Autumn Borne Cruising

19 March 2018 | MOW - Eastern Harbor -- by dinghy
13 March 2018 | MOW cay -- Eastern Harbor
12 March 2018 | MOW
12 March 2018
12 March 2018 | Man-O-War CAY - Abacos Bahamas
11 March 2018 | Eastern Harbor - Man-O-War CAY -Abacos
09 March 2018 | Man-O-War CAY - Abacos Bahamas
06 March 2018 | treasure cay mooring field
04 March 2018 | treasure cay mooring field
02 March 2018 | Mooring at Treasure Cay
28 February 2018 | treasure cay -- abacos
28 February 2018 | Fisher Bay = Great Guana - Abacos
25 February 2018 | Manjack Cay - Abacos
25 February 2018 | Pinapples Bar -- Green Turtle Cay -- abacos
22 February 2018 | Black Sound - Green Turtle cay - Abacos
20 February 2018 | GTC
19 February 2018 | Green Turtle Cay - Abacos Bahamas
18 February 2018 | Green Turtle Cay - Abacos Bahamas
08 February 2018 | Vero Beach FL mooring field - South
07 February 2018 | VERO

Sunday Dinghy DRIFT (Dink & Drink) - Mast Climb

19 March 2018 | MOW - Eastern Harbor -- by dinghy
Dean -- Gorgeous
Monday 19 March 2018 -- Dinghy Drift – Mast climb -- Fix things
Wow… St. Patrick’s Day has passed… I guess we celebrated with a dinghy Drift (when the wind calmed down to the point where it wouldn’t blow seven dinghies across the harbor in minutes)… That was a lot of fun last night… and what a great way to meet and get to know other cruisers in the harbor. The “drift” started with just two of us… SEEKER, and AB… then “MAGGIE” came (Tom and Gini); OH…yes and we had an Englishman on board with us MEZ is his name, and a DANE (Michel – pronounced like nickel).
Then “Merideth” came (Bob, and Connie); then Dave, and Robert (HM Aulbury; and Fulv); then Steve,and ? from a catamaran in the harbor; then one or two more…. (a the memory fails).
We floated through the entire harbor; only using the motors to avoid crashing into boats, or moorings.
I posted pics on FB;
Yesterday, Earl, Susan, and Bob cranked me up the mast, to retrieve or FIX masthead equipment… Anemometer, and windex… WELL…I couldn’t fix them up there… so I brought them down with me…. (never did take a photo from up there this trip… maybe next time. I did repair the two items, but now I have to be cranked back up there again… to put everything BACK….
But NOW “Merideth” has left the harbor….I may have to wait for another cruiser to show up to assist Earl, and Susan… Oh WELL…
I’m also in the process of touching up the varnish (and Cetol) on the AB… I went around the entire boat yesterday, and the day before (sanding, and touching up)… now the finish coat (Monday AM); while it’s calm, and dry…. Weather front comes through here tomorrow night…and stays windy, and squally until about Thursday night. SO…………this is the TIME.
Last night just as we were going to start the dinghy-drift… Earl (SEEKER) lost the forward gear on his outboard motor…. HUMMMM WE did the drift anyway… we towed them to the top of the harbor, and Merideth towed them HOME to SEEKER after dark… Don’t know right now if EARL fixed it or not… They left the harbor this AM about ½ hour before high tide, and have not returned yet…(separate mission).
OK… Coffee is done… Time to GO….Varnish something!!

Electronics DAY - Dinghy Numbers

13 March 2018 | MOW cay -- Eastern Harbor
Dean -- cooler - Perfect
Tuesday – 13 March 2018 -- Electronics DAY - Dinghy RE-Lettering
This morning was replace a lot of the TV-DVD-type electronics on the Autumn Borne. Ruth, and Matt had given us a DVD player for Xmas… and it was time to install it… We’ve been so busy, we haven’t used or watched the main Salon TV in two months…
Anyway… it was time to switch a few things… around… The converter boxes that convert MP4, and AVI movies into raster images (TV acceptable) had to be switched… AFT CABIN one for the Western Digital one in the Main Salon, etc. SO………. Today was a day of electronic stuff…. And testing.
When we finished that… we went to the hardware store for contact Cement, and batteries… (contact cement to tidy up some Velcro strips that hold up the main salon cushions)… and batteries for controllers (TV / DVD / converter boxes)…
Grocery store visit and ice-cream were also stops today.
In the PM… I re-outlined the NY registration numbers on the dinghy…. They get rubbed off by the fenders while riding at the side of AB.
Tonight is NCIS… (yeah…. Now that we have figured out how to use FLOW-togo TV here in the Bahamas (BTC).
Played some music after dinner… and before sunset (conch time). NICE DAY !!!
Tomorrow might be sand and varnish day…WE’LL see…. The weather today was perfect for that task….

sunset was perfect tonight...

Lack of Urgency today

12 March 2018 | MOW
Dean -- Gusty -- Gale force winds during front passing
Monday: 12 March 2018 -- Extreme lack of Urgency on board today
WELL… This day has been a perfect example of the “extreme Lack of Urgency” on board AB.
I finished the paperwork of storing the equipment brochures, and technical literature in the Boat Manuals (published yesterday)…
That was good… then I painted with brite YELLOW paint, two old Bleach containers (plastic bottles), that will be tied to our mooring lines, when we depart for day trips (even several days long). They (the bottles) now have BIG LETTERs… “Do NOT PICK UP --- RESERVED” for Autumn Borne…. Etc.
We’ve paid the money now for the month… and will use this area for a base… from now until the time we leave MOW cay, and start north (back toward the USA).
Nice to sit on this mooring…. We just experienced a front passage, and squall (at about 39 knots, with “gulley washer type RAIN”… Quite the ride when the wind heels a 40,000 lbs boat over (with bare poles). Wow!!
Could be a bumpy night IF you’re NOT in a harbor someplace.
Earl and Kathy came over before the front hit…. And we traded some, but not as many as desired, movies…. (seeing as how it looks like we’re IN for the night).
Listening to the “Do-Little Network” now…. 1700+ hours (Interesting to hear on high frequency radio all the reports and this weather front passes down island!!! )
More Later

AB from mast head

12 March 2018
AB from mast head

Sunday Projects - Manuals - Icecream

12 March 2018 | Man-O-War CAY - Abacos Bahamas
Dean - rainy -- cloudy -
Sunday – 11 March 2018 – Day of REST (sort of)
The clocks being set ahead very early in the AM… left nothing to do at the dawn… so we slept in until 0800… When it was nearly time for the VHF cruisers net, being broadcast from Elbow Cay… (local happenings etc.)
The high frequency nets were brief this morning, as there is no weather broadcasts on Sunday… but we found out where all our friends are located in and amongst the islands.
The main project for me today was the re-organization of the BOAT Manuals… (that includes all the literature on every part, or system in or ON this vessel… 7 volumes….(see PIC if it turns OUT).
Some of the items in these manuals… I’ve replaced years ago…and just haven’t tossed the literature. Some new items had to be added and cataloged. It PAYS big dividends not only to keep all these manuals, but to get them out and read them… for Maintenance TIPs, and all sorts of useful info.
Tonight we met some neighbors; John and Sally; and the mooring ball (keeper) Barry, and Barbara (m/v Beach Cruiser).
After dinner Earl, Susan and I took our dinghy into town to see if the ice cream shop was OPEN for business…. Yeah! It was…
The expected rain today never showed up… Beautiful DAY…

Spring Ahead and 0500 Rain Catching

11 March 2018 | Eastern Harbor - Man-O-War CAY -Abacos
Dean -- Rainy - cloudy, but WARM
Sunday 11 FEB 2018 -- 0506 in the morning as I write
Good Morning… it’s 0506 in the morning…. It’s raining… and I’m awake setting clocks…. But that’s not the reason I’m UP and awake…. I was just outside, setting up our rain catching system… for the potable water system.
I laid in bed listening for quite a while to allow the rain to wash all the salt off the boat’s decks… Then I got up, put on foulies, and put the “dam” in place… (it catches the rain water coming down the port side deck (now clean)… and directs it to the fresh-water fill port in the deck). When they designed these CSY’s for long distance cruising, they really incorporated some NEAT Ideas!!!!
Without the “dam” all you really have to do is plug the port side scupper, and you get the same result… RAIN WATER backing up into the fill port.
SO… All the clocks are set (ahead one hour)… “Spring Forward”…. And all that! (Listened to WWV coming out of Fort Collins Colorado… for the exact time…. (SSB radio)… So I guess I can go back to sleep…IF I can. (clocks set; water filling; what else is going on at this hour?).
Yesterday, (Saturday) Susan and I walked around town, then down to the beach… We stopped at both the hardware store, and the grocery store on the way back to the boat… Picked up a few items for later that day.
Took a nap for about an hour… NICE! Then got in the dinghy with cleaning supplies, and washed the “diesel butt” off the rear transom panel… (black soot from engine exhaust).
We also attended a nice “happy Hour” on SEEKER last evening, with the crews of SEEKER (Kathy and Earl), and Merideth (Bob and Connie). Nice day!!
I’m pretty sure this rain is scheduled to continue into the Sunday daylight hours too… SO…………. Good night for now!
Morning came EARLY!!! Even though the newly set clock said 0800 !!!! Listened to local VHF net at 0815, and Cruiseheimers net (SSB-HF) at 0830… Breakfasted, and now it’s time for inside projects to begin. Weather (Wx) is cloudy with potential T-Storms all day…… I’ve started Niel DeGrass Tyson’s book “Astrophysics for the man in a HURRY”… Could be an interesting READ.
More later.

Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 10 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #1.
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