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CSY-44 Antigua - Hull 001

07 February 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
05 February 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
25 January 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
24 January 2020 | Vero Beach FL
20 January 2020 | VERO
20 January 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
18 January 2020 | Melbourne FL
18 January 2020 | Fat place in ICW - north of cocoa FL
26 December 2019 | WNY -- East Aurora, NY
16 December 2019 | WNY -- East Aurora, NY

Saturday and Sunday -- Cleaning and Music

23 February 2020
Dean Perry
Sunday - Cleaning -- SATURDAY - farmers market and music in Evening
WELL… I’ll start with today…. Susan feeling under the weather.. .slept pretty much the whole day…
(Before you write… no fever; no flu; no appetite; headache)…. That’s all I know at present.
SO………………. I spent the day trying to wake; feed; and otherwise return her to normal… and in between those tasks… I cleaned about 5 storage cabinets… Cleaning mildew; straightening things; and TOSSING things that are corroded past usefulness, or things that we’ll never use again. We now have a FULL garbage bag for tomorrow’s trash run.
It’s almost impossible to keep up with the mold/mildew problems on a boat…
I also tried to consolidate liquids, or groceries (like wide noodles; or pasta (ziti)…into like sealable jars…
Tossing things that have taken on a ‘musty’ odor… NOT GOOD… I also removed most of the cardboard wrapping from food items like Liptons soups, etc… and stored the packets all together in a sealable container with instructions… Same for spaghetti… (boxes)….

I did add gasoline to the dinghy tank, this afternoon,… and Just In time, I might add… it was getting pretty LOW.
Saturday AM, after breakfast Kathy, Earl, Susan and I walked to the farmers market, down at Humiston Park, near the ocean…. And bought corn, tomatoes, and apple turnovers……. Then, Kathy, Susan and I took the bus to town….for a PUBLIX, and West Marine RUN… (race).
Susan got Eggs, and a lottery ticket…. While I went to WM… for plumbing items…. (Susan was more successful than I.
Saturday night, we (SEEKER, and AB) were picked up by Don and Judy Polifka, and driving to the “Kindred Mermaid”…. Reservations had been made for dinner, and drinks… and of course we stayed for the music, of Nicki (spelling?) Talley… (PICS)…. Wonderful !!!
Nicki and her husband (lead guitar)… live fairly close to Kathy and Earl (s/v SEEKER), in western North Carolina… near Ashville NC. I think they live in Brevard NC.
Music was wonderful. … In fact the whole evening, of conversations, food, drink, and friendships was great…

Celestial Practice -- near shore shots (sun) - no stars

16 February 2020 | Vero beach
Dean Perry | sunny with clouds
Lazy morning ( sunday )
Late breakfast
Listened to radio nets

Took two additional
Celestial shots of sun (morning azimuth)
one very "low confidence" (receding near shore)

Plotted both with those of Friday...
( just to keep my hand in, so to speak )
Not a bad PLOT of location
Considering we have NO horizon here to work with, so for every sight I have to guess at the "near shore distance" and apply a DIP FACTOR to obtain an Hs= to that of real horizon sight.

Thursday -- Auto Delivery DAY -- Tiki HUT party

14 February 2020
Dean Perry
THURS. 13 FEB 2020 -- Auto Delivery day -- Tiki HUT party
Yesterday Morning was the time when “s/v Last BOAT” was scheduled to be towed out of VERO, and north to Sebastian…. Nelson and Mary had requested that Susan and I transport their car to Sebastian, after they made it to the Marina… So they gave us the keys to the car, and $20, and in Nelson’s dry sense of humor style… He says… “use the car for anything you’d like, but By the Way, there’s NO GAS in it….” WELL… that was no PROBLEM at all…. We gassed her up…. And did use it to take US, and Kathy (s/v SEEKER) to Publix…. (no Publix RACE yesterday !!! YEAH )

Then in the PM… we drove up to Sebastian to find s/v Last Boat half in the slip and half out in the channel…. On the way up there… the tow boat operator said it was an extremely LOW tide…and He was worried about the available depth of water at their proposed slip…. RIGHT ON!!!! Not enough water to get even half way INTO the slip…. But the most problematic thing about the low water is the mechanics wanted to BACK “last boat” into the takeout slip… and LAST BOAT has a “spade rudder”… hanging down there… very VULNERABLE to sideways breaking…. NOT GOOD IF there’s insufficient water to float the boat… YOU CAN’t DRAG a spade rudder through mud….
SO……………….. Mary then delivered Susan and I back to the Vero Beach mooring field, where we soon attended the afternoon cocktail GAM (meeting) under the Tiki Hut…
Yesterday I brought the Dobro to the GAM ….. but very few even knew what it was… OR even listened…. Sort of disappointing…. BUT hey… that’s audiences…. Sometimes you “win” , sometimes YOU don’t…
FUN time anyway!!!!
Evening was very relaxing… we had lunchtime leftovers for dinner….so that was easy…. (ON the way up to Sebasian Susan and I stopped at a restaurant called the “Country HAM & Egg”….. Wonderful !!!! those were the leftovers…. Tons of GREAT FOOD.
OK…. Time for more coffee, and it’s also time for our Friday AM pumpout…. (not that those two thoughts SHOULD be in the same sentence….  hehehehe

WED - WATER -- OIL problem - DINNER

13 February 2020
Dean Perry | Sunny and WARM
Wednesday – Water day for AB Tanks -- V-berth clean UP – Dinner
Wednesday began with a “scare”…. While running the on-board Generator to charge the batteries; heat water; and make fresh water with the watermaker (just to keep it working… and NOT pickle IT)… I went into the engine Room and sat down in front of the Watermaker, and Generator… (with noise cancelling headphones ON my head )… and NOTICED a “spray of OIL “ staining the area on the right hand side of the RUNNING Generator… (NOTE: OIL is supposed to kept INSIDE the engine…)
OH OH…. So I started checking everything… I used some “soakies” to clean up the oil already OUT and covering parts of the neighboring gear… and then I used some clean paper towels and by hand went over every part of the Running Generator…. HUMMM NO OIL…. Double HUMMMM (????)
The only thing I can attribute the “spray” from is “Operator ERROR”… I check the OIL levels every morning… before running… I must have left the dip stick partially ajar…. And the OIL sprayed from there.. Only thing I can think of…. OH well… no harm; no foul…. (being more careful now)…
Water was added to the AB’s tanks yesterday… for showers, and general use… I make water everyother day, as mentioned, but that’s only to keep the watermaker’s membrane in good shape…and ready for the trip NORTH…
In the afternoon… we cleaned up the V-Berth… storing the 30A power cables… used at Rocky’s SMBS (on the hard power)… and re-arranging things..... I had pulled out a lot of the DIVE GEAR… to find a NOZZLE so we could use it to free a blockage in EARL’s HONDA outboard cooling system… (nice TRY, but the patient (the motor) died…. Or was declared DOA at the “motor Hospital” ( They (SEEKER) now has a brand new tohatso motor… NICE).
Last evening we were invited to the s/v “Last Boat” for dinner, and drinks… and music… and of course, great conversations…. FUN Night.. (pic)..
Today, Susan and I will move “Last Boats” car down to SEBASTIAN… boat yards… While Nelson and Mary are towed down there via Tow Boat US….
They have high hopes of being underway early next week with a brand new Yanmar Engine… (old Westerbeke being declared a total loss…). OK… on with the DAY !!!

Lazy Saturday == Farmers Market

08 February 2020
Dean Perry | cool Mornings = lovely afternoons
Saturday – Farmers Market day – and Marauding Seniors DAY in VERO
This was a lazy morning…Not just because it was Saturday…. (Because…. Every day is pretty much like Saturday, when you’re retired and ON a cruising boat)….
BUT we had only ONE real PLAN… and that was to JOIN the “marauding Band of Seniors” and walk to the Farmers Market over by the ocean… a couple miles away…
Libby and Grant; Kathy and Earl; Mary, and Nelson; and Susan and me… were the “BAND” this AM… Dan and Dawn had other things to do…
Libby elected to take the bus…and NOT push the recovery of her hip… Good Plan… One we would avail ourselves of LATER.
We all made it to the farmers market where Susan and I loaded up on Sweet Potatoes; Tomatoes; sweet corn, and something the gentleman “threw in for good measure”…. Haven’t found that yet…
The walk there and at the end (west marine, etc.) totaled 5200+ steps… I’m not sure that totally calibrated for ME… but that’s about 2.5 miles…. SO… for someone who’s normal day consists of walking NO FARTHER than 44 feet ( sometimes TIMES 2 – back)…. That’s pretty GOOD.
This afternoon we’re meeting some folks… for Happy HOUR… Don’t think I’ll bring instruments… Might seem a bit crowded…. SO… I’ll play a bit this PM.
We did take the BUS back from the Market, and then UP to the “miracle mile (shopping)”…. To WM.
SO……………. Lazy SATURDAY…

Thursday -- GAM - Tornados - Engine news (last boat)

07 February 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
Dean Perry | sunny day -- WiNDY night
Thursday – 6 FEB 2020 --- FUEL DAY (again) – Bank day – And Tornado WARNINGs
Yesterday was a varied activity day…. Not exactly as planned… Except for the music time at the TIKI Hut Happy hour… That part worked out nearly as planned.
The morning started out fairly normally… Run Generator / charge batteries / make water / heat water… make breakfast…

I then started the first of the planned tasks.. Measured the mid-ship fuel tank again.. .OK… 78 GALLONS… Getting up there… Then I tried to measure and calibrate our tachometer… NOT SO GOOD… OH the tach is OK… but the measuring instrument (borrowed from s/v Dalmatian) couldn’t read the little reflective strip on the Perkins crankshaft pulley…. WELL…honestly… the sticker wouldn’t stay on the pulley… SO……… I was just happy that the Perkins started… warmed up… “popped” the Thermostat at the right temp…etc. i.e. READY to GO!!!

Nelson Gainey stopped over to AB to relate his stories on the main engine of “s/v Last Boat”.. (catalina 35)… DEAD!! The main engine has been “pronounced” as DEAD…. Blown headgasket on last two cylinders, and Not worth the “rebuild” costs…. OUCH !!!! SO “Last Boat” will be towed out of Vero Beach on Tuesday, and UP to Sebastian, where a new Yanmar 30 HP will be installed… $$$$
That’s another reason I was so happy to run our Perkins…

Anyway…. The remainder of the Morning, and some of the PM… was spent trying to work with the BANK… in getting Susan back on “ONLINE” banking… Then ME…. I have rarely used my “path” into the ONLINE banking,… so I thought…WELL……………. As long as I’m on the phone with these folks….
BUT…………………………. That turned out to be a LOT more complicated than the first task….a LOT more.
BUT… That’s done! Now…

The afternoon, on Thursday’s has the Happy HoUR under the Tiki HUT on shore… LIKE the last time I brought the Gibson J55 (guitar)… no dobro… and was joined by Sassey (baritone UKE)… NICE….
She (sassey) is a beginner, but very willing…. As Usual though… the musicians playing over on the side of the Tiki HUT… get no food, and conversation…. WELL… not much anyway… SO I did stop after about 35 minutes… and joined the talking… BUT the music was good, and it did start many conversations AFTERwards..
Last NIGHT… there came Tornado WARNINGS for many counties in Mid FL…. Ours included.. So Susan and I were outside, in the wind, at 2300 hours …tying things down… and taking things inside….

AND it did rain, and BLOW… but it was so quick… Both of us slept right through the worst of it… I knew when it started… about 0230 hours; listened for a while, and dropped right back off to sleep…
Today is PUMPOUT day…. Breakfast (Homemade EGG mcMuffins)… and strawberries IS OVER… time to get on with the day…
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 14 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #001.
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