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CSY-44 Antigua - Hull 001

26 December 2019 | WNY -- East Aurora, NY
16 December 2019 | WNY -- East Aurora, NY
10 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
07 December 2019 | SMBS
06 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
04 December 2019
02 December 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
01 December 2019 | SMBS
30 November 2019 | Saint Marys Boat services & Old Saint Marys GA
29 November 2019 | St Marys GA -- SMBS
21 November 2019 | Cumberland Island GA
19 November 2019 | Wahlberg Creek off the Saint Catherines sound
15 November 2019 | Skull Creek
14 November 2019 | South of Beaufort Mooring field (at anchor)

Is this ONLY Tuesday -- Dinghy delivered - glasses found

12 January 2021 | Mooring 56 - VERO BEACH fLORIDA
Dean Perry
Is this ONLY Tuesday … Wow….Seems like Friday already…. So Much happened yesterday…
Monday morning’s first project was to top OFF the Mid-ship Diesel Tank Using the fuel in the Jerry cans (deck storage)… then go get more fuel in the cans…. That task would “dove-tail” nicely into taking Skip and Lydia’s dinghy into the main dock for them to use when they got HOME to s/v Pigs FLY, that evening…
So…time flies a bit.. with another project…then we (Susan and I) tow the Pigs Fly dinghy IN, with our own dinghy loaded with garbage bags, and fuel cans….
Everything was going “swimmingly” so far…. We tie their dinghy up near the water dispenser area, so they could easily find it in the dark….. and Susan and I go for FUEL…. $$$ OK… fueled…Then we go for ICE CREAM…(Magnum Bars)… YUMMM BUT……………….. while delivering the Magnum Bars, I leaned down… and DAMN…. Don’t my sunglasses fall into the water (from hanging on my shirt collar, instead of being where they should be … ON MY FACE!!! ) Damn!! Good Glasses too….. So Susan would not let me cross them off to “being an idiot”…. Let’s go get the fish net from the boat… OK… back we go…
Second trip: fishnet would work if I could SEE…the Bottom… Not too deep…. OK…back to the AB for the LOOK-EE Bucket (5 gallon pail with plexi-glas Bottom)….
Wow…. That worked…. Along with the Fishing net…ONE pair of Glasses RETRIEVED !!!! yeah…. Thanks Susan for not letting me “chalk up the glasses as “LOST””
Our mooring neighbors at the end of the field probably wondered what the hell we were up to…. Going back and forth so many times….
THEN “the CALL” from Skip and Lydia….They Blew out a rear tire on their car… which took out some body work, a fuel line, and, OF course the tire. SO they were stuck, near Ocala Florida. We talked a bit about their plans... and whether or not we should go and retrieve the dinghy… we surmised that it would be fine for that night at the dock…. (I hope)…
SO…when writing about the day it seemed pretty straight-forward…BUT living IT… NOT so MUCH!!
It was nice to sit in the cockpit at 1700 hours and have a quiet cocktail… 

Covid vaccines ALL CLaimed again.... (??)

11 January 2021 | Vero Beach FL
Dean Perry | Sunny and WARM
WELL... The covid vaccines in this county are all claimed again.... and it's been seconds...NOT minutes... or hours... I have NO idea HOW these folks are doing this....

By the time WEB page sends me the notice...and I've Already logged ONto the page.... The list IS FULL....

OH WELL... perhaps HERD Immunity will set in...

Yesterday we (Susan, SKIP from s/v MOLLY, and I) gathered on the s/v "Flying PIG"... and assembled Skip and Lydia's dinghy (motor; gasoline/ inflated it / and dropped it in the water... In preparation for their return to Vero today...

Susan and I towed their dinghy back to AB, so we could deliver it to the dinghy dock at any time Skip or Lydia CALL US....

SO.... ON with today's projects....

Saturday AM at VERO Beach FL

09 January 2021 | Vero Beach FL
Dean Perry | COOL but very SUNNY
Wow…. Again it’s been a long time since I’ve written…. Although, ….. and I hate to say this… I don’t think ALL that many folks missed it…. (big pause there)…. And wow that was a negative thought…
Anyway…. We’ve been located at the most northern end of the Mooring Field at Vero Beach, Florida. We’re continuing to self Isolate…. (because of the Covid-19….); We’re in sort of a “cruisers BUBBLE”… Where most of the cruisers, are (IF you’ll pardon the pun) “in the same boat. (Living in a “home”; with no fixed address, and limited places to GO, as long as this virus persists to disrupt everyone’s lives).
One of our buddies here is from the UK (“Five Flip Flops”) and they have Covid shots arranged for March in the UK… BUT… IF they go back there to get the shots, the UK, and the USA won’t let them back OUT, to come back to the US, and their boat. A BIND !!!
The activity at the capitol on Wednesday had a profound effect on me, and sleep that night…. What have we (as Americans) come to… ???? Did those folks, who ransacked the Capitol, just get caught up in hours of MOB mentality, or are they just STUPID…. I mean with facial recognition software, and phone records…. HOW in God’s name did they think they would not be caught and punished? AND continued to take selfies while they’re stealing MAIL, and furniture from the offices…. Wow !!!! It’s just unbelievable….
We’ve changed the LUBE OIL in both engines (Perkins, and Northern Lights Generator)… and continue with small boat projects…. And ONE major project (replacing the “Strong TRACK” for the mains’l slides. The OLD track came off the mast easily, and is now laying on the side deck… the new track is some 49 feet long, and is also laying on the side deck…. Warming, and Unrolling…(comes in a 41” diameter ROLL).
Two weeks ago we encouraged, and succeeded in starting an “old tradition” of the sailors GAM (a meeting of sailors to socialize, and play music….) The GAMS of old were ususally between whaling ships that were at sea for months, and possible years… So when they saw another whaling ship or any ship on the horizon they’d meet and raft up… and socialize…
Anyway…. the COVID, and lack of cruisers in the harbor put an end to the GAMs….at the end OF last season…. SO………..they’ve NOW started again…. Yeah !! (with social distancing and protections OF course).
Susan and I took a long walk yesterday… ..the first of many, we hope…. Being cooped up on the boat is not always a lot of FUN…. There’s always stuff to do…and stuff to repair, etc. BUT…..
I heard a phrase the other day that’s SO TRUE….. it went something like this… (when you live on a boat in salt water)…. “EVEN WHILE YOU’RE SLEEPING…THINGS ARE BREAKING”
Granted ….NOT a good Thought… BUT SO true !!!!
Speaking of music…. I got out the dobro the other day….(it had been such a long time since I’d played it… I was afraid of the condition in which I’d find it….BUT it was fine… and played beautifully… .NICE.. .so I took it to the last GAM………………… unfortunately… only a few folks listened at that time….OH WELL… Susan and I enjoyed it!!!!
OK…time for the day to begin….

two days before Christmas

23 December 2020 | mooring 56 Vero Beach FL.
Dean Perry
wow.... It sure doesn't seem like two days before Christmas...

It's 76 F outside.... and sunny.... and we're still in Florida..... when normally we'd be driving like crazy to get home to New York....

This Covid crap is screwing everything UP...

SO.............. we're contributing $$$ where we can... to make the presents appear where and when they should.... and we'll do a ZOOM or Face TIME Christmas....

BUT............. it won't be the SAME...

Merry Christmas to ALL
be SAFE.... or as safe as you CAN....

Wow.... LONG time since LAST POST...

20 December 2020 | Mooring 56 - VERO BEACH fLORIDA
Dean Perry | SUNNY.... MID 80'S
WELL... I see It's been a long time since the last POST to this BLOG site....
WE're NOW in VERO Beach FLORIDA... for at least one Month....
On Mooring # 56 .... nearly the last mooring to the north... in the NORTH FIELD... alone at present on our mooring .... NICE...

It's nice in that we can, basically, run our generator at night... IF needed... Mostly IT IS NOT.... without bothering anyone....

I'll have to post a "composite" summary of the trip down from Cumberland Island (Georgia).... where we came in from the Ocean..... I think we did the inside route from there on down to VERO.... NOT on purpose... it just happened that WAY !!!
(weather... TIMING....etc.)

OK.... I'll work on that composite summary of the last few weeks.....

IN this posted PIC; Autumn Borne is on the right side; the second raft of three boats going toward the little tree'd island... with the BLUE sail covers.... NOW we're WAY to the north, opposite the second tree'd island...

South Carolina to Georgia - 135 miles - 23 hours

11 December 2020 | Cumberland Island GA
Dean Perry | Sunny and WARM
We raised anchor yesterday (Thursday) in Fishing Creek (OFF the St. Pierre Creek; Which is off the South Edisto River in South Carolina)…. We pulled anchor fairly early, wanting the EBB Tide to push us out to the Atlantic Ocean…. The channel is fairly well marked… FEW buoys, but in critical locations… (shoaling).
We raised the Mains’l while in the South Edisto river…. And it served us well all the way into the night…. For drive and stability…
BUT..about 0345 Hours Friday morning… as we’re approaching St. mary’s GA… the wind kicked up…. And I thought I’d better reduce sail a bit…. WELL…. That was a good thought BUT it didn’t work out so well…
I went below and woke Susan… because we never go out on deck at night when NO ONE else is in the cockpit…. (even with auto-pilot…etc.)
So… as I was lowering the sail for reefing…. The new patches I had put on the STRONG TRACK caught the brass sail slides…. JAMB !!! DAMN !!! Now the sail won’t go up or down…. NOT GOOD… in a 20+ breeze, in the ocean…
SO… after tugging by hand a few times…unsuccessfully… I used the windlass… and promptly UNJAMBED the slides… and ripped the patches completely OFF the “strong track”…. Where upon, just about every sail SLIDE… came out of the mast track on the way down…. SO… basically I ended up with 49 feet of Mains’L in my arms….standing next to the boom….
BUT at least it was down….and everyone was safe…. We motored on to ST. Mary’s GA Inlet… and entered the channel in the dark…. It’s a very good thing we’ve done this a few times…
Entering in the dark is scary enough without dozens of fishermen racing toward YOU… out to sea….(also in the dark/ at FULL speed).
So We’re anchored at Cumberland Island after 135 nautical miles of travel from SC to GA…
N 30 45.34 W 081 28.59 (30.75574 -81.47648)
I called the Sail Track folks at Tides Marine with our Serial NUMBER…. They gave me a price for replacement… and details…. We’ll have it shipped to a friend down here in VERO Beach.
I think we can replace this track without a rigger…. And with just a few friends.

Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 14 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #001.
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