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05 April 2019 | Hopetown
01 April 2019 | Eastern Harbor - MOW cay
31 March 2019 | Eastern Harbor - MOW cay
31 March 2019 | Eastern Harbor - MOW cay
27 March 2019 | Eastern Harbor - MOW cay
25 March 2019 | eastern Harbor - MOW cay
19 March 2019
16 March 2019 | GTC - Abacos
13 March 2019
28 February 2019 | Green Turtle Cay - Abacos Bahamas
27 January 2019 | Vero Beach FL
22 January 2019 | VerO Beach FL
21 January 2019 | Vero Beach FL
19 January 2019 | VERO Beach FL
16 January 2019 | Daytona Beach

Carolina Beach Moorings for STORM and Packages

03 December 2020 | Carolina Beach NC
Dean Perry | Wind storms
WELL.... the plan is to drop the mooring lines tomorrow AM (early)... and RUN for New River Inlet on the South Carolina Border.... either Inside (AICW) or out side (ocean)... depending upon what conditions we find when we get to the end of the Cape Fear River.... tomorrow...
We've had a GREAT time... and a SAFE time here at Carolina Beach (moorings)..... WILD STORM came in last Monday..... 40 knot PLUS WINDS.... and wild rain...
BUT the best part of this "STAY" at Carolina Beach NC was the fact that we got to spend time with BILL BROWN...(s/v Jemenus)...
He met us here yesterday, and literally drove us all around town...getting prescriptions FILLES at CVS.... getting modems shipped back to Texas; and finally shopping....for groceries....
In between we had showers, and lunch and great conversations at his HOME in Saint James NC....
It's so great to have wonderful friends UP and down the east coast of the USA... 🙂

hunkered down - Waiting for weather to CROSS A. Sound

23 November 2020 | Broad Creek anchorage (Camden Bay) North River
Dean Perry | Small Craft warnings UP -- WINDY
Good Morning.... WELL... the original idea was to rise early, and make a dash across the Arbemerle Sound... before the winds picked up to 25 knots with higher gusts... (small craft warnings are already UP)... BUT... I'll tell you... We decided to "stay put" at this Broad creek anchorage... (just north of the SOUND).... For today! I guess we decided we'd cross tomorrow, assuming the weather forecast holds.... In steady winds...and reasonable seas....
The Sound can be treacherous in the wrong conditions.... BUT... I'll say this..... A virtual "Parade" of sailing vessels have passed our anchorage this AM... and are going OUT to the Sound...
SO....are we being "over-cautious" ??? or are they fool-hardy; unknowing; or just "SALTY-sailors".
I'll say one other thing.... At 0900 it's calm here.... (YES... I could be that "calm".... The one right before ALL hell breaks loose).
BUT... IT (this calm) does make you wonder IF we should SIT still or GO.
It was a nice trip down from Great Bridge VA yesterday.... And Into North Carolina... A cold front will pass through tonight and make it pretty bitter by Tuesday AM... BUT...
WE'RE NOT meeting anyone for "turkey DAY"... and we can still make the harbor at Belhaven by Thanksgiving day... (Whatever that means to anyone...) In other words, we have no schedule to keep.
We were the only boat at the "free docks" in Great Bridge VA... VERY Unusual !!! SO shove off in the AM was easy... Untie the lines, and FLOAT off the pilings; CaLL for the bridge opening... and we're OFF !!
We're presently anchored at N 36 11.9 / W 75 56.3 ( 36.19899 / -75.94777)
WELL..... TIME HAS PASSED... (breakfast, etc....) and it's nearly 1000 hours.... And the RADIO just Blasted us with a "WEATHER ALARM" ( A WHOLE LOT OF NOISE).... AND the wind just started.... With a BLAST of WIND.... SO.... I guess we made the correct the decision....
SO................... We're SITTING still today !!!

Main Engine FINE - NOW Generator acting UP

18 November 2020 | Sarah Creek
Dean Perry | Sunny but very COLD this AM -- WEDNESDay
WELL….. We’re still here in Sarah Creek, just off the York River in Virginia…. Tom and Marylou Stano, (s/v Dalmatian) is here… and YES…. It’s MID-November and we’re still in Chesapeake Bay !!!
They (Tom and Marylou) have been a “God-send” with respect to obtaining parts, and things that have broken or failed on the AB…. I guess the town is called Glouster Point VA….Not very large, but seems to have most everything needed… (groceries; NAPA; O’Reilly’s; Walmart… etc.)
Our printer failed… so we bought a new one… This time we went with Epson, and the INK bottles, instead of ‘cartridges’…. I did not know that the cartridges have an expiration date built into some sort of ‘firmware’…. SO… not only do they dry out and fail…the expire and fail…. Anyway… we went with an Epson 2720…. NICE!
Yesterday… when we had sort of Planned to leave… I could not get the gasket area on the Perkins to seal… so Tom drove me to O’Reilly’s Auto parts for new Permatex gasket maker… (it’s on there now, and curing)… Also they had several A-27 batteries, for which we’ve been looking for weeks… It’s the only battery that fits the remote control unit for the new Diesel Heater we purchased and installed during the summer.
So… today is TEST day for the Perkins… Here’s hoping the gasket stuff works… I am tired of working on that cooling system… Need some rest from that… and we have to get moving …… It’s getting cold up here on the Bay… Need to get SOUTH…
We’ve had a few days of REALLY hard winds….(same storm that blew through almost the entire east coast…) Steady 20’s (knots) with Gusts near 40 knots… Anyway, the bottom on this creek, must be MUSH… Black, soft MUSH… because, as good as our Manson Supreme anchor IS…. It let AB slowly (very slowly) drag across the Harbor (creek), and toward shore… Now normally, that’s not earth shaking…. Just POWER UP; move forward; pick up the ‘HOOK’; and reset where you want… : BUT……………. When the main engine is APART…and has no coolant in it…things get a little more EXCITING !
AND we were getting really close to shore… depth sounder was showing 6 feet… we need 5’-3” to float; So Susan and I secured the dinghy to the starboard side of the AB…. And used it for power… pushed AB forward… (Susan at helm; me running back and forth from the anchor windlass to the dinghy throttle); retrieved the anchor, and moved to the center of the harbor…. I’m sure that folks were wondering what the heck was going on… (anchoring, and docking are always a “spectator sport”)…
Anyway… we gained about 3 feet in depth, and are well away from the shore now… so we slept well…

BUT…………………. And here’s the BIG but… We were planning on leaving either late on Tuesday, or very early wedesday… Tuesday morning the Generator (which charges the batteries) quit, on “HIGH TEMP Alarm”…. (at this point can you SAY “paranoid” of high temp alarms ???)…

Anyway, I immediately found and cleared a bunch of pine needles in the Generator Raw Water Filter…. Ah HA…. Problem solved!!! ???? NOPE!!! Debris cleared and it still shuts down on “High TEMP”… with a very “throaty” sound to the exhaust…. (NOW…. From previous experience with this Northern Lights Generator… that means to me a CLOGGED MIXING ELBOW – TOO MUCH CARBON… because of the way we use it…. (Lightly loaded))…. But the mysterious thing is why the two things happened simultaneously…. Debris in raw water filter AND clog (??? )….
So…………what to do ?? I put coolant in the main engine…. So we’d at least have power to move…. And charge the batteries with the PERKINS…
OK…that worked fine…. Running for over an hour…. SO……………….. then I called the marina…to see if they had a slip that would hold AB while I took apart the Generator….(to get to the mixing elbow…)
I did NOT WANT TO DO THAT WHILE FLOATING IN THE HARBOR! It would be nice to have fresh water from hose BIBB… and security for the AB WHILE the generator was apart….. SO, I called the York River Yacht Haven…. They were very nice…. And did have a slip….. (but NO dock hands…..AND just in that calling HOUR the winds picked up to 15 Knots, with gusts much higher…. (and it would be an OFF-DOCK wind)…. WELL……. This had all the ear-marks of a true “spectator event”…. We called Tom and Marylou on s/v Dalmatian…. OK… they would come and catch lines…. Because with these winds this was going to BE a ONE-SHOT approach…. Then ‘sh_t-show’!!!!!
WE made it… they (Tom and Marylou were great!!! No dock hands from marina… (that sucked))… We’re secure, and I started work on the Generator….
We’re plugged in (dock power)…. We have WATER at the hose BIBB… and work is started….
SO……………. At $2.00 per foot plus taxes, and electric charges… it amounts to about $96/ day here…. NOT cheap to stay at marinas….. (which is why we rarely do this….. but in this case…. Hardly any choice)!!

It’s been exciting few days… (Perkins with no coolant  waiting for Permatex to cure (which it DID)… Generator quitting…. Moving anchor by dinghy power…. LET’s just Pray that the remainder of the trip South is “BORING”….

GOOD news about vaccines….. and a light at the end of this 2020 Tunnel !!!!

Anchor Down in Sarah Creek (OFF the York River) VA

06 November 2020 | Sarah Creek (off the YORK River VA
Dean Perry | Sunny and WARM
Anchor down in Sarah Creek, OFF the York River in VA.
this is the creek where S/v Dalmatian stays for the Summer.... NICE place... NICE Marina..
(although we're anchored out)...

We've taken the dinghy over to Dalmatian to see Tom and Marylou... I was hoping to do some music.... as well as conversation today... to celebrate....

I did not touch the AB's main engine today; instead I did about 4 other projects...
1. cut and fabricated an aluminum patch for the mast's strong track (blow out about 20 feet from the deck)...

2.) sewed a jack line back together.. (repair).

3.) Took the right angle grinder and removed a SS swivel from the anchor bridle...(a casualty of the Solomons MD storm - 48 knot winds)...

4. send John Barbara, news and forecasts for TS ETA... bearing down on him in the keys.

5.) installed a new, small INVERTER for the entertainment center in the AFT stateroom...

tomorrow I may tackle the Perkins cooling system....Now that we've done a few tide cycles... and I'm confident in the anchor set.

Annapolis to Solomons MD -- Chesapeake Bay

01 November 2020 | Solomons MD - Mill Creek
Dean Perry | sunny - windy to CALM
Good Morning (0700) from Solomons MD… a wonderful, and secure anchorage area, about half way down the Chesapeake Bay.

We rose early yesterday (0645 hrs), made coffee, and proceeded to pull the anchor up from the bottom of Weems Creek (Annapolis MD). The bottom of Weems creek is a thick, gooey mud… (making you very secure from dragging, but a true bitch to clean off the anchor chain, as it comes up into the boat; You have to practically wash every link of the last 20 feet of chain…).

We were underway, out of the Severn River by dawn (sunrise)… Small craft warnings were UP…and it was breezy… 18 knots from the NE… So sails came out… motor too…as we had to make it to Solomons that day…. 6.7 knots…against the tide…. Things got a little better when the tide reversed to EBB… then the wind started to back, and decrease…. SO, What we gained by wind was lost, but we gained speed by ebbing current….. FOR A WHILE !!
By the end of the afternoon….the water in the bay was “like GLASS”…. And the wind was “Dead CALM”.
As we motored into the Patuxant river…(where Solomons MD is located)…. The water didn’t even have “wind rows” on it…. GLASS. So the Bay went from SCW (2 to 3 foot waves) to GLASS in less than 8 hours).
We’re anchored in Mill Creek… only feet from our last years spot. Last night we met a couple, from a large catamaran (with a 70 foot tall mast– “air draft”),that is anchored next to us; They are leaving Sunday AM…even though the weather has 15 to 20 knots on their NOSE…(going south), because they cannot do the inside (mast hgt), and have to get to Norfolk and Cape Charles…So they can go OUTSIDE, and around Cape Hatteras… and all the way to Florida…on the next “outside window (weather)”.
That’s a lot of “pressure”…mentally…that I don’t NEED…. I think we’ll stick here….work on the AB… enjoy the new “heater”….and be SAFE!!!
The ONLY Really BAD thing about this place (Solomons MD), is there’s absolutely NO TV signals to be Had!!! Nothing! Everything that is watched here are either from Streaming on our phones, or internal like DVD’s, and movies from our terabyte hard drive.
Could be a music night tonight…. I haven’t picked up the guitar, or dobro in WEEKS!!! My BAD!

We’re anchored at N 38 19.987 W 076 26.677 in Mill Creek.

Projects for today… cut aluminum for mast track patch… (patch strong track… put mains’l slides back in track)…

Sassafras River to Annapolis MD

30 October 2020 | Windy Rainy
Dean Perry
The next morning we pulled anchor and set off south under Heads'l and motor....

Wind was with us all day.... NICE trip except for the FOG....Peasoup all day long!!!

Again AIS and RADAR were extremely useful... visibility was about 1/2 mile.... NOT BAD, but too little to relax at the helm....

The fog started to lift just as we passed under the Bay Bridge...Just north of Annapolis.

WE are the only boat anchored in WEEMS Creek... I guess the rest of the PACK, is already very far south....

we listen to their progress on the SSB radio each morning...

WE had a wonderful meeting with Deb Taber, a great friend....
Deb brought us supplies to fix the Perkins overheat problem....

Susan and I also did some shopping... while waiting for Deb... SO...I guess we're ready to head SOUTH...
as soon as "ZETA"clears out of here...

24 hours of rain yesterday...filled water tanks to overflowing...

Vessel Name: Autumn Borne
Vessel Make/Model: CSY-44-Antigua
Hailing Port: Buffalo, New York
Crew: Dean and Susan Perry
About: Full time cruisers for 14 years, now. We cruise about 3500 nautical miles each season, from the top of the Hudson River (NY) to either the FL keys; the Bahamas; or the west side of FL, for the Winters.
Extra: Our CSY-44-Antigua is hull #001.
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