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CSY-44 Antigua - Hull 001

16 February 2020 | Vero beach
16 February 2020 | Vero beach
07 February 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
05 February 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
25 January 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
24 January 2020 | Vero Beach FL
20 January 2020 | VERO
20 January 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
18 January 2020 | Melbourne FL
18 January 2020 | Fat place in ICW - north of cocoa FL
26 December 2019 | WNY -- East Aurora, NY
16 December 2019 | WNY -- East Aurora, NY

happy FATHER's DAY --- Projects begin

16 June 2019
Dean Perry
16 May 2019 - Happy Father's DAY -- Sunday

Happy Father's DAY to all the father's out there.... The weather is NOT cooperating today for the BBQ this afternoon at HOP-O-Nose Marina... (Father's Day celebration)... BUT the boat club has ordered a TENT to cover the patio at the restaurant...SO the PARTY will go ON !! Yeah!!
Yesterday we had the first delivery of the Summer Boat Project supplies... 5/8" dia. Water hose for the main engine; nylon strapping to replace that that holds the deck jerry cans of gasoline, and diesel; and 100 feet of "sta-set" line to replace all the "lazy-Jack" lines on the mains'l.
We also replaced all the cockpit pillows.... SO now that area looks pretty "SPIFFY"!!!
It sometimes seems like things are wearing out too fast.... But, I guess, when you consider that we put almost 3000 miles a year on AB...and in the worst environment possible for boats (salt water, and salt laden air), and associated gear... it's to be expected...
Continuous maintenance is a pain................ Required, but still a PAIN.  Lubrication; polishing; replacement of wearing type items.... Filters; impellers; all the usual stuff too....
SO.................. Rain today; inside projects this AM... then the party at 1300 hours...
We just completed a father's day "face-TIME" with Ruth... (Including LILLY, and Maisie)... NICE !!
OK.... Back to cleaning up the main salon.... Yesterday, we had our annual BOAT Inspection by the USCG Auxiliary... SO, I had disassembled the "ditch Bag"... to show the inspector the flares; documentation; etc. SO.............all that has to go back into the "bag". We have two ditch bags.... And hope that we NEVER have to use them....
OK.... Time to WORK.... And another coffee.
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 14 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #001.
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Summer Projects on Autumn Borne
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Created 21 August 2019
preparation projects on the AB...for trip south
6 Photos
Created 30 September 2018
Goodwill Date NIGHT at the pool at HOP-O-Nose. Great Fun with good folks. spouses buy outfits for the other party.
5 Photos
Created 6 August 2017
2017 Trip to the Abacos Islands - BAHAMAS
4 Photos
Created 15 February 2017
Wonderful time at St. Marys GA -
8 Photos
Created 1 December 2016
Bill and Janet took us to Wilmington NC ( aka "the big city") by car on FRiday... GREAT TRIP
6 Photos
Created 16 April 2016
We were invited for Pasta Night with Mike and Vickie McKinnon, to the new home of Michele and Steve Papile (s/v John Rae). Wonderful day !!
6 Photos
Created 19 February 2016
our times at VERO Beach
7 Photos
Created 9 February 2016
FALL 2015 - Trip South along EAST Coast of USA
8 Photos
Created 15 November 2015
Wonderful time at a Finger-Lakes wine tasting tour, organized by our daughter, Ruth. The tour was followed by a B-day celebration, and dinner at a local restaurant. Friends, and Relatives gathered from all over NY, and PA. GREAT TIME !!!
7 Photos
Created 18 September 2015
After Key West - winter of 2015 spent in Boot Key Harbor, and Marathon FL. Lot's of friends here...
12 Photos
Created 19 April 2015
Vacation from Cruising... Becoming a tourist again.... and a wonderful visit from our kids.
6 Photos
Created 22 February 2015
AB on the Hard for bottom work, and new paint. Propeller staightened, and cleaned up by professional prop shop.... two dents, and numerous nicks... and scratches...gone now... plus "pitch" checked and trued... Cutless bearing removed, and reset...
9 Photos
Created 18 December 2014
Cumberland Island GA - great place to visit... like walking on an alien planet
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Created 1 December 2014
Traveling with Benny and Lisa on the S/V Rhiannon, and then Ilene, and Roger, on the s/v ILENE. Beautiful Beaufort SC until we had to leave before our anchor let GO in a blow and tide... and a wonderful ST. Mary's Thanksgiving.
6 Photos
Created 30 November 2014
dinner for 8, cooked by Ondra, and Nelson on Last Boat... eaten by the crews from Autumn Borne, SEEKER, Last Boat, and Endurance.
4 Photos
Created 12 March 2014
summer 2013 at HON
2 Photos
Created 6 October 2013
rented car in Titusville, FL. Drove to Glenville, NY in two days. Christmas with Ruth, Matt, and the kids (Billie, and Charlie).
5 Photos
Created 25 December 2012
Painting the trim at Ruth's house, led to some interesting happenings... Like my first ambulance ride (head wound).
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Created 28 September 2012
photos from our past, and hopefully from our sixth year 'out'.
4 Photos
Created 16 September 2012