Autumn Borne Cruising

CSY-44 Antigua - Hull 001

20 November 2018 | Fernandina Florida - across from paper plant
18 November 2018 | St. Pierre creek -- off South Edisto river
15 November 2018 | Carolina Beach NC
14 November 2018 | Carolina Beach
14 November 2018 | Carolina Beach NC
12 November 2018 | Carolina Beach NC
11 November 2018 | Mile Hammock Bay
10 November 2018 | Beaufort NC
09 November 2018 | CEDAR creek off Adams creek, and the Neuse river
08 November 2018 | Belhaven NC
06 November 2018
01 November 2018 | great bridge VA - Chesapeake VA
31 October 2018 | Hospital POINT -- Mile zero
31 October 2018 | Old Point Comfort
30 October 2018 | IT WAS Solomon MD... NOW anchored in Hampton VA
29 October 2018 | Great Wicomico River
27 October 2018 | Weems creek = Annapolis, MD
26 October 2018 | Annapolis MD
23 October 2018 | Weems Creek

Second day out of VERO... Titusville FL - STORM warnings

19 April 2021 | titusville FL
Dean Perry | STORMY -- One after another.... all day
The second day out of VERO... northbound... found us doing a very short day... 17.7 nm to Titusville from Cocoa...

The reason for stopping so abruptly was incoming weather system... (stalled front over central FL...allowing Gulf of Mexico weather to cross FL.. . right on top of us... UGH !!!

SO...we anchored just outside the Titusville Mooring field....(as we trust our own Ground Tackle (anchor/chain, etc.) over City Moorings...

We anchored a little after NOON... Bill and Laura on s/v 'Second Wind' were coming up the ICW behind Us...By about 20 miles.... WELL..... about 1300 hours a weather front hit us...with near GALE force winds, and RAIN... SO we Immediately called BILL and Laura... (knowing that they were SAILING the Icw ...with FULL SAIL)....

He (Bill) then took in about 1/2 the sail...BUT the storm still CAUGHT HIM with too much "canvas" OUT..... ( stressed or broke something)... don't know this point..

Quite the BLOW... Today (is Monday) and we're sitting still in RAIN and more storms...

WE did manage to defrost the freezer...BUT in doing so... we may have triggered another problem....Ice crystals in the refrigerant... clogging the "micro Bore"...TX device...

WELL.... that just pushed us over the edge... and this morning we ordered another Engle Freezer.... SO we'll use the 37 year old built in freezer for something other than freezing... (IT WAS or IS our major energy consuming device)....

Well have the new freezer unit delivered to Rocky Smith at St. Marys Boat Services...

WE're Anchored at Titusville at
N 28 37.8' W 080 48.36
9.0 feet of water..... 7:1 Scope (not quite storm scope)

AB Moving up the Florida Coast - Northbound

18 April 2021 | Cocoa FL
Dean Perry
WELL....we did it... Broke the "velcro" bonds of Vero Beach.... We went for a celebratory "Fish Fry" at Mister Manatees on Friday.... before loading the dinghy on the foredeck....

(Sailor's superstition: NEVER leave for a voyage on a Friday)............... so we left on Saturday AM.

The first day...was, indeed, a learning curve... Listening for unusual boat noises; pumps running; unusual smells (like antifreeze; or OIL...)... The trouble will ALL of that concern... is that we've been sitting basically STILL since Vero.... SO it was ALL "unusual"....
It's tough when you sit still for so long...

When we were in the islands... at least you'd go sailing for pleasure and to pumpout the heads....once a week or more... Now... we're fully "composting"... we wouldn't even have to do That.... Anyway... it was a very successful day... (First DAY)...

We anchored at Cocoa FL at 28 20.95 North
080 43.08 WEST....
10 foot water depth.... 80+ feet of Chain....

GAM day... and finish bottom cleaning

08 April 2021 | Vero Beach FL
Dean Perry
WELL...the current picked up ( 1000 hours) .... so I've delayed cleaning the remainder of the AB's Bottom until later... SO............
WATER RUN... and Pay Bills.... (not exciting, but necessary !! )

Today is also run the Perkins (Main Engine) to temp....and check everything OUT....

This Morning two of our acquaintances here left the anchorage, and mooring field...and headed NORTH...
It's TIME... ( s/v Atlantis & the s/v Barry Duckworth)....

As long as I have time today... I might do a final check of the fuel in both tanks.... Maybe even top UP a bit...

yesterday... I did manage to get a check on all major seacocks (through-HULLS)... Un-used ones closed...and ready for sea... Yeah !!

OK.... SO On with the DAY !!!


06 April 2021 | Vero Beach FL
Dean | Sunny and WARM
Tuesday 6 April 2021 - Getting READY to go NORTH
WELL… today, we uncovered the Mains’l…. raised it, and checked out the rigging...
We also unrolled the Yankee (foresail)…. To make sure it worked…. We have NOT touched the stays’l yet…. BUT soon….
Today is scrape the propeller day… Sunny and WARM….and fairly CALM…
Charlie (p/V MY TIME TOO) did us a tremendous favor on Monday… and took us up to Harbor Freight tools, and Walmart…. Where we completed about 90% of our provisioning for the trip north…. WE’LL still have to put fresh bread, milk, and fruit on board before we shove OFF…but we can do that next week….
WE’ve shipped some stuff to RUTH… so we wouldn’t have to carry it back to the Hudson River…and we’ve given a lot of stuff away to fellow cruisers, and the “free tables”…. (there’s a long story attached to the “free tables” comment)….. but NOT here…
During this winter we completed the varnishing of all of the exterior teak….and I sealed up the bottom of the mast, just yesterday…. (Not that it was leaking, but the “wrap” was looking pretty POOR…. 
SO….. on with the day….

Saturday - 20 March -- AFTER VACCINE - and before

20 March 2021 | VERO Beach
Dean Perry | VERY WINDY
WELL…… Let’s see NOW…. It’s been a while since I’ve written a decent EMAIL…. I’ve been posting on FB because it’s relatively easy….. BUT so many of our friends refuse to have a FB account… Let Me try this….
OK….. I know I mentioned a lovely DINNER and conversations at Mike and Donna’s home, here IN VERO BEACH…. We also got a chance to do laundry… WONDERFUL… on both accounts… They are such great folks… We enjoy every moment we get with them…
The very next day (SATURDAY)…we met ANN GATES (fellow cruiser – although she sold “Krazy Lady II”… she’s still a cruiser at heart…. Traveling all the way down to FL, from Oswego NY… to assist a friend… with a surgery recovery…
We had a great Lunch at Mr. Manatee’s… followed by an afternoon of conversations about anything and everything…. WONDERFUL !!
We said good bye to KISMET (island packet 35)…. They were leaving shortly…
Sunday we “sprung Ahead” (our clocks)….although we’re still not used to the additional hour at night…
WE also checked the Bank accounts for the tax returns, and stimulus $$....
On Monday, or Tuesday we signed up for one more MONTH here at Vero Beach… that will cover us for the second shot of Covid-19 vaccine, plus time to put the finishing touches on the sea-worthiness of AB, after sitting still since DEC 2020. (WELL….that’s not totally true.. we start the engine, and exercise the transmission every week…(Sunday)…. And use the dinghy almost every day… (cruisers CAR)…
We continue to give GARY and Diane rides to and from shore to their S/V “Ms Diane”… (FOR SALE)…(Mariner 38 Pilot house sloop). In return GARY gave us two “yellow” diesel jerry cans…. And an aluminum 10# propane cylinder…. WE didn’t really need more jerry cans, but It WILL make topping up the tanks, before we drop the mooring lines, easier. SO… that was great !!!
They are now fIlled… and waiting to be dumped into the tanks…
Thursday (last ) Susan and I got the second of the covid-19 (Moderna) vaccine shots… WE worred all week about the reactions to those shots, BUT….. there were none… at least if there were we didn’t notice… .other than we took a long nap on Friday afternoon…. SO….. I guess we were LUCKY…
The five or six days leading up to the VACCINE day were absolutely perfect days for varnishing…SO we did the entire boat… TEAK… SO… when people talk about that “achy feeling in their muscles after the shot…. I can’t tell if it’s the SHOT, or the result of crawling around on the decks, with knee pads on…
Today I ran the Perkins engine…(day ahead of normal)…. VERY WINDY today…. In fact I just “shut DOWN” the wind Generator… Batteries at 13.25 volts… and Wind GEN going into “self preservation mode every few minutes (Free Wheeling)….
OK…. No walk today… have to get out early tomorrow… SO… Got to get something out of freezer for tonight’s dinner… MORE LATER !!

STILL at Vero Beach FL and still working on Projects

15 March 2021
Dean Perry
WE're still at Vero Beach FL... in the Indian River Lagoon.... on the very most northern Mooring Ball...
Ms Diane (Mariner 38 for sale) is just north of US... We continue to provide "uber - dinghy" service to Gary and Diane (as long as we're here)... so they can attempt to SELL the "Ms Diane"... They've reduced the price again, just a day or two ago... It does need some engine work... IF not a new engine...

During the first weeks here, we finished the conversion to Fully Composting Heads (toilets) for both HEADS.... So there's no longer liquid sewage on the AB.... LOVE IT !!

I haven't taken the empty Holding tank out of the boat yet.... I may wait until we're back in NY... they, Ostensibly, BUILT the boat around the TANK....because there's two big struts right above the tank... and the tank stretches a thwart-ships right in front of the steering quadrant.... this will be a "project" getting it OUT....

Gary gave us two additional Diesel Jerry Cans... We don't really need them for normal fuel, but it will make it easier to top OFF the tanks, before we leave Vero Beach... We're pretty FULL now...BUT....

We're scheduled for our second covid vaccine shortly.... Hoping for minimal reaction....

OK...on with day... (varnishing)... !!!
Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 14 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #001.
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