03 May 2019
03 May 2019 | vero Beach fL
26 April 2019 | Vero Beach FL
21 April 2019 | Manjack Cay - Abacos
18 April 2019 | Eastern Harbor - MOW cay
17 April 2019 | Eastern Harbor - MOW cay
14 April 2019 | Eastern Harbor - MOW cay
10 April 2019 | FERRY dock - MOW cay
05 April 2019 | Hopetown

Wynyah Bay anchorage to BULL CREEK (off Wacamaw)

17 May 2019 | Bull Creek - OFF Waccamaw River
Dean Perry | Sunny HOT HUMID
Friday, 17 May 2019 -- Wynyah Bay to Bull Creek (OFF the Wacamaw River)
Easy day today…. Picked up the anchor in Wynyah Bay…. (near the junction it makes with the AICW… then motor/sailed up to Georgetown SC ; We decided to stop in George town for fuel, water and a pumpout…
Georgetown is very nice, and had decent prices on fuel ($2.99/ gal for diesel…. ) unfortunately for us the “price break” is AFTER 300 gallons….. We’d have to fill the whole boat with fuel to get that “break”.
Anyway… we fueled, watered, and pumped…and shoved off… motor sailing up the Waccamaw River toward Cowhouse Creek…. We kept calling John Fazzio (s/v STEELAWAY)… to no avail…. His phone does not have a voicemail box that’s set up…. Frustrating for those trying to get hold of him…. SO……………….after about a dozen calls…. The last BEING AS WE PASSED “STEELAWAY”….we gave up plans for dinner with John… and moved up the Waccamaw to BULL CREEK….
We’re now anchored in Bull creek at N 33 36.130 W 079 05.845 (not too far from the mouth)…
Lots of turbulence here… anchor chain moving about….
It’s great having the screens in the cockpit, all around…. Much cooler… Weather Underground said it was 84F “feels like 86”…. (I guess that’s the result of the extreme humidity)…. It’s HOT !!!
But there is some WIND…. The wind generator is up there cranking….. Yeah!
We took Bill Soulier’s advice and we’ve reserved a slip at the Myrtle Beach Yacht club for tomorrow night…. SO…………. We’ve never stayed there, but it does make an excellent mid-point from here to Carolina Beach OR Wrightsville Beach….
Normally we’d be “running” to Southport NC… But Janet and BILL are not available to “come out and PLAY”….
WE’LL have to see HOW this NON-stop at Southport affects the trip’s food supply.
More later.

Charleston Harbor (SC) to Wynyah Bay

16 May 2019 | Wynyah Bay SC (near Georgetown)
Dean Perry | Sunny but windy at the end
Thursday – 16 May 2019 – Charleston SC to Wynyah Bay
Anchor pulled this AM right at high slack tide… EASY PULL… All Sails raised while in the harbor…
We rode the EBB tide OUT of the harbor …. 8.2 Knots max SOG (speed over the ground).
Once clear of the Rock JETTY we set a course for Wynyah bay… The wind was not too bad… 8 to 13 knots from our starboard Quarter… But as the day wore ON…the winds, and the waves built…
After we passed Cape Romain… the waves were 2 foot on top of a 3 foot swell… SO we were starting to ROLL…. We changed tacks a couple of times… actually going out to sea a little to minimize the ROLLING…
But finally, NO OPTION… turn toward Wynyah… and take the Lumps…
BUT…. I have to say… by the time we turned INTO the buoy lines and JETTY to Wynyah Bay…the waves were coming right over the jetty and pounding into our beam…. The splashing came right through our bug screens…. (disadvantage of screens in the dodger… ( but it was worth it… for having ZERO BUGS for days, and days).
OUR speed with the flood tide, full Mains’l, and stays’l… and engine on… for control.. was 9.5 knots (SOG)… So the buoys were flying by….. ( I have to SAY… that was probably the scariest INLET RUN.. I’ve done in a long, long time…
We’re anchored now in the Bay at N 33 15.367 W 079 14.704 after about 51 nm of travel… out and around.
Tonight is the last episode of “Big Bang Theory”…. Luckily we can get CBS coming out of Charleston….
OK… time to rest…. Long day and somewhat THRILLING END

church Creek to Charleston SC

15 May 2019 | charleston Harbor (SC)
Dean Perry | Sunny -- cooler
WED. 15 May 2019 -- Church Creek to Charleston SC
Good Evening…. WE’re currently anchored in Charleston SC harbor… roughly across from the Mega-DOCK (City Marina)…. At N32 46.04 W 079 56.5
It was a fairly short trip up to Charleston from last nights anchorage in Church Creek (a beautiful anchorage about 20 nm south of Charleston…
For those that keep track of these things.. Church Creek Lat / Long was N32 42.528 W080 10.999
We had a very lazy morning… using the nice anchorage at Church Creek to accomplish some boat projects, before pulling anchor at about 1120 hours. It seemed a shame to leave such a gorgeous anchorage, but we knew if we were going to hop outside in the ocean tomorrow (Thursday)… we had to be “staged” at Charleston Harbor….
The ebb tide… should float us out into the Atlantic tomorrow…. (I hate to FIGHT my way out into the ocean…).
We talked to Bill and Laura (s/v Second Wind)… they’re on their way to Sandy Hook NJ… (big HOP)…
We also talked to Pete and Bunny… They’re still up in Jacksonville… getting service on their Raymarine equipment… They hope to be traveling toward the FL/ GA border tomorrow (Thursday)…
WE did get some additional PICs from that couple in Daytona, (pics taken from 24 floor condo.. with telephoto lens)…. I’ll include at least one (maybe two ) with these posts…. The couple are obviously sailors or ex-sailors from their knowledge of the boat (AB).
We’re been trying to keep in touch with a few folks via “Messages”… and emails…. Mostly successful…
This afternoon, as we came up through Elliott cut… (that super narrow cut that slows most boats to a few knots IF you meet with a head ON current….) we missed the “on the bottom of the HOUR “ opening of the WAPOO bridge by 7 minutes…. SO……………we had to keep AB steady and STILL for 53 minutes… in a narrow channel.. .with current… and WIND…. ( I hate BRIDGES)…
The boat behind us … just anchored…. (sort of smart… but I’ve done that too in other places, then had problems getting the anchor up, come time for the bridge to open)….
Anyway… the worst was yet to come… (not for us)…. We got through the bridge at 1430 hours… but as we were anchoring.. .I heard the Wapoo bridge operator tell the sailing vessels approaching that next opening would be at 1900 hours (7PM)… (last opening 1530 hours)… a THREE HOUR LOCKOUT… that’s crazy… and very unfair to boating traffic…. There just can’t be that much RUSH to get Charleston road Traffic home for supper !!!!
OK…. Time to go watch the Wednesday night sailing racers come back from the races in the harbor…
Tomorrow we’ll probably start at “first Light”… so there might not be much communication until later in the day…. SO HaVE a great night, and DAY tomorrow.

Happy MOM's DAY - Lanier GA to DOBOY SOUND

12 May 2019 | North River (near Doboy sound)
Dean Perry | T-STORMS in afternoon -- ANCHORED !!
Sunday -- 12 May 2019 --- Happy Mother’s DAY !! - Lanier GA to North River

We PULLED anchor this morning at Lanier GA… up in the Fredrica River. But our window for outside hop today was “spoiled”…. By a change in the forecasted weather….

SO…………… we used the favorable tide situation (low in the mornings .. going mid-to-rising around the noon hours….. to traverse part of the GA ICW…

WE did the Little MUD River on a mid –to-rising tide… no problem… WE did have one “UP and DOWN” incident.. .before the “Little MUD”, but it was just that…. AB ran straight over a 5 foot mud mound…. UP !!! and DOWN!!! The only time we touched BOTTOM…. (today anyway…)…
We could see the storm approaching… SO we took the initiative of anchoring South of the Doboy SOUND…. (where there was a possibility of exiting to the ocean tomorrow…..

We are anchored in the NORTH RIVER…. At N31 23.626 W 081 25.243 after only 25 nm of travel on the AICW, in GA.

It goes without saying that one of the “primary directives” of sailing this coast Is TO ‘AVOID GA ICW’….
But…. IN REVIEWING THE COMING WEATHER…It sort of looks like we’ll have to bite the bullet and do the whole stupid thing inside…. Severe weather coming each day…. Our weather window has ALL but Disappeared….. (insert really SAD face here)…. ;(
The storm did just hit a while ago…. INTENSE TO THE POINT OF HEELING Autumn Borne (20 Tons) over 20 degrees to starboard… with a 60 knot gust…. Rain so hard we could not see the BOW.
SO………………..I guess it’s a good thing we were OFF the ICW and anchored….
Pete and Bunny just wrote, and said that the Bridge of Lions is “stuck in the down position”…. NO sailboat traffic AT ALL….. Wow… We were lucky to get through… (even when ONE span was stuck down)….. They’re doing the touristy thing…. At ST. AUG for a couple (or more) days…..( by plan, and necessity).
WELL…. The thunder and lightning has stopped, and the SUN is nearly OUT….. BIG change from this PM… Time for dinner…. And perhaps get the electronics OUT OF the MICROWAVE oven….
 more later.

Pine Is. To Cumberland Island -- Waiting for Weather

10 May 2019 | cumberand Island GA
Dean Perry | sunny - WARM - chance of T-storms later
Saturday - 10 May 2019 -- Pine Is. To Cumberland Is. (yesterday)... 48.6 nm
Lazy morning... Today.... We're sitting still for at least a day.... At Cumberland Island GA.
Yesterday we traveled 48.6 nm up the AICW from Pine Island (beautiful anchorage -as long as you don't go TOO far IN)... to Cumberland Island, GA. We're now anchored at our usual spot (not kidding about that... we're no more than 50 feet from our last few anchorages here)....
Anchored at N30 45.96 W 081 28.35 next to the Island.... Going ashore wasn't really one of the plans, and the all-encompassing construction on the docks, and buildings here... re-enforces that idea.
This morning I published a picture of AB taken by a Daytona resident (in a 24th floor condo, or apt.). She was nice enough to look up our blog; find our email address, and send the pic.... (Wow !! )
I'll include that photo again, when I post this blog piece.
Today, will be a "project day"... .the main project, of course, is to make AB ready for sea.... Traveling on the ICW, we get sort of lazy about "putting things away"...or someplace not subject to heeling or shaking...(waves); SO........... you might say today is HOUSEKEEPING DAY....
I've been transferring fuel for the last few days.... A couple hours at a time.... To keep the mid-ship tank, more less, around 85 gallons (7/8 full)... today, I'll verify that it's at that point before going to sea on Sunday or Monday.
Another project today: Will be to monitor that "weather window"... .that should allow us to STAY outside for days... IF we want to... and make some "real" miles northward.... That would be wonderful....
The wind is supposed to clock to the SW on Sunday... W on Monday, and some of Tuesday... WE'LL see if that forecast holds.... Wonderful IF it does. (fingers crossed).
Yesterday, we called earl and Kathy twice.... To ask about the "very special passages through some severely shoaled areas...( approach to the St. Johns River & Amelia river, just short of Fernandina Beach). They had taken the "special" routes, and saw no problems.... But heard on the VHF about 'groundings' of those that did NOT take the Bob423 routes.
SO...........It's nice to have resources like that... thanks DAVIS's
The TV is nice here... (coming out of JAX)... we did get to see the second last "Big Bang Theory".... That was nice.
OK.... SO... time to get with the 'program'.... And start making AB ready. More later.

Daytona to Pine Island (North of ST. AUG.)

08 May 2019 | Pine Island -- North of St. Aug
Dean Perry
8 May 2019 -- Daytona to Pine Island (north of St. Aug)
Early rise… decent anchor pull time… 0730 hours… and underway… toward St. Augustine… from Daytona beach area… (Seabreeze anchorage)….
We were, pretty much, alone last night, at the Seabreeze anchorage…. One s/v came in just before dark, and anchored quite a distance from us… NO anchor lights, and rope rode… so I’m sort of glad he was a fair distance away….
The day was an easy one, as far as AICW days go…. No shoaling… and an easy passage at the Matanzas FORT….
The ONLY really “THRILLING” part of the day came at the passage through the Bridge Of Lions… where only one (the east) leaf was operable…. Normally a singly leaf would not be a problem for most sailing vessels.. .BUT this current was unbelievable strong….
A s/v called “BI-Frost”… passed through just before us… and I could see HE was having tremendous problems…. Then it was our turn…. And I quickly realized what “Bi-frosts” problem was… The current was sweeping US BOTH into the non-operable LEAF… WE missed it by inches…. Powering through at max throttle at the very end…. Wow….
Then came the “in-famous” rounding of the “60” buoy, to get from St. Augustine channels to the Villano channels…. (where you have to practically “go TO SEA” and then come back INTO the harbor… to make the correct channel….
That being accomplished, Both Susan and I were ready for HAPPY Hour right then…. BUT we decided it was too early to quit for the day… SO motor-sailed another 10 miles to PINE Island… anchorage..
Anchor Down 1720…. About 10 hours OF ICW travel… enough !!! Happy Hour is upon us…
Tomorrow, (touch wood here) will our last day in FLORIDA…. Then we’ll look seriously for a weather window for an outside passage…. IF NOT… We’ll bite the bullet and do some GA….. (yeah I know !!! )
Yesterday…. I failed to write about the “idiots” out here in speed boats… As we were approaching New Smyrna Beach… there was a black speed boat in front of us… with what I thought was a water-skier behind the boat…. He kept stopping and crossing the channel in front of us when the “skier” would fall. AS we got closer and closer… WE finally could see the gentleman behind the boat was NOT a skier but a “SURFER”…. Literally RIDING the wake in back of the “ski-boat”… 6 feet IN BACK of the ski-boat…
WELL… the last time the “surfer” FELL… he fell not ONE boat length in front of AB…. Fortunately I had enough room to JOG around them…. Why they didn’t go the other way…. Is beyond me… they KEPT speeding UP and going IN FRONT of the AB…. ( perhaps thrills ????? ) DUMB!!!
OK…. Tme for conch blowing …. Sundown…
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 10 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #1.
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