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CSY-44 Antigua - Hull 001

25 January 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
24 January 2020 | Vero Beach FL
20 January 2020 | VERO
20 January 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
18 January 2020 | Melbourne FL
18 January 2020 | Fat place in ICW - north of cocoa FL
26 December 2019 | WNY -- East Aurora, NY
16 December 2019 | WNY -- East Aurora, NY
10 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
07 December 2019 | SMBS
06 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
04 December 2019
02 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
01 December 2019 | SMBS
30 November 2019 | Saint Marys Boat services & Old Saint Marys GA
29 November 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS

Saturday - Farmer's Market -- Happy HOUR

25 January 2020
Dean Perry | sunny and WARM
Today (Saturday) was Farmer’s Market day down at Humiston Park in Vero Beach…. After breakfast we picked up Marylou Stano from “s/v Dalmatian” and met Nelson and Mary (s/v “Last Boat”)…at the dock… and walked to the Market…. (it’s about 3.5 miles round trip)…. Lot’s of walking…
The market is slightly re-arranged this year… with the music man at the sidewalk edge of the market…and possible a few MORE vendors in the normal positions…
But still very nice…. We bought corn, and Beefsteak tomatoes, and strawberries… skipped the pastries this time… lines very long….I know EARL would have waited in the long line to speak French with the bread lady…. But… I went for coffee…
Once Nelson, Mary, Susan, Marylou and I met up on the ocean side of the street we went to eat, and drink our “finds” by the ocean…. Watching them place and bulldoze tons of replacement SAND on the beach…. (must have been devastated by the hurricane.
Then the walk back….BUT we did stop by Casey’s and have a delicious burger and fries for lunch… so that was a slight detour from our NORM.
ONCE back at AB… I think everyone took a nap…. Then we went visiting… at 1600 hours plus…. We ended up at “s/v Persistance X” (Tom and Chris from Alberta CA)…. Very nice evening… we even got a chance to hail Nelson and Mary so they could meet Tom and Chris… Wonderful
Now we’re back at AB…eating dinner… fresh veggies,etc. NICE DAY…

Friday -- TAXES and WATER day -- and then MUSIC

25 January 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
Dean Perry | sunny and warming
Friday was TAXES day... (at least to get started... data gathering, and starting the forms)...
That in itself took a good part of the day....

The afternoon was taken up getting water for the AB.... We've been using the watermaker, BUT it is more Energy efficient (even if HARDER on the Back and muscles) to get the Jerry cans filled at the shore... 15 Gallons at a time... Rather than run the Generator or engine the extra time...(after battery charge)...

SO...We now have water again... (not that we ran out...but showers and coffee ARE indeed IMPORTANT)...

The evening was MUSIC.... we dinghy'd down to "s/v Nightengale" (LIBBY and GRANT)...for story telling, and music... Wonderful evening...
I'll post a pic here later....

Hope to do that again...soon...

First Thursday Happy HOUR under Tiki Hut roof

24 January 2020 | Vero Beach FL
Dean Perry | RAINY -- cool
Today is Friday… Yeah!! Yesterday, Thursday, was our first scheduled Happy Hour, under the Tiki hut, on shore…with “all “ the cruisers…. WELL……………….. We did go to the meeting…but RAIN preceded us there… in fact, the rain was with us all day long… in an on and OFF manner…
The meeting was still fun… and the food was good… and drinks even better… conversations were rich in nautical things… SO……………..success… and again we didn’t take any pics…. We are so bad at this social thing….
Earlier in the day… we stopped down at mooring 56 to see how Nelson and Mary were doing… Nelson was in the dinghy… messing around with gasoline fittings… ONE of which was giving him monsterous trouble…
Susan and I stuck around to assist if we could…. BUT the only real way around this particular problem was a new fitting (s) ….. so Susan and I volunteered to take them to the dinghy dock, and then to town… NOT a major sacrifice… in that we tagged along… had a GREAT time…. And even got lunch and drinks at the local IRISH PUB…. After shopping (successful shopping)….
The evening was taken up viewing a brand new (to us) series on TV…. “Station 19; followed by Grey’s anatomy (old show)…” … NICE relaxing end to Thursday…
Today is pumpout day… I have to get up soon, and move the dinghy to the side…. So the pumpout boat can get to our fitting…. OH…. The PRESSURE !!!!
more later.

GREAT Tuesday with Friends -- VERO Beach

22 January 2020
Dean Perry | COOL now.... WARMING... I HOPE
Great day, yesterday, (Tuesday)... We helped Nelson and Mary get rafted up at the north end of the mooring field, then we were immediately picked up by Donna and Mike Dailey (ex-cruisers s/v Mojo).... We ran errands for a little bit of the afternoon... Down to Marine Connection (Liquidators)... Then the liquor store; followed by Reillys Auto parts for fuses...

The evening was then filled with great conversations, Dinner, and TV... Phenomenal evening... with great friends.

Mike took us back to the dinghy dock on a very cold, and blustery night.... BRRR COLD trip back to AB in the mooring field..... We were glad to tuck under the covers last night.... BRRRR

While we were at the home of Donna and MIke, we took in all the plants that were at risk from this cold weather....

This morning we had the Mr. Heater going, as well as the oil lamps.... The sun is now on the HULL... getting better...
Let's HOPE that cold snap is basically OVER !!!!

We talked with Pete and Bunny this AM....Looks like they discovering MORE projects...on the La BELLA Vita... and will be postponing their launch date again....

We also "face-timed" with Earl and Kathy (S/v SEEKER)... they're launching from SMBS in GA tomorrow AM.... So they'll be here in about a week.

SO... the CLAN is gathering....

First full day at VERO Beach -

20 January 2020 | VERO
Dean Perry
WELL...this day didn't turn out as planned, but then again how many 'cruisers' days actually do turn out as planned...

We didn't go to the Mr. Manatee (SSCA) GAM this afternoon... Wind picked up while we were visiting Tom and Marylou (s/v Dalmatian), and enjoying a couple LEMoncellos.... WE figured the wind would make the trip back to the boat pretty "WET".... (in the dinghy)....SO... we stayed at Dalmatian and had another Lemoncello...

We did manage to do the PUBLIX-GO Line bus shuttle "RACE".... that is when you get off the bus on the Miracle have just about 25 minutes to cross the street; shop at Publix; checkOUT ($); and make it back to the bus-stop before the bus returns to the stop in front of PUBLIX.... WE MADE IT !!!!

It takes dedication and teamwork!! to win this race.

John Barbera stopped over to both boats and dropped off "treasures" from his bargin store (in this case it was Vanilla wafers; and case of cheeze-its.

Tom showed off his patching of the wet exhaust elbow.... and new mounting procedure... VERY NICE... this one should work much better than the one used by the mechanic at Thunderbolt GA.

Anyway... we're HOME on AB... sun is setting.
OH... I updated the Lat/ Long of our mooring on the map to the right (if you're on the blog site).

Made it to VERO Beach FL

20 January 2020 | VERO BEACH FL
20 Jan 2020 – VERO BEACH FL
Finally made it down to Vero Beach Florida…. We arrived Sunday afternoon about 1 PM… We got our mandatory pumpout; took on 60 gallons of diesel, got our tags for the overboard discharges (which they honor that you’ll put on correctly); and then registered for a mooring….
There’s a minor price break on moorings at 25 days…. SO we elected to go just for the daily rates… and go week by week….
Benny and Lisa (from the s/v Rhiannon) were at the gas dock… and greeted us…. Then scurried to their dinghy; and hurried out to the vessel we were about to raft to…and assisted us in getting tied up to “s/v Molly”… The water path getting to this mooring got a “little skinny”… in that we were “pushing mud” to get here… I could hear the propeller start to cavitate… The boat never stopped, but you could feel it noticeably “slow”… (SO…………we’ll pick a different route OUT of HERE… at some future time).
We are literally in the midst of friends…. Around us are Dalmatian (Tom and Marylou); Rhiannon (Lisa and Benny); Spirit (John Barbera); Five and Dime (Kurt, and Kathy); Nightengale (Libby and Grant);
There is a quiet period in the mooring field from 7 PM until 9AM the next morning…. I could see last night that the “quiet period”… isn’t really SO quiet…. As some boats really NEED the extra Generator time…etc. Bad (weak) batteries, etc. SO…………. I was really thankful for our new batteries… new as of our stay at SMBS (Georgia)…. They held very nicely all through the night…. Even watching an evening of TV….and salon lights, etc. NICE!!! The old batteries (8.5 years old) didn’t owe us a thing…
The TV here is marginal…. NO CBS (big Bummer)… but ABC comes in ok… haven’t tried streaming on the local WIFI’s… but I’m sure that will also be marginal…
BUT there’s always music…. And people….
And projects…. 

Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 14 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #001.
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